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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Nokia Tibetan

Nokia Tibetan
- A mobile phone for Buddhists. Designer Sion Wang created the concept of mobile phone Nokia Tibetan, designed for... Buddhist monks and accordingly for their specific needs.

Statistics show that the adherents of the Buddhist teachings are the least integrated into modern society people, if we take the adherents of all major religions. Even the percentage of users of mobile phones among them is the smallest. Here's the flaw and decided to rectify the designer Sion Wang by phone Nokia Tibetan.After all, have a cell phone in our time - it means to be in touch with the world, be open to him. But the Buddhists, of course, because of the specificity of their worldview and the specific needs CellPhones, as honed by their culture, their needs. Here Nokia Tibetan - is an attempt to create just such a Buddhist phone.

One only a cursory look at Nokia Tibetan enough to understand that it is designed specifically for the adherents of this religiously-philosophical teachings. After all, even its maroon color repeats garments of Buddhist monks. And when you touch to this mobile phone the person will get the same tactile feel as if he touches the drab fabric (out of it and made garments of monks).With Nokia Tibetan Buddhists do not need a rosary. Because the upper part of the rotary phone can crank through 360 degrees. And every such rotation will be displayed on the screen. So when reading Buddhist mantras can be kept in the hands of this phone, not a rosary. What's in the mobile phone Nokia Tibetan, of course, possible as the Gregorian world, and especially Buddhism.

And as a splash screen of this mobile phone will perform a variety of options for Mandala images - especially the round figure, bearing in Buddhism sacred meaning and that is used for meditation. Yes, and the phone will have the most rounded, bearing in mind, let's say, the love of Buddhists to the circle and the circular motion.

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