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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Navnath Annapurna Mantra Sadhana

Navnath Annapurna Mantra Sadhana
Today would like tell you about the Shabar Navnath Annapurna Mantra Sadhana to always keep your kitchen full of food and food grains. Food is the single most valuable resource on the earth; you can live and survive with gold or diamonds; but not without food. This Sadhana is known to attract the Goddess of Food; Annapurna Devi into your life; if you succeed in your endeavor your kitchen will never be empty for this is a most powerful Sadhana.

Both men and women can perform this Sadhana. The Sadhana is performed on the auspicious night of Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali. An idol of a nude woman has to be prepared; using clay. Then this idol has to be worshiped sincerely with full faith by offering it Dhoop, a lamp of Pure Ghee and flowers; Sindoor has to be then applied on the Maang [the line which appears when you part the hair in the center] of the idol.

Then the Mantra given here has to be chanted 5121 times. After completion of the chanting you can keep this idol in your place of worship or in a clean place in the kitchen; there is no need to chant the mantra again or worship the idol separately after the completion of the Sadhana. You can worship it as a part of the daily Pooja.

Navnath Annapurna Mantra Sadhana

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