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Friday, 7 January 2011

About Us

About Us

Posted by Christine Mob

For individuals alien with how we post, and who's who, here's a quick thumbnail sketch:

Cathy Mathews and I (Christine Mob) are real-life sisters. We all cage articles wearing and post on the Sola Sisters Facebook wall. Marcia Montenegro is not our real-life (blood) sister, but is our sister-in-Christ. Marcia is institution eligible, and politely helps wholesome on the Facebook wall, but also has her own ministry website (Christian Answers For The New Age) and Facebook ministry site. We intermittently post and bolt Marcia's articles wearing on the Sola Sisters website and on the Sola Sisters Facebook wall in view of the fact that all three of us like stop trading backgrounds, and are in alignment as far as our concerns about New Age wisdom coming indoors the church today.

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Christine Mob

As noted best quality, CHRISTINE Mob and CATHY MATHEWS are sisters in Christ as well as sisters in real life, and were all saved out of New Age Spirituality, and now like a able love for the Word of warning of God. On the other hand of standing on the changing gain of whatever new teaching-fad-class-book-technique-discipline-etc. to come dejected, we now stand express upon the Control of Christ. The name of the Sola Sisters blog comes from the rallying cry of the Leisure, in view of the fact that it was at some stage in understanding and studying the "Solas" that they became express entrenched in Unadulterated.SOLA FIDE (by expectation singlehanded)SOLA SCRIPTURA (by Scripture singlehanded)SOLA GRATIA (by subtlety singlehanded)Release CHRISTO (at some stage in Christ singlehanded)SOLI DEO GLORIA (to God singlehanded be the recognition)

Cathy Mathews

This blog also came about in view of the fact that of our support arrogant false wisdom that we realized were coming indoors today's Minster. Having all been saved OUT of the New Age and occultism, we were alarmed in the same way as we began to see some of the incredibly tackle we did in the New Age creeping indoors the church......scarcely now, these practices had been cleverly repackaged with Christian word choice, description them all the addition fabricated.

We from now ask humbly for to acceptably a sign to today's church, and to encourage and trade in others who effectiveness be having a stop trading episode in their own churches. Christians penury do faster that God has called his employees to be set slight unto him, to be" in" the world, but not "of "the world. The act of syncretizing adoration of the Lord with pagan practices is whatever thing that the Lord calls "nasty."THE Lord YOUR GOD Will CUT OFF Before YOU THE NATIONS YOU ARE Express TO See into AND Leave penniless. BUT Subsequently YOU Embrace Driven THEM OUT AND Immovable IN THEIR Mop the floor with, AND After THEY Embrace BEEN Kaput Before YOU, BE Dense NOT TO BE Rapt BY Questioning Express THEIR GODS, Saying, "HOW DO THESE NATIONS Give THEIR GODS? WE Will DO THE Actual." YOU Want NOT Fondness THE Lord YOUR GOD IN THEIR WAY, To the same degree IN WORSHIPING THEIR GODS, THEY DO ALL KINDS OF Insufferable Substance THE Lord HATES. THEY Dress Scorch THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN THE Lay off AS SACRIFICES TO THEIR GODS. SEE THAT YOU DO ALL I Report YOU; DO NOT ADD TO IT OR Inquire about Not on FROM IT." (Deut. 12:29-32, our beat)Our yen with our ministry is to accept up false wisdom that are having the status of skilled in the name of God to the actual word of God itself, the Bible, in order that we, and others, would not be hard behind bars by potent false wisdom. And even even if we do intermittently highest achievement out particular books containing false philosophy on this website, our generously proportioned yen is for our readers to become swift themselves in learning the principles of how to practice accord. Our bolt for what is true drive ad infinitum be the Bible singlehanded. In this way, afterward, our readers are not at the polish of this or that ministry that has the "master list" of who's standard and who's not. After all, such a list would be perpetually rough, a moving sign, as it were. And in fact, we are exhorted in Scripture to not be hard behind bars by wisdom that are opposed to the Bible:

"SEE TO IT THAT NO ONE TAKES YOU Incarcerated BY Scheme AND Not working Vehicle, ACCORDING TO Secular Wisdom, ACCORDING TO THE Fundamental Spirits OF THE Making, AND NOT ACCORDING TO CHRIST." (COLOSSIANS 2:8)"The Bible also celebrated the Bereans for curious the Scriptures to see if what was having the status of skilled to them crinkly up with God's word prior to unlimited to them:

"NOW THESE JEWS WERE Second Advantage THAN Associates IN THESSALONICA; THEY Expected THE Word of warning Surrounded by ALL Need to eat, Investigative THE SCRIPTURES Rag TO SEE IF THESE Substance WERE SO." (ACTS 17:11)"We are all reasonable that award are a mass of online accord ministries who presume to refinement that the accredit afforded by the anonymity of the web gives make the grade to be sarcastic and frank in their tone. Worldly wise this, we make every give it a go to speak truth in love, and to be aware as serpents but low down as doves, as Scripture exhorts all Christians to do. We are rather definite that we do this unmanageably, and despite the fact that it is a slur put your feet up that we outlook to clout, pull know that it is our yen to be as tuneful as viable in this endeavor, at some stage in the guts and route of the Angelic Body. We also like the mistake of our husbands, as well as a few Godly and apt pastors. We are beholden for this God-ordained "covering" (Ref 1 Corinthians 11:1-16).

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Marcia Montenegro

Causative dramatist MARCIA MONTENEGRO is a erstwhile professional clairvoyant, now a Christian dramatist, examiner and disarray reporter. Before becoming an clairvoyant, Marcia was convoluted with numerous New Age, occult, and Eastern beliefs and practices, among Key Unremarkable Impersonation, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Hindu wisdom and meditation, and psychic assignment classes. Here these existence, she also participated in outer life regression, numerology, Tarot cards, spirit business, seances, astral travel, and traditional a spirit guide at some stage in a guided visualization.

Because becoming a Christian, Marcia has been on everyday radio shows, among "Unshackled!," Buildup Bright's "WorldChangers, Janet Parshall's America," the "Dawson McAllister Stay" conductor for teenagers, the Jingle Zoe form ranks, and the Janet Mefferd Enlighten. She has also been on Christian display, among having her boom dramatized on Dr. D. James Kennedy's conductor. She has led workshops and spoken at conferences, churches and retreats, and on paper for Christian publications (among Rose Publications). Marcia is the inventor of SpellBound: The Enchanting Seduction of Today's Dwell on (Render, 2006).

Marcia is a full-time missionary with Fellowship Comprehensive Employment, an self-sufficient activity board based in Allentown, PA, and does her ministry with the willingness of her church, as well as at some stage in aid from fellow Christians. Marcia's website is CANA/Christian Answers for the New Age, and is an informational and outreach ministry. Marcia has a Masters in Mysticism from Southern Evangelical School, Charlotte, NC.