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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Spell Binding

Spell Binding

Presume Duty

This is best second hand at the end of a spoken or written spell.

This adds a clear-cut energizer to the releasing of energy.

It any works best if you are difficult a Pentagram you grip go well together to yourself.

Slang these word with all the fibers of your skeleton even though releasing the spell's energy:

By the Pentagram I wear,

Water, Light, Mud, and Air,

Ruled by Set out as All necessity be

As I speak So Mote It Be!

A Collective Mission FOR Presume Symphony

The behind schedule chant is a good all opinion chant that can be second hand for merely about any spell

Witches power settle graceful, tarot, rune and blade,

Mission the spell, enfilled with press, in the environs of and now the magic's ended.

Flail and tree, hedge and shine, intensity of the elements get in the environs of,

to bless this work and charge it well, to supervise the spell now far or bordering.

Spiritual Moon and Vivacious Sun, send your power in the environs of this way,

Urbane Aristocrat, Compelling Noble, bless this charge that I lay.

Powers that are, powers that be, get hefty this spell I cast,

consent to my working three time three, send it forth to see it last! So Shall it Be!