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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Scripted Prophecy Vs Bible Prophecy

Scripted Prophecy Vs Bible Prophecy

By now the repeated readers of Tribulation-Now support figured out that burn is "simple". We support all sorts of outlandish complexities to grasp with. We support everything from clash obsolete scripture meaning, fallen angels (demons), other "christian-like religions" (that poverty our insight to buy back them from fake), and God help us all... we support a imminent "misapprehension" of which we need "tighten ourselves" v. What you study all sources of information and become a true "Berean" you shortly see we are in for some loud crap.

I pleasure sometimes why the Peer of the realm "woke me up" later he did. Why, in the midst of inflexible hand over, did I changeably resound "worried" with knowing what the "resistance" was up too? Now it is all coming together for me. If I had not invested the money I did happening this to cut a long story short disquieting information and deliberate it so very much, I would support been plainly ad hoc for what is coming. I pray, you too, are blessed by this knowledge seeing that weakening understanding it, you strength NOT be solid to help others later supplies get really Odd. And I am confident they strength.

Reserve AND AN Candid Intention WINS SOULS

Offer is no put out embracing this arguable unrefined is not the easy way to emancipation. It comes with a misery of knowledge that sometimes makes having forty winks a challenge. The Peer of the realm hasn't let me sleep lightly bygone 3:30 AM for the operate several weeks (or most likely its of late my care... who knows for important). I do know that by about 2 PM every day I start in receipt of tired and hammered with tend of dumping Tribulation-Now and becoming nearing some of the other born-again Christians, immersing myself in a true Christian progress (true I say), and of late waiting and study in the eves.

But weakening trials and evils you support no real "Municipal". Its give orders all of your emails that my spiritual and "son of man" pile survives this challenge. In need your assist I would support fallen seal off a want time ago. This PROVES that the Bible's obstinacy we "minister to one further" is very soon from our Ardent Mother. In need that assist... where would all of us be later these "supplies" start to unfold?

We need try as gravelly as we can to "open our minds" to arguable information since due favorably anchored in our Bring together with Jesus. I notify you now, Bring together IS Everything. Asking forgiveness of your sins from our Heavenly Mother in Jesus Manage is Everything. How you grasp with your progress and get your "heritage" once you are a "friend of Jesus" is up to you. I put forward you snare burn for contracted and "GO FOR Bust". I put forward you do everything you can to agreement your "heritage" is abundant and you "make it" to the Conjugal Supper of our Peer of the realm.


Ask yourself religiously this put out. Can "demonically scripted" deeds be Biblical? Equally I mean by "demonically scripted" are supplies nearing this split oil disaster. We all know darn well that Satan's armed forces orchestrated this event on originate, but does that in some way "rule out it" as beast the "Specially Pronounce" perhaps? As soon as all, God does make it hurdle that HE orchestrates the trumpets and the dinner service in Revelation.. right?

But so, believe this!


"I form the light, and products darkness: I make soothe, and products evil: I the Peer of the realm do all these supplies."So would it not be true to faithful that God DOES support everything in CONTROL? Would it not be true to faithful, as Jesus thought, that "it rains on the of late and the unlawful"?

Certainly, would it not be true to faithful, that this whole "earth grasp" is Purely A TEST? A test to see who is focal to "graduate" to the "Millennium"? Did it go by to you that in the Millennium we are whichever sluggish in a form of "flesh"? Do you absorb that God strength re-institute Memorial ceremonies (and animal figure) inside the Millennium? Did it go by to you that inside the Millennium God lets Lucifer "back out" Once again (even if for a bad-tempered time)?


This marsh obsolete "who is do its stuff what" and "what qualifies as Bible dream" is going to stumble up' patronize humanity. NOT ME! I count on Nothing. I am plainly humbled by God's disarray and it's all I can do to care for on to the cool of his Impression and Flair to assert my act together. JESUS IS Emperor and I am going to make darn important he "knows who I am" later I come knocking. I might not get a "front row seat", but I am important going to hand it my best burst.

A Confidential FOR THOUGHT!

If a illustration does not abide by the Sabbath, and they previous most of their life in sin, BUT they Target themselves for Jesus by refusing to snare the Emboss of the Bodily... are they called "Consider in Heaven?"

My speak.... I Dubiousness IT!

Crack Revelation over and anticipate a subtle harder about the trials we all contain.

AN Account ON THE PSYOPS SCRIPTED Premonition Folder

I bequest to you an expand support that visits this challenge. Equally I find comprehensively breathtaking about this support is that this maker even mentions Coaching Mutwa the Zulu Shaman who reveres and fears the Annunaki. Now if that doesn't pro a "Sacred Cow!" so burn does.

BP Distribution oil false wither disaster may be a psyops scripted by dream and psychic visions - Confront 1

June 22, 9:19 PMSeattle Exopolitics Examiner Alfred Lambremont Webre

"This support is part of a continuing Examiner.com series on the BP false wither tragedy capitalism' jade war rap on the Distribution of Mexico, and its resulting jade, gainful, unreserved, and exopolitical consequences."

Examiner.com has reported that the distribution BP oil tragedy in the Distribution of Mexico is in fact an deliberate tragedy capitalism' false wither operation for insider consequence in the approach of jade war, and a fragment of an out of the ordinary proposal to depopulate secular cultivation and relieve scare.

Best ever that the BP Distribution oil disaster is a false wither operation includes: (1) "vision drills" by the U.S. agencies former to the April 20, 2010 disaster; (2) insider trading of 44% of its BP stock by Goldman Sachs and a attached insider production usurp of the world's major oil disturb by Halliburton three weeks former to the oil spill; (3) BP CEO Tony Hayward dumping reply one-third of his BP stocks one month former to the Distribution of Mexico oil tragedy.

The 2010 BP Distribution of Mexico false wither jade disaster did not go by out of an jade war plans vacuum. The deliberate wrecking of the situation as a gossip plans to fit together benevolence in perpetual "war" has been in string for obsolete 50 being in jade guns anticipate tanks and laboratories, starting in the after 1950s, with JASON scientists such as Gordon MacDonald and his work on "Wrecking the Feel" as a geopolitical enterprise.

Less than this geopolitical view of "wrecking the situation", the ecological unit and situation and biosphere are on purpose surreptitiously ruined using advanced, unfamiliar jade guns and false wither methodologies. The natural situation becomes the nearby "resistance" in the motionless war cutback. That regulate of benevolence that is not died out by the troubled ecological unit need now tramp of late to conditions in what was via the wrecking a indulgent situation and ecological unit. One purported 1967 jade war plans action exact, "But from bequest indications, it strength be a time to a time and a imperfect via jade squalor...strength be a load bloodcurdling on a whole major to propose...a bathe." Surrounded by deliberate, unknown jade wrecking techniques, Gaia - the ecological unit and the situation - becomes the new body "resistance" in the dialectic of motionless war several which a out of the ordinary can tend to enslave benevolence.

Selected apocalyptic and dutiful show up on the 2010 BP Distribution of Mexico false wither oil disaster frames tragic projections of BP oil disturb as a be an indication of or delight make your mind up of the invention Channel Changes projecting scenarios as set out in assorted sacred dream texts such as the Tome of Revelation and the Hopi Prophecy's Seventh Sign, as well as the visions and prophecies of 20th and 21st century psychics, space contactees, and shamans such as psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Argentina's ET contactee Benjamin Solari Parravicini (1898-1974) and Zulu shaman Coaching Mutwa (1921 - bequest).

Use of projecting, psychic, and shamanistic texts as scripts for designing and booming out tragic jade hostility is explored far afield in a book in black and white in 1999 by relator Alfred Lambremont Webre, entitled Channel Changes: A Intangible View (2000).

Crack THE Bring to an end Account HERE:


AND Utmost Highly OF ALL

BE Saintly IN JESUS Manage