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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Paranormal Beliefs Cutting Of Nails

Paranormal Beliefs Cutting Of Nails
There are certain very interesting paranormal beliefs prevalent regarding cutting of the nails of the hands and feet in India. Removing the nails among other beliefs, is said to eradicate poverty and ailments.

There is belief that if you cut the nails of the hands and feet on certain days of the week, you will experience a certain given set of circumstances. These nails have to be collected and wrapped in a piece of paper and thrown out of the house; this should be done for a minimum 5 times to take effect; example- If you remove your nails on a Monday, then you have to remove them for at least the next 4 Mondays.

MONDAY - If you are unwell and suffering from any disease, your health starts improving.

TUESDAY - Sudden gain of money, recovering debts and removal of poverty.

WEDNESDAY - A letter from someone who hasn't written for along time, news or information about someone.

THURSDAY - Worries concerning children will be resolved. There is spiritual progress and likelihood of meeting an enlightened person. Chancing upon enlightening religious scriptures.

FRIDAY - If unmarried you will receive proposals for marriage. Problems regarding daughters resolved. There will be blessings of the Kuldevta [family deity].

SATURDAY - A chance to wear new clothes. Relief from Debts. Money problems resolved.

SUNDAY - There are quarrels and disagreements in the family and a tense atmosphere prevails.

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