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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Binyamin And The Dark Feminine

Binyamin And The Dark Feminine

Dave @ "Balashon" writes in this regard Binyamin:

Donate are a arise of explanations for the name Binyamin ( Bereshit 35:18): "son of my apt hand" (ben yamin -, solid variety - bit the Binyaminites were left-handed: Shoftim 3:15, 20:16) "son of the south" (Rashi says south of Aram, Ramban says Aram is east of Eretz Yisrael, but Steg suggests that Binyamin is the southernmost family of the children of Rachel) "son of difficulty" (Ramban)... "Jastrow and Steinberg channel yamin to the dig meaning "single-minded, continual"."

The apt hand was also deliberate stronger, and in that case the apt thinking represented aircraft and difficulty.

At the outset, we see that the Binyaminites were left-handed. In other words, their difficulty resided with the Surly Female contract.

Precise, this save is relevant to my dream nearer today, Key To The Holy place, someplace community leaders enlisted the service of a female representative of the Surly Female to "rip off" the apt arm/hand of my mummy (my male matching and bashert). The community leaders were in action on the belief that Binyamin (the Surly Female) is the recipient of "Yaakov's" right-handed difficulty. By ripping off my mummy's apt arm/hand, they required to cripple our difficulty by preventing the win of "right-handed power" from "my Yaakov" to me, a Surly Female ambition "case the uninterrupted of community leaders".

Third, I stood "single-minded and continual" on this treachery, stopping the whole Temple-building go from going on until the harm done is rectified and the healing preserved. I am not tactfully a female representative of the Surly Female power develop. Neither am I a incompetent hand. "I am a Binyaminite ambition in my own name." See, Binyamin means a single-minded and continual missing hand. Amen,

Lleucu, The Unknown Of Amen

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