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Saturday, 18 October 2008

What Are Some Common Basic Beliefs In Witchcraft

What Are Some Common Basic Beliefs In Witchcraft Cover Witchcraft is comprised of many individual Traditions that may differ greatly from one another at times. However, there are some key elements which most traditions follow. One, is the keeping of secrets or Mysteries. There are some things which have not been written in a book and never will be. There is usually some form of Initiation or rite of passage, although it may or may not be referred to as such. For some who are a part of family traditions, this is followed through certain rites which occur when an individual reaches specific times within their life cycle. For others, the rite of passage may be done after an individual has completed a a time of study along with specified tasks.

Books in PDF format to read:

John Stearne - A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft
Allen Greenfield - A True History Of Witchcraft
George Gifford - A Dialogue Concerning Witches And Witchcraftes