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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Strawberry Magic And The Power Of Red

Strawberry Magic And The Power Of Red


Alot Can Happen with a Bowl of Strawberries!

Strawberries enjoyedFRESH... As Is..PURE NATURAL gobbled down Sweetness* Wonderful in a SMOOTHIE*

Fabulous and Red-Rich*Treasures Blessed by the Sun

Decadent and Vibrant*REDS are Power ColorsRed..the Vibratory color of PASSIONas well as a STABILIZING Color

For those who Follow YOGA or Energy Centers /Chakras This is the ROOT, the FOUNDATION, The Base energyRed is the anchoring energy creating a Strong Foundation..like a Magnificent Tree Rooted Firmly and joyfully in the Earth's Body REFLECT on Red and the ROOTS OF A TREE to feel ANCHOREDand to Create NATURAL BALANCE


Red Rich Foods are full of Nutrients

How Many ways can Strawberries be used? Um..woah....Endlessly!

They are also Wonderful in baked goods, like scones, muffins and sweet cakes of all kindsJams and Jellies, all kinds of treats!**KIKI'S FAIRY-STRAWBERRY SPELT CAKES* Made with Spelt Flour, Cinnamon,Black Currants, Fresh Strawberries, Apple sauce for sweetness...still tweaking this recipe..but so far it is worked well.
~For those who must be creative with ingredients...whether by preference /choice or due to food sensitivity or allergies..CREATIVITY is the key to making magical sweets*

I enjoy creating all kinds of Treats..* sometimes it is trial and error and practice and constant experimentation...as all ingredients may not work the same as traditional or common ingredientsSWEETEN WITH ALTERNATIVES:* Great tips for those who do not use SUGAR or SENSITIVE to it* APPLE SAUCE * AGAVE NECTAR are great alternatives*FRUITS bring natural sweetness as well*FRUIT JUICES*If you like RAISINS or BLACK CURRANTS they also add a sweet punch

Strwberries are dazzling

If You like Strawberries and Fairies and Tea..you may like this post from HEART OF A WIZARDESShttp://heartofawizardess.blogspot.com/2010/05/fairy-in-my-strawberry-tea-magic.html

So..how do you enjoy Strawberries? Do you think they are powerful too?

STRAWBERRIES are Fresh Sweet Natural Full of Vitamin CAntioxidants*Yummy!*

NATURAL WHITENER:Rubbing a strawberry over the teeth can whiten them*Natural fibre for the body*Do you know cool insights or helpful TIPS about Strawberries?Do you have a FAVE WAY TO ENJOY these beauties?A RECIPE?Feel free to Share!

Strawberries are EXQUISITE*

I Love the Magic of Strawberries and the Powers of RED

Finding Harmony
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