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Saturday, 23 March 2013

5 Schismatic Priests With 1500 Followers Return To Orthodoxy In Congo

5 Schismatic Priests With 1500 Followers Return To Orthodoxy In Congo
In an tale in black and white by Civic Ignatios of Pentapolis for the Greek missionary publication ("Buoyant of the Nations") dignified "Providential Compensation to the Blood relation Church", his Class news update on the return to the Town of National Africa under the Patriarchate of Alexandria of 5 priests and give or take 1500 of their support in Kananga, Congo from a schismatic group.

The chief of this schismatic group was Fr. Chrysostomos Mbakualsimbasu, who was the preparatory to return to the canonical Church, and his four priests followed seeking the salvation of their souls. Swift they gave up their cassocks and vestments and returned to the status of laymen, leave-taking their unconventional in the hands of the Patriarchate, and this followed with the signing of the document of penitence.

One of these priests had seven villages under him, marginal had six villages, and two others had one convergence each, give or take 1,500 breed completely, and they all repented and returned to the Church either unhappy Designation or Chrismation, depending on their prerequisite. All of this was done with the blessing of Civic Nikephoros of National Africa.

One priest spoke about the flawlessness in his specter for existence outside the Blood relation Church, and the detention he felt for the jam that followed him, not later than himself a true priest. He said: "I felt washed out and as if I betrayed the 'mysteries' I did, back I held I wasn't essentially a priest."

Civic Ignatios concludes: "The yearning of their deduct was wiped outdated by the joy of their return and regeneration!"