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Wednesday, 4 March 2009



Title: Binah, Compassion.

Magickal Image: A mature individual. A matron.

Surroundings on the Tree: At the lather of the Sustenance of Severity in the Supernal Triangle.

Yetziratic Text: The Third Acquaintance is called the Sanctifying Acquaintance, the Starting point of Prehistoric Development. It is any called the Initiator of Organization, and it's ancestry are in Amen. It is the parent of believe, whence believe emanates.

Titles limitation to Binah: Ama, the dark flat Father. Aima, the self-confident loaded Father. Khorsia, the Throne. Marah, the Amazing Sea.

God Name: Jehovah Eluhim.

Archangel: Tzaphkiel.

Group of Angels: Aralim, Thrones.

Ordinary chakra: Shabbathai, Saturn.

Telepathic experience: Illusion of Sting.

Virtue: Quiet down.

Vice: Meanness.

Print in mirocosm: The fitting rank of the issue.

Symbols: The Yoni. The Kteis. The Vesica Piscis. The cup or chalice. The farther than rove of privacy.

Tarot Cards: The Four Threes.
Three of Wands: Place Sweat.
Three of Cups: Quite.
Three of Swords: Sting.
Three of Pentacles: Actual works.

Sully in atziluth: Ruby.
Sully in briak: Black.
Sully in yetzirah: Angry bronzed.
Sully is assiah: Gray flecked red.