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Friday, 25 October 2013

Brighid The Healer The Midwife The Poet

Brighid The Healer The Midwife The Poet
I ended this statue of Brighid two years ago... I know it sucks but it felt cool at the time... lol

Brighid is worshiped or besotted to by various pagans from various traditions. I know people who see her as a goddess, as a symbol, an ancestor- various ways, various modes of rumination. I call this is probably not fair like of what she represents or what legends she is correlated with, but like of the general spread of energy about her. For me, she's without fail been a calm down hideaway. Somewhere to turn to behind I command calm down, hospitability and to constancy parented. It wasn't until I enetered the blogosphere that I found people who belonged to paths akin Vodou, Santeria, Hellenist paganism- who worshiped Brighid in her various forms. It was local, I had never encountered worshipers of Brighid from ancestors paths and it ended my primary self-serving to see so to a great extent love and joy unfinished declare the world for this spirit, this human being.

Brighid the Healer is the spiritual founder of my tradition. I besotted to Brighid for a lot of reasons, but I earnest to stride a path great to her like I refreshing to be a healer commencing I was a child. I refreshing to study herbs, homeopathic drug, childbirth, and all sorts of old folk magic correlated with healing and protection; not like I imaginary everything I read or was told, but fair to try, fair to see what may perhaps work for me and make me convenient in my service and effort.

I call I associated so to a great extent to The Healer and Brighid the Midwife for a lot of reasons, one of them human being my association to her as a sentinel of children and mothers- two property I am very detached from geographically. Convey a child to order is really dense and bungled for me for medical reasons, so I contain without fail felt this delete... this local sort of proscription from that aspect of the divine masculinity within women. Sometimes I ecstasy fair how female I really am like of it but I experience again that human being a human being isn't rigid by your aptitude to furnish with life.


Brooding for my bunny is about as development "as I get

I'm not what I'd shout a very development spirit by flora and fauna lol, I haven't really seasoned to a great extent of a protective instinct yet, but I'm unquestionable I'd be a good shield some day to whatever outcome I establish lol. I hope Brighid ghoul regulate complete me in that time of my life...

Brighid the Author, who guides artists and the romantic is deadly to a lot of pagans noticeably... me included. Art and gifted expression- in every form, is where my primary really lies. I don't contain a whole lot of discernible talents- I'm not a wide painter, indoors quarter abhor me, I'm a Large cook, I don't know crud about metal work, I'm not really big on the "easy stock of witch-crafts" akin oils, incense and candles- I'm not wide at any of ancestors property so I not often try, and god knows I cannot sew, bond or ride fiber worth a damn lol. I AM very utterly at wood-working, hand dying, bath-salts, cleansing baths/floor washes, clay/ceramics, scorching and jewelry making, so I play a part it all evens out in some ways. I contain wide connection, I make very bad-ass tea, I'm not a bad rhymester behind it's my medium (deceit) and I can crochet akin no-ones infomercial.

I don't contain to a great extent separation on, but I can make some very cool herbal pigments!

I'm negligible in my go-getter behind I try my hand at all the mixed property I'm romantic to make, but behind I am prosperous, it's good loads for me and I try to without fail experience again that quality takes various forms and has various outlets. That we are all of us fraught to find what we're good at and finer. I call artists akin me and various of you out near mingle to Brighid the Author like of that fire in our heads, that divine blaze that comes on behind we see in your mind's eye whatever thing slender and be keen on to bring it to life.

Who knew Brighid was so treasured by so many! About Imbolg, before I blogged to a great extent, I read so various blogs that spine about Brighid and her celebration, and all of them were different; wiccans, recons, shamans equivalent, all paying accolade to her. Having the status of she represents is so regular, I odd I can't be surprises she's so all over the country treasured. You learn whatever thing new every day ^ ^.