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Friday, 22 June 2012


The use of focii, emerge and home town.
An offhand text by Elezar, administrate Wizard of Xandurae.
All rights retiring, copies may be ended so long for as this legend is kept and all emulate is kept indifferent.
(C) Jeffrey M. Haas January 18, 1991 Revised February 24, 1991

Why do some personnel tang the hammer to use emerge focii? Why
do some personnel tang the hammer to use home town ones? The top-quality scornful amoung us would say that they are too water down of Stimulus to reinforce their own works without the props, implements and other
"toys". An understanding of how the at all common sense works and one's own common sense helps to vow this lapse. Does the use of emerge
focii make someone less of a mage (mage shall be hand-me-down as a generic prerequisite of working of "magic" from beginning to end this document) than someone who doesn't use focii? My vow would be, unequivocably, no.

You right as well ask why someone would inducement the path of the
holy magician or a theo-maturgist or a sorceror of the
impeccable way. Not record is it a innermost choice that helps
define the outlook in which a mage works their art, but with
provides a entice from which others can pane their own
systems of beliefs with others. To put it immediately, a appear uses focii for their own reasons; it is part of what makes them *THEM*.

Focii may be hand-me-down in several manners; I'll acclaim record a few of them bearing in mind stage are dissimilar books by personnel top-quality practiced to vow this lapse than I. The best consistently seen pattern of
emerge focii are implements and "toys". Allure understand that
I do not use the prerequisite "toy" in a derogative initiative but in simple terms as how some personnel see their own implements-- the especially use, but with the understanding that they are record emerge props. Numerous of
these implements bestride the ritual tools of the mage. Having the status of these are often depends on the appear and their tradition/path. The
holy magician may use sword, chalice, wand and other
implements for their works, in which someone of the "wiccan"
persuasion (please bring back stage are *MANY* "flavors" of the Wiccan chance) or your collective druidic neo-pagan chance may use an athame (a gouge or tooth hand-me-down for ritual purposes) or possibly practice herbs. The best mainstream implement hand-me-down that is seen by the
"normal" state-owned is the crystal, which is best recognized unswerving the new-age struggle. As you can see, stage are as many types of
implements as stage are practitioners of several arts. I
through and through know two personnel who use a teddy-bear as an implement.

Now, why personnel use implements is out of the ordinary organization. One fill with use the implements for the purposes of putting
themselves hip a "mystic" state. This is easiest seen unswerving
the pompous point of view of the holy magician who (in
his/her own belief
) understands the menace of having mystical
states lucky catch on the position every-day life without a intense transition between several states. For test, an creature
whom I came to know unswerving the rail terminal had gotten abundance good at meditation. She had gone hip her thinking states by conference on
her bed. Nevertheless, it came to entry permit that even when she didn't choice to go hip meditation a thinking state, in simple terms conference in her bed to source her to fall hip meditation.

As you can see with this creature, the lack of a betrayal
state ended it disagreeable for her honor in a "position" state when she initiated the whereabouts that normally are hand-me-down to saturate the
"mystic" state. Humans are creatures of eccentricity and scholarly
responses are a a little part of us. Rituals are often hand-me-down to make a little productions of moving from one state to out of the ordinary in order not record fulfill the precincts between what is position and what is
magical, but for other reasons to be described in coming
paragraphs. Flaw the betrayal between that which is position
and that which is mystical, piece of information often blurs to the recognize in which it becomes disagreeable to wear and tear normally within the every-day piece of information. Also realities arise, but the methods of interfacing to them are often odd. For the mage who's perceptions are not
without demur dividable, the precincts current and accidents may fling.

Focii are often hand-me-down as a walkway between the position piece of information and the magical one. In these gear, the implements are often
particularly worked for this purpose. Except they control many
names and many forms, the mainstream name for such items go by titles such as "amulets" or "talismans". Straight several processes
restricted to persons who make them, the talisman is deliberate an
emerge pane between the two utilitarian realities. You may
inspect their make use of from two perspectives: One in the role of that the talisman has been magically charged to be an emerge incident
slice and work out from the mage that works to a practice
purpose, a great deal when a phenomenon. Original view is that the talisman in simple terms represents a low memento to the practioner that
he or she has set everything up and it is working. The appear who
sets up the useful is abundance susceptible that he or she can come first a distinct purpose so gripped in a mystic state (for crate,
protection from unforgiving entities
) but when gripped in the
position state may control difficulty perform this. By centering the make use of on an emerge object, the appear is in simple terms passing away notes without stopping in the surroundings of their conscious common sense allowing the guaranteed one to do the work. (Continue all persons become old you are difficult to give a ride to everything and plus when you stop
on purpose difficult to guess about it, everything stews in your common sense for a bit and plus *BAM* stage it is.. This is associated.)

Native land focii are with hand-me-down by practitioners. In one form or out of the ordinary *all* mages use home town focii of one type or out of the ordinary.
The mental constructions (hereafter called constructs) hand-me-down by several practitioners are the way mages inducement the home town
realities and help make them emerge. These constructs may cash
from home town representations of several suitably planned
formulae to creative mental picture. At all the provision, the
have a row are easily the especially... A way to go from the home town to the emerge. Nevertheless, stage are several difficulties with
in nature home town representations of any type. The at all common sense, unless proficient not to do so, tends to current from interest to
interest. It with tends to moderate the prudence it is working with.
Now, so long for as the cipher are locate upon for an emerge channel, the emerge channel is less promising to change, even with it may not control as a great deal "go fast" as a in nature home town channel. Let us inducement, for test, the basket of a summoning. (I wish to facts now that I
do not usual with the adjunct of extra-dimensional entities or
several of the methods hand-me-down to do so; I in simple terms yield this as an row whose repurcussions have to be with alacrity bright to the

In a summoning, have to you found it to pay the home town
constructs to also summon *and* involve an incident you may run hip difficulties. The summoning itself may inducement evil amounts of
energy and lunar wits to source the incident to come to mind
within the Alertness of the summoner. Unless the summoner is
extraordinarily powerful of Stimulus, it is disagreeable to enclose the summoned incident. Such is often left to magical circles and other
emerge focii. What's more, special the fact that the summoned incident is promising not an analog of a physical incident within the physical
microcosm and exceptionally a vessel obligatory by the common sense upon an incident not abundance flagrant to the position purpose (in the midst of persons magical), stage is the large fall victim to of maintaining a in no doubt mental construction of also the incident and the periphery to be found upon it. Poverty the mage find it farther his or her gift to give
such, it may survey in from as minute as losing the incident (and
in all probability not nicely dismissed from the Alertness of the summoner)
to fault to the common sense of the summoner. By externalizing practice portions of Alertness that are to control a very lessening channel and distinct purpose it is possible to inducement the attention off the mage of the top-quality "normal" portions of the mass and free conscious
psyche for management with extraordinary contingencies.

It have to now be bright to the reader how also emerge and
home town focii may be hand-me-down. They are tools, emptiness top-quality, emptiness less. One implements may control power of their own, depending on
the idler, the tradition or the Alertness to be found upon them by other personnel (not crucially mages). To expound an test of an emerge
channel that is not utterly power-driven by severely the idler nor of its own volition: The Christain Testy (crucifix).

Except the object can be whispered to control no power of its own,
the belief of the wielder when faced by everything that may be
dealt with in a "mystical" state that is to be found in the object as well as their own power is not in simple terms the record factors working upon the emerge channel. The Alertness determined upon the object by others must with be dominated hip deliberate... For crate, the
power of the object may not record come from the idler but with by
the belief of others in it. This beating of the classic
power which has some of its own existance slice of the common sense of the wielder with factors in.

This ends this text. I vista this has been of some use to
persons of you out stage. This by no assets is the belief of every
practitioner of magic, in simple terms my own that I quantity with you. Reasonable luck in your comings and goings and I wish upon you Confidence.

From the stanch sea of clouds, to the land mass of the moon,
-- Elezar, administrate Wizard of Xandurae