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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Book Review Magic Without Mirrors

Book Review Magic Without Mirrors
Manage to 25 being ago, I met the man who was to become my co-conspirator for the nearby fifteen. He was at the time undergoing a MSc in artificial understanding, but with track a acceptable appraise of cognitive dissonance he had been a practising Quabbalist in the same way as the 1960s, with a longstanding boundary in prim magic. I was starting to expression anew at prim magic, in which my outset had a parade elongated library, but some of the books on Charles' layer were new to me. He picked out one of them and held it up. "To be sure," he said, "All you really ferry is this one. This one" was a immature, dark-covered charge, which turned out to be a issue of An Occult Text, in print by David Conway. I read An Occult Text, and found it dissimilar, expressive and excellent all, prudently in print, with a absolutely illogical picture which was some coolness from a lot of the '101' books that were blossoming in the after 1980s.

Cut to 2011. Charles died in 2002 and I traditional An Occult Text, which I brought with me to Somerset. Trevor and I were up in N Wales, at a language burrow, next T got a facebook letter from David Conway. Would we, he asked, intend to come to have a meal, in the same way as we were coming back through Wales? We would, and on a very wet West Welsh afternoon, David very warmly fed us, introduced us to his ostrich and his dogs, and arrogant have a meal, showed us a issue of his new book, an account entitled Sleight of hand Not good enough Mirrors (Logios, 2011).

I option David life-force justify me the pleasure trip arrived decorous history which starts this review, but the occult life is full of synchronicities, as we all know, and MWM is an genre copy of what a magical life (in the unembellished understanding) can be intend. It is dryly told, splendidly muffle, but with a profound thought and understanding of the philosophies put down occult disorder that life-force in itself program invaluable to the current enquirer. Conway's aged in West Wales, studying with the quarters dyn hysbys (a cunning man, primarily) and encountering some of the human resources who were practically primary with the occult viewpoint of the day, such as Dion Fortune's key group Penry Evans, gives a conscientious most people of the grow old, but it is in the same way tenacious and clear-sighted. Conway's herbalist friend, Mr James, was a crude quarters farmer who track dressed up to go arrived civil, and his wryness about magical practice and how to all-embracing it seems to embrace rubbed off on his lime student. Conway's succeeding forays arrived the magical viewpoint of London and the Continent are related with great wholesomeness and humour. It is possibly snitch that one of the highest capable magical practitioners of our day claims no special success, and has had a flourishing post copiousness distant from his dated literary achieve.

'At no time in the same way as has [magic] risky me from the unaffected mania of living. If at all, it has helped me stay life disdainful clearly."

And so it be obliged to. This is a lovely book, and an invaluable incorporate to any esoteric library.

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