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Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Complete Iob Guide For High Elves

The Complete Iob Guide For High Elves
In this post, you'll find that the "procedure" I imply doesn't settle cover gameplay workings, but it'll each cover some perceptive wholesale options to start again on money next to the imminent wave of releases. To the front we begin, let's see what we actually get from the Island of Blood starter set. I choice presently list the things that are deep to Boost Elves in the role of I can offer a damn about Skaven.

Amongst each box, you get:

1x Mini-Rulebook

1x Boost Elf Prince on Griffon

1x Boost Elf Mage

10x Sword Masters in Full Direct

10x Lothern Sea Responsibility in Full Direct

5x Ellyrion Reavers w/ Defeater

Points shrewd, it looks whatever thing feeling this:

1x Mini-Rulebook = Important (assume one ASAP)

1x Boost Elf Prince on Griffon = 350 without any upgrades

1x Boost Elf Mage = 100

10x Sword Masters in FC = 180

10x LSG in FC (Shields) = 155, 145 without shields

5x Ellyrion Reavers w/ Defeater (Bows) = 112, 92 without bows

The smash of points to percentages watertight feeling this:

Complete points = 867 without any upgrades

Lords = 40.37%

Heroes = 11.53%

Root = 16.72%

Whole = 31.37%

So what does this recount us slab that GW has no air how to get a hold their own rulebook? You craving higher shit.

Here's what you do in slug measure fashion:

* Buy two boxes of Island of Blood.
* Detachment a rulebook for yourself, hype the other one for able-bodied inflated prices in the role of every person and their dog wishes one.
* Feel the Skaven. Section them with the rulebook to make the offer watertight higher pleasant.
* Map out your military list with all the units moved out pompous.
* Learn the regulations, spam some games and buy sparingly. I choice cover higher of this as I go.

NOTE: Personally, I would have a supply of presently 1x of the Prince on Griffon and hype the other one. The Prince on the Griffon is a subpar sample and about reliably a measure flood. The device is deep-seated, but hype the other one to get higher on your return. To boot, there's about no language to ever, ever power two in a military list unless you strength of character to get laughed at. Not presently is it dishonest to produce an effect the Prince on Griffon in games under ~1500 points, but if you strength of character to power a generous flying cannon-bait Prince, the Sun Dragon is reliably a prepare sample.

Now that you relay 2 boxes of IoB, here's a tryout military list you necessity use. It's fast, it's fun and it doesn't suck ass. To the front you ask, let me principal landscape the odd figure of 17. Refined, the IoB boxes comes with figures that pre-set as the Buoy up, the Ensign Bearer and the Genius. Your second box choice direct equivalence models and consequently you relay to understand 3 from your list. That is, unless you strength of character to use folks 3 models and settle jerk them off principal so you don't mess up the sumptuous encircle to your military.

Here's a tryout military list. Comes out to 994 points.


LV.3 ARCHMAGE (Silver Rod) = 235

Boost Imaginary


17X LSG (FC, SHIELDS, WAR Streamer) = 266


17X SWORD MASTERS (FC, Streamer OF Endless Sparkle) = 295



In the same way as the IoB box comes with a deep-seated Mage device, there's rather a few things you can do with it. For the purposes of this military list, I relay resolved my Lv.3 Archmage a Silver Rod. This gives him an supplementary spell, so in the function of roaring to collect spells, he'll get 4 pompous the arrangement 3. As a Archmage, he each has a supplementary nip and untouchable reign than a arrangement Mage on top of the +3 to cast and +4 to yet.

This, excluding, does not mean that you relay to power the Archmage. Association free to downgrade him to a Lv.2 Mage with Seerstaff of Saphery. This gives you a Lv.2 Mage that can collect the spells that he wishes instead of roaring on the area of little variation. As soon as building military lists, that give somebody no option but to of mechanism is whatever thing that other races wished they had. There's 8 magic lores in Warhammer and Boost Elves know them all in improvement to Boost Imaginary.

Out of the ordinary cool thing you can do is power the supplementary Sword Master champ you relay from the 2nd box of IoB and enable him a Lord. Abscond him a Illustrious Bayonet, Defend of Caledor and Dawnstone or Guard Phoenix and you're in business. Upper class are deep-seated fighters with WS6, I7, S6 with a Illustrious Bayonet and a 2+ bodyguard start again, 5+ borough that's exempt to fire attacks.

Now that you relay your leader, what about the rest of the units? The LSG are deep-seated units to the same extent you can be deployed in 6x3 formation, vegetate and redo to confrontation doesn't matter what. Full Direct reliably, Shields reliably and power a War Streamer a short time ago to the same extent you can. If you strength of character, you can plunge the War Streamer and offer your Archmage a Seerstaff to collect 3 spells from any lore. I strictly feeling the War Streamer to the same extent it helps you start yourself with addendum up your raid res. It has each won me a trouble of games in the out of wherever that supplementary +1 can make or break the end.

Sword Masters necessity about reliably deploy vast. I strictly feeling 6 vast in person to the same extent I find 7 too unmanageable in the function of strategy more or less the front line. Any of these badass swordsman relay WS6, 2 attacks each with S5 and ASF w/ re-rolls. Taking into account they hit raid, a lot of competition choice plunge dead. Detachment in heart that their take effect ties to the letter to what magic lore you power. My Archmage has chose Boost Imaginary so I can sub any spell I strength of character for Skin of Saphery which gives me a 5+ borough on my Sword Masters. The fact that they each shampoo the Streamer of Endless Sparkle makes them taster oversee doesn't matter what with Regen feeling a hot spear oversee allotment. For a disclose explanation of what magic lores to power vs. what military, I purport you watertight oversee my magic tactica for Boost Elves.

This leaves me with the two units of Ellyrion Reavers. I cold them mire shabby with settle Spears and a Genius to the same extent I wanted them to be fast close units that can hit from the flanks and heave. Amongst Head gesticulation and a 18" amble + free redo, they can protuberance more or less the area of little variation and get to all folks gel to react to seats. This gives you protection opposed to fighter warmachines or casing units in the role of you strength of character folks attached up ASAP. Who cares if they get have an adverse effect on and die, they choice die elatedly in dispute as your LSG and Sword Masters move up the forte safe and prepared to blame ass.

Alright, that's that. You relay a 1k military to produce an effect games with for a good desire time and all the units you get are from 2 boxes of IoB. So the marvel now is: How do I expand?

The best way to do this is know the widespread rumors:

"This October is persistent to the scions of Asuryan, as we plunge a series of new Boost Elf miniatures."

"4 Elastic Box Sets."

"White Lions, Dragon Princes and Phoenix Responsibility."

"The fourth box is a new stronghold, as well as 20 Archers, 20 Spearmen, a Repeater-Bolt-Thrower and a Boost Elf Chariot."

"2 Metal Box Sets. No air what these are yet."A new chip for a Prince on Basis."A deck of spell cards for Boost Imaginary."

So what does this mean?

Exchange your Ellyrion Reavers as Silver Helms and Dragon Princes next to you buy so you know which ones you strength of character. Do NOT buy doesn't matter what that's metal dominance now and is intended to be in compliant unswervingly. That device White Lions, Dragon Princes and Phoenix Responsibility necessity presently be hand-me-down in replacement games. Ask your friends, I'm be bounded by they'll be OK with it.

Personally, my recommendations choice be the following for what units to buy and in what order:

* Prince/Noble box set.
* Spearmen box.
* Chariot box.

All of these won't be reorganized anytime unswervingly and if you strength of character to fee your military, this is the way to do it. The Lord BSB is one of the furthermost deep units for Boost Elves and you don't strength of character to miss that. Spearmen, even even if they're surprisingly looking, is one of our best units on the front line and the Lion Chariot settle looks overwhelming. It each eats things in raid so you might strength of character 1-2 of folks.

Alright, I typed stacks for now. Deem from this what you choice. If you relay any higher questions, encircle free to ask taking part in.

Reference: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com