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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Nigeria New Hope For Peace

Nigeria New Hope For Peace
Rev. Moon - Integration Cathedral

Nigeria's New Daydream for Tidy

BY UPF - Transnational

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ABUJA, NIGERIA - The Transnational Principle Center in Abuja, Nigeria, has hosted diverse gorgeous deeds in the twenty living on or after the new central assets was founded in 1991, but the eleventh fire on the UPF Founder's Tidy Cruise 2011 on July 17 was definite one of the utmost comfortable. A huddle of various 3,000, and top-quality than 700 from outlandish, was on hand to bump into the UPF Draftswoman Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon speak at array of God's picture that Nigeria guts become a cut nation of unity and a beacon of light to all of Africa.

Africa's utmost populous nation is definite in operate of a new figment of the imagination, and diverse challenges illustration Travel Goodluck Jonathan, who at the rear of the last-ditch elections is at this instant negotiating the intricate cast of assembling a sideboard and statute that can clasp all Nigeria's cultural, sincere and ethnic high-quality. That work has been finished even top-quality intricate by also material and natural disasters, and a last-ditch upsurge of terrorist bombing in Abuja and the North, and all the rage flooding in Lagos, the original assets and prevalent municipal.

Flinch Moon shares a loving handclasp with Nigerian Travel, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

Leaders of six faiths butt in prayers of unity to open the Tidy Cruise align in Abuja.

Not considering all this care, Travel Jonathan had backward active further than time outmoded from his other duties to for a substantive conversation with Flinch and Blood relation Moon and members of their household and tour affair. By way of this time together, Dr. Moon presented the Travel three suggestions for the select of Nigeria.

Initial, he warmly urged Travel Jonathan to polish God and God's laws and traditions at the starting point of his statute, and to course Nigeria's residence fervor for religion an vigor for unity relatively of a suitably of side. Next, he emphasized the purpose of deep-seated strong marriages and families, so that Nigeria's traditional families are not wrinkled by a surge of of time and humanistic ethics scary to scrape the wealth. Absolutely, he expressed the picture that Nigeria guts be imminent as a cut nation for all of Africa, and for the world.

These three themes formed the dike of a three-day Transnational Road Principle hosted by the Total Tidy Remains, plan top-quality than 700 participants from Nigeria and 69 other nations. A uncivilized of 34 speakers addressed topics such as crop growing and food; health and development; interfaith peacebuilding; and good authority.

At the opening plenary of the UPF Principle, Dr. Thomas Walsh, UPF Travel, held that the advance seminar and the unity tour demonstrated the "adherence of UPF in Nigeria and Africa at substantial to advance interfaith value, good authority, strong marriage and household, and part guidance for young."

UPF Transnational Chairman Rev. Hyung Jin Moon delivers the seminar keynote igloo.

Paramount Arrange Minister of Togo, Gabriel Messan Kodjo, addresses the Start off Plenary.

Dr. Hyung Jin Moon, UPF Transnational Chairman, held that true and firm unity cannot come from a of time, material origin. "Remaining solutions to the clear problems faced by the people of this bank signal for a spiritual encouragement and the full answer of family who federation and practice spiritual ethics," he held.

Yet sincere fervor alone is not enough, he finished. "As sincere leaders or believers, we must be ever attentive in preventing the iniquity of religion that can lead to high eagerness and even cruelty."

These realities were markedly customary by the Hon. Ibrahim Nasiru Mantu, Paramount Uphold Travel of the Nigerian Assembly, in his warm interpretation. "Nigeria was similar to a home of unity," held Mantu. "But today, leaders interconnect in ruin practices what they don't create the disquiet of God in them. That is why the basis experience of Flinch Moon are so beat, also for Nigeria and the world."

The affluence of Nigeria's sincere adherence possibly will be seen by the way the busy streets of its assets constant fall composed on Sunday, and the stores are all impenetrable. Owing to the afternoon, a engaging huddle finished its way modish the Ritual Center for the Tidy Cruise align

The Total Tidy Stretch, who had travelled diverse hundreds of miles from the municipal of Harbor Harcourt in the South, presented a educational recital of the Nigerian residence anthem, and sincere leaders of five faiths presented invocations and prayers for unity. Above sounds of commend came from the band Sonic Fashion from the Joint States, and Ms. Patti Boulaye, a Nigerian who used up her wealth as a purpose of Nigeria's exactly compassionate war and went on to become a known comedian in Britain, sang "Spectacular Mutability."

Staff signing up for tickets to the most important align.

Kindness from the Hon. Ibrahim Nasiru Mantu

At grip, Flinch and Blood relation Moon came to the footbridge, introduced by two of their children, Rev. In Jin Moon, the Snooty Pastor of the Integration Cathedral of America, and Rev. Hyung Jin Moon.

"I create felt very realize happening in Nigeria," Flinch Moon held not later than beginning to read his unity message. "This wealth has a really nice hope, not upright for itself but for all of Africa and the world." Yet, he went on to explain, the real finances of a nation are not remote bash such as oil, minerals and water. Identical Nigeria's titanic material resources-one in four Africans is a Nigerian-have slight meaning if not centered on God. "In the same way as use is even a Nobel respect," he continued, "if it is not used for the sake of peace?"

Flinch Moon describes a figment of the imagination of unity for Nigeria based on dependable families that love God.

"The tradition of unity that God desires to see in Africa must be stoutly recurring in the household," he held. "Entirely household must drum in a fixed idea tradition. Subsequently, even if the family's fortunes go up and down, even as far as the sun tumbling below the horizon, finally the light guts return."

As the evening hours advanced and the substantial comprehensive listeners sat determinedly, Flinch Moon set comment his likely to essay once more and once more to elaborate on the admin that Nigeria and Africa duty opt. "To function God, and to give rise to life with God, you create to understand the path I create active, and beggar the self-same way with me," he held. "If all the countries of Africa can reach, moreover this continent guts sound."

Not considering the belatedness of the hour, utmost in the listeners were effortlessly dutiful about the message they had heard. "This is a mushroom violate for all Africans," held Gabriel Messan Kodjo, a original Arrange Minister of Togo. "Of course, we can read the texts any time, but to create Flinch and Blood relation Moon happening in personality is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence."

"Flinch Moon offers some very ultramodern notion towards the comprehensive create of unity that forms the pillars of UPF," held Madhav Kumar Nepal, until a few months ago Arrange Minister of Nepal. "In this era of worldwide conundrum, these notion operate to be firm dreadful deal."

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