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Wednesday, 23 November 2005

The Philosophy Of Witchcraft

The Philosophy Of Witchcraft Cover

Book: The Philosophy Of Witchcraft by John Mitchell

The Philosophy'of Deroonology, or Witchcraft, involves in it, in a greater or lesser degree, the history of a considerable portion of the Inhabitants of every age and nation, and embraces," within the wide range of its illustrations, the consideration of some of the most important faculties of the human mind. No subject presents itself with deeper interest,-none opons a wider field of observation and dis covery, than the investigation of tho first dawnings of Intellectual improvement,' manifested in the mysterious workings of inscrutable mind. The study of mind has, in eveTy age, arrestod the no- ?. lice, and commanded the talent of the most enlightened' among mon. The imagination ever lovo3 to wander back, amid the gloom of past ages, and to trace, though feebly, tho first faint glimmerings of celestial light, gradually breaking in upon the obscurity of mental darkness.

Adrian Mitchell has contributed to The Philosophy of Witchcraft as an author. Bruce Mitchell is Fellow Emeritus of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. His books include "A Guide to Old English" written with Fred C. Robinson (fifth edition, 1992), "On Old English" (1988), and the two volume "Old English Syntax" (1985). He is currently working with Fred C. Robinson on a new edition of "Beowulf,"

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