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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Are You Ready To Begin Spring Cleaning Your House And Your Life

Are You Ready To Begin Spring Cleaning Your House And Your Life
I swallow noticed that my blog has gotten a the minority off release up till now. I perceive feel affection for I've been blogging about everything but domestic witchcraft and paganism. I poor to fix that! Week 1 of the Number Attack series confer on begin on Sunday.

Up till now, this caper attack confer on be novel than any restful of caper attack you swallow done beforehand. Why? Being we're departure to clean addition than trade fair our house!

For example expected does that mean? This caper attack is departure to be about attack up our home "and" our lives. The messes in our lives can't be cleaned up in a day, a weekend, or even a week, so this series is departure to control for the come to taste of caper.

I've given each week a theme that includes a novel stroke of the home and of life. The resolve is as follows:

WEEK ~ Billet OF THE Home ~ Billet OF Life

Week 1 ~ Home Sheath and Keep ~ Vigor and Convenience

Week 2 ~ Be in charge of Porch/Entryway ~ Specific and Self-image

Week 3 ~ Kitchen and Dining Place ~ The Core of Your Life

Week 4 ~ Existence Areas ~ Fixture and Unreserved Life

Week 5 ~ Your Bedroom ~ Weakness Life and Rest

Week 6 ~ Kids Bedrooms ~ Affluence and Parenting

Week 7 ~ Bathroom ~ Good looks and Purity

Week 8 ~ Home Office/Den ~ Charge and Finances

Week 9 ~ Take Workshop ~ Connecting with Quality

Week 10 ~ Be in charge of Workshop ~ Existence Green

Week 11 ~ Garage/Attic/Basement ~ Emotional and Mental Disaster

Week 12 ~ Laundry Billet and Closets ~Your Glow Role

Week 13 ~ Maintaining Your Home and Role

You'll letter that offering isn't the rank of spirituality. This is given that as a domestic pagans and witches, spirituality is a part of everything that we do!

Each week I confer on concede practical attack instructions for attack or convalescing that picky stroke of the home. I confer on else be of special concern to self-help information for creating complimentary modify and attack up the messes in our lives. And of course I confer on be of special concern to magickal instructions, spells, and rituals out of.

I confer on absolutely use some of the information from the out of the ordinary series, however I confer on do my best to add new and fascinating information to my posts. In fact, I suspend it confer on be fun to see how far I swallow come in the control few years. In the same way as I did this series the essential time, I was a relatively oblivious blogger and was in a far afield novel place fervently and domestically. I now swallow a far afield break down attachment of what you, my babe readers, poor to read about!

I confide in that this series confer on swallow whatever thing for a person. Sack what works for you and break up with the rest. And by all assets, if you swallow any suggestions or areas that you poor me to extinguish or swallow your own pleasant information, fill drink them!