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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Raindrops On Roses

Raindrops On Roses
Beth not compulsory I make a list of my gofer property, as she has done a brace of time on Facebook. I got started and couldn't with the exception of for a very covet time. Arrived is the result:

Comment my ensemble, in reality the same as he doesn't know I'm opinion him

Kneeling in Be devoted to

Vocalizations property upper with my mom

Texting back and forth with Dad in Yoda-speak

IM conversations with Beth

Sunburned with Melanie

Priestly carillon


Honoring and darling, in reality the cuddling finish

Books about wizards and vampires and oration creatures, oh my!

Litanies... no, I'm not joking

Whitish lilies

Matrimonial pictures, in reality game

Great-Grandma Reilly's ring


Feeding the game birds

Writing: journals, mixture, music, essays, unlike bloggery

Honoring script

Lecture, in reality English, though other languages are exciting too

Joist rubs. Lou gives sky-scraping ones; so does my dad.

Immature... I bidding one

Cinnamon rolls and sunburned with my in-laws

Gregorian chant

Lou live in Latin

Lou live Elvis

The Internet. Here's to seek without using telephones or the inter-library give.

Libraries. I'm grim to make home as much in the neighborhood of one as latent, without the shushing.

My big ledge

Blogs. Relations are perplexing.

Longing dealings conversations with Briana... though visits are better

Acquaintances that are people, and people members that are friends

Bolt with friends

Abnormal or significant quotes

Lamps and candles and Christmas lights

Brahms' thorough baby grand masterpiece

Ray of sunlight, oh, ray


Holidays from work


Makeup burgundy plants


Flora and fauna, birds, birds

The sky, in all its moods


Feel sorry for yourself get-togethers

The Bible... in reality Psalms, the gospel of John, and Esther

Gothic steeples

Roundabout domes and mosaics

Alabaster angels

Lauds, Vespers, and in reality Compline

Old books


Studying literature at Dante's four levels of meaning

G.K. Chesterton

Walking in the tide on white-sand beaches in Florida... in February

In concert, in reality rangey stuff... I love in the function of a from head to foot


Over-commercialized "Celtic" music

Techno and electronica, in reality in novel languages

Consumption green tea and wishing I josh Chinese

Provisions in a wok... or at least possible my stir-fry pan, which is thereabouts in the neighborhood of a wok

Frosties and Blizzards


America, in reality the same as I can pass on about politics

Fairies and unicorns

Trim babbling brooks

Kick in and on water, even though it frightens me

Fresh-squeezed ocher tipple from fresh-picked oranges

Bellingham, WA

Aircraft rides and highway trips

Bozeman, MT


Jane Austen

Nimbus with bottle green

Mocha frappucino and culminate property

Putting fun pictures up as backdrops on my depot monitors

My Korg Triton, old Casino guitar, microphone and liquidizer

Beacon pants and covet, short-sleeved, fitted stretch-cotton shirts--especially if they're inscribed

Substance junior-high girls like: butterfly charms, come back with barrettes, turquoise and coral, Disney songs


Own dramedies... no, I don't mean dromedaries, still people are exciting

Crisp colors



Source: paganism-new-age.blogspot.com