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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Corn Dollies And Ritual Poppets

Corn Dollies And Ritual Poppets Cover
When used in ritual poppets can also represent various aspects of the Goddess and God. For example at Lammas (1st August), Corn Dollies are made from the last cut sheaves of corn and fashioned into stick like figures representative of the Sacrificial God in his guise as John Barleycorn the "Spirit of the Corn". These are then ritually burned and their ashes spread or buried in the fields. Many believed that with the cutting of the last sheaves of corn, the "Spirit of the Corn" retreated into the soil, to sleep there throughout the winter awaiting his rebirth in the coming spring.

In a similar ritual at Imbolc (1st February), Bridie Dolls are made to represent Brigit (also known as Bride) the maiden Goddess of Fertility. Again these are ritually burned, but their ashes are mixed with the new seeds and are ploughed into the ground in the hope that the "Spirit of the Corn" (the God) will awaken and ensure the next harvest.

Written by George Knowles

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