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Saturday, 1 August 2009

An Opening Ritual

An Opening Ritual Cover
As we stand in our circle, let the arms of the Goddess enfold us. Feel her warm loving touch. In her touch we feel all that is... around us. We can feel the oneness of all things. We call her to enfold us... to encircle us. In her arms we fear nothing, for everything is part of us.

We call upon the elements of Air. Spirits of the East. Let our thoughts be as Air -- clear and crisp. Swirling free, with no bounds. Whispering through the lonely canyons. Rising up to meet the sun.

We call upon the elements of Fire. Spirits of the South. Let our will rise within us like lava, radiating with energy and power, flowing down to meet the sea.

We call upon the elements of Water. Spirits of the West. Let our emotions be fluid as the tide, changing shape and form with its surroundings. Reflective as deep blue pools... passionate as the crashing waves upon the rocks.

We call upon the elements of Earth. Spirits of the North. Feeling it beneath our feet, we draw strength. We send our roots down into her soil. Growing solid and firm. Partaking of her warmth and security.

Thus we are in her embrace, wherein we are not separate beings... but one... in total trust and total love.

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