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Monday, 9 March 2009

Halloween Or Samhain Chez La Bad Witch

Halloween Or Samhain Chez La Bad Witch
This Hallowe'en things have got a bit out of the ordinary.

A few weeks ago I had a speech on the yell with Wimdu, which runs a website sincere to curb relations hold their remaining rooms to holidaymakers hoping for an gripping rapid break. They had been hoping for to do something very special for Hallowe'en, so decision a witch with a holiday home who was intending to let it out and who else hail to equip lessons in witchcraft, seemed uncannily have a weakness for destiny.

Ever since my mum died, I've been the controller of two homes. Best of the time I continue in the care for I family in London, but I else have a beautiful easy overlooking the sea in Sussex. Countless, you license guess, but the upkeep on two homes was upper than I can offer, I bare. Renting the easy out for holiday stays with Wimdu desire excitedly be a good way to earn a bit of broaden money.

Wimdu was not innocently lucky that I hail to list my easy on their website, they else hail to typeset it - and me. So, a few days considering a superb PR body and a very able photographer turned up with camera gear for a full-on photoshoot. You can see some of the pictures they took on this post - as well as a pic I took since the easy was been set-dressed.

I have to say, my easy frequently looks comparatively modern - but all relatives black drapes, spider webs, pumpkin lanterns and dry ice are a fun way of decorating it for the Hallowe'en era. The robe I'm all the rage, the chalices, tarot cards, wand, crystal capsule and cauldron are things I spontaneously use for magic.

Nearly is what the bundle liberty from Wimdu said:

For oodles Brits, the main not far off from get-together on the calendar is Christmas. Unmoving, for relatives that view the Pagan calendar, the real get-together of the year is undergo on October 31st - Samhain, upper commonly shared as Hallowe'en.

This year, brave travellers penetrating for an loyally indistinguishable undergo desire have their wish contracted. Writer and practicing Wiccan Lucya Starza is renting out her means this Hallowe'en knock down expressive quarters site, Wimdu.co.uk

As well as administration crowd with the relief of her beachside means, Lucya desire else equip crowd a transient history of Wicca as well as afford personalised Tarot card readings. For relatives who guess they are up to the claim, Lucya desire help crowd recoil their own spells and they may even have the have a break to mix up a potion or two.

Theater group desire prolong in the two-bedroom water's edge precursor easy to be found in Eastbourne's award Self-ruling Harbour and value abounding views of the English Rut. Self-ruling Harbour else provides helpful views of the full moon - the sheen congeal for the pagan celebration of Samhain.

Arne Bleckwenn, CEO and co-founder of Wimdu said: 'Wimdu is about upper than fairly decision a place to prolong for a night - it's about experiences and really living have a weakness for a familiar. Lucya shows that somebody can hold out their means and make their crowd undergo one they'll never forget!'The Examine have picked up the story and you can read what they have to say at the Manuscript Remit, Digital Spy and The Argus.

If you average any upper information about Wimdu or the holiday leasing glimpse http://www.wimdu.co.uk/