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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lp Rod Phra Somedj

Lp Rod Phra Somedj
Monk: Lp Rod

Provenience: Pisalolo

material: Giant trail ( choice for protection, against spirit, against black magic)

Master skill: Missionary of Wonderful master Lp doem

That time, lp rod was a juvenile reverend and he was learning under the skill of lp doem.

Lp rod was share out him preparing the patyant( hymn cloth). Next a devotes came and collect a amulet from Lp doem. Master say, go departed put forward and get a patyant from put forward. The offer went departed and collect LP doem to bless over. Lp doem say it is not chief as the juvenile reverend has master skill of making magical items from him and the power level is facing very good. (scratch from Lp Rod reference book in temple)

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