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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

0705 11 New York Times Crossword Answers 5 Jul 11 Tuesday

0705 11 New York Times Crossword Answers 5 Jul 11 Tuesday

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CROSSWORD SETTER: Andrea Carla Michaels ">



14. ANTHEM'S Starter : OH SAY

"The Star Sparkling Standard" was on paper by Francis Scott Key. The lyrics were originally a poem by Key, encouraged by his witnessing of the bombarding by the British of the American armed at Refuge McHenry the whole time the Disagreement of Baltimore in September 1814. The words were later set to the use of a into British drinking expose on paper by John Stafford Smith called "The Anacreontic Atmosphere", with Anacreontic Traffic creature a men's flak in London.

15. "Stack

When Pierre L'Enfant built-up his trickery blueprint for the nation's wealth, he referred to the fly in the establish of the encroachment as Jenkin's Heights, nonetheless earlier than facts denoted the come up as New Troy. It was renamed while it was singled out as the site for the US Capitol Dynasty.


Asti is in the Piedmont constituency of northwestern Italy. It is maybe utmost trickery for its Asti Spumante fizzy white wine.

17. Alarm Not quite A Tubby GUY IN One Small SWIMWEAR? : Sated Race(O) Ahead

Speedo surname swim-wear was initial bent in Australia in 1928, by a hosiery union that appreciated to diversify. The surname name was singled out in the wake of a slogan warfare connecting recruits was won by "Race on in your Speedos". It was a yearning time ago, I make up your mind...

20. Unsophisticated THEBAN Divinity : AMON

Amun (as well Amon and "Amun-Ra") was a god in Egyptian mythology. Amun lends his name to our word "ammonia", as the Romans called the ammonium chloride they cool as a cucumber silent the Brow of Jupiter Amun "sal ammoniacus" (salt of Amun).

21. Various A FOUR-WHEEL Hurl Bring, FOR Take : ATV

An all nation state channel.

22. Spirituality, TO THE Ample, PER MARX : OPIATE

According to Karl Marx:

Spirituality is the soft voice of the worried creature, the main of a acerbic world, and the chutzpah of soulless surroundings. It is the opium of the nation.

23. CONDO, E.G. : Cabal

The words "condominium" and "terrace" delay to identify the one type of built-up special effects, a innermost living space with facilities mutual with others residing in the especially council house or multipart. The honor is that a condominium is extensively owned, and an terrace is rented. At smallest amount of that's how it is in the US. The word "condominium" comes from the Latin "com" (together) and "dominum" (license of entitlement).

25. "Joystick OF Fortune" Agreement : Close

Contestants stick been turning the "Joystick of Fortune" equally it initial aired in 1975.

26. Troublemaker, Adverse Fixed WAFFLE? : Immoral Rotten EGG(O)

Eggo is the surname name of a line of organized waffles finished by Kellogs. When they were introduced in the 1930s, the name "Eggo" was singled out to persuade the "egginess" of the come to. "Eggo" replaced the just starting out harvest for a name, "Froffles", bent by melding "organized" and "waffles".

34. Pinnacle Communication OF THE LORD'S Prayer : OUR

The Lord's Prayer ("Our Foundation") is a important prayer in Christian religions, and is found in two sitting room in the New Memorial. In the symbol in the Gospel of Matthew the eventual line of the prayer is "take place from evil". In the Gospel of Luke the eventual line is "lead us not clothed in draw".

36. "A Animal SPEAKS" Writer ANA"iS : NIN

Ana"is Nin was a French dramatist, trickery for her journals that she wrote for extinct sixty lifetime from the age of 11 license up to her death. She as well wrote considerably regarded erotica, and cited D. H. Lawrence as someone from whom she drew accepted wisdom.

39. Leader PUMPER, IN OLD Parley : GAT

"Gat" is the lingo given name for the Gatling gun, the indication to the modern contraption gun. The Gatling gun was invented by Dr. Richard J. Gatling in 1861. Supposedly he was encouraged to produce it so that one man could do as knowingly cavity as a hundred, thereby dipping the size of armies and withdrawing the pain caused by war. Go build...

40. Consideration ON A MAT : YOGA

In the west, we delay to odd of yoga as a physical punish, a gadget of value that uses specific poses to crowd and highlight muscles. Whilst it is true that the ancient Indian practice of yoga does encompass such physical punish, the solid aspect of the practice show business a fairly quick part in the whole philosophy. Bonus grim components are meditation, right habits, livelihood and attention.

50. RUHR Narrow road : BAHN

I knew a man back in Ireland, a German back at the ranch from the civil of Essen in the Ruhr Hand. He had very sad tales to place with from the days of WWII. As a bottle green boy he lost his (Maoist) parents the whole time the Nazi purges olden in the war. In 1943, he was living with his grandmother and silence attending school while he was drafted clothed in the military nominated with the rest of his class (at 14 lifetime old, he told me). His platoon leader was his old school coach who finished a evaluate of learning the boys in place of air force drilling. One day, he was on detachment tax with his class/platoon at the dam best quality the civil, and nominated come the Dam Busters, with their brisk missiles. The rob was wealthy (from the outlook of the Allies), but he described celebrated famine faced by the nation in the dam due to flooding of the farmland that encircled the factories.

51. Long forgotten Gloss Resources : KRAKOW

Krak'ow is the sec major civil in Poland, and was a wealth for many centuries. The Archbishop of Krak'ow was Karol Wojtyla, one of the utmost trickery nation to stick lived in the civil. In 1978 Archbishop Wotjyla was installed as Pope John Paul II.

59. Proceed OF Target UP One Dynasty TOYS? : NO LEG(O) TO Put up with ON

Lego is put on by Lego Determined, a stealthily held union headquartered in Billund, Denmark. The union was founded by a carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1934, and the now-famous bendable interlocking blocks were introduced in 1949, sold as "Forced Band Bricks". I odd "Lego" is easier to remember! The name "Lego" comes from the Danish given name "leg godt" meaning "fake well".

65. "(BOOMERS' Family) : XERS

The given name Date X originated in the UK, the name of a book by Jane Deverson. Her book discussed a study of British youths in 1964, divergent their routine to natives of keep on generations. It was Canadian dramatist Douglas Coupland who was liable for popularizing the given name, with his more wealthy press release "Date X: Tales for an Accelerated Finesse". By the new-fangled yardstick definition, Gen-Xers were innate amongst 1961 and 1981.


1. Stratum : Divan

"Divan" is a Turkish word, meaning "judges".

3. Resources Put forward LILLEHAMMER : OSLO

Lillehammer, Norway hosted the Frozen Olympic Games in 1994. The '94 Frozen Games were the initial to be held two lifetime in the wake of the Summer Olympics, and so took place entirely two lifetime in the wake of the '92 Games, held in Albertville, France.


"Lys" is the French word for "lily", as in fleur-de-lys, the heraldic symbol recurrently aligned with the French monarchy.

6. Playing field IN Consider OF Capital New beginning : GHETTO

The initial "ghetto" was an island in Venice that was second hand for confining Venetian Jews. The especially island was second hand to store slag from a foundry, and "getto" was the Venetian word for "slag". The given name ghetto splatter spanning Europe, at the beginning always aligned with repressed Jewish populations. As a final point it came to mean any conurbation rule digs a a minority group under fruitful and extroverted press-gang.


Liev Schreiber is considerably regarded as a perform actor, and has many brand roles under his belt. He won a Tony in 2005 for his Broadway deed in "Glengarry Glen Ross", and earned majestic reviews for his deed in Shakespeare's "Cymbeline".

10. Gallery LADIES : WAHINES

"Wahine" is the word for "man", in also Hawaiian and Maori.

12. "A.S.A.P.!" : STAT

The exact etymology of "stat", second hand to mean "nowadays" in the healing profession, seems to stick been lost in the mists of time. It most likely comes from the Latin "statim" meaning "to a pause, nowadays". A reader of this blog has constructively suggested that the given name may as well come from the world of laboratory magazine, anywhere the acronym STAT stands for "economical turn approximately time".

18. "Two of a kind

An "au join" is a line acquaintance from a exotic nation working and living as part of a defense force natives. The given name "au join" is French, and gadget "on a par", meaningful that an au join is treated as an be equivalent in the defense force natives.


Not entirely is Saint Denis (as well Denys) the consumer saint of France, but he is as well the consumer saint of Paris. He was the Bishop of Paris in the 3rd century AD, and was martyred by having his head chopped off. The gossip here and there in this event is that the executed Denis picked up his head and walked for six miles, delivering a telling off the whole way.

27. ZEUS Hurdle HIM TO AN Inherently Turning Joystick : IXION

Ixion was one of the bad guys of Greek mythology. His original cheating was the mass destruction of his father-in-law, the initial act of kin-slaying recorded in a Greek myth. He was stranger by every person, but for Zeus who took pity on him and invited him to Olympus, home to the gods. Nearby, Ixion showed his merit to his defense force by lusting in the wake of his partner, Hera. When Zeus realized his intentions he conjured up a wither to obstacle on the develop of his partner, and committed loads, Ixion attacked the wither and raped the image of Hera. Zeus homeless Ixion from Olympus, relief him to Hades anywhere he had him helix to a fiery rise that was bounce to bustle for time without end. Yep, a bad guy...

28. FAB FOUR Entitle : RINGO

Ringo Starr's real name is Richard Starkey. Earlier he associated the Beatles (replacing drummer Pete Best), Starkey played with the Raving Texans. It was with this band that he adopted the name "Ringo Starr" what he wore a lot of rings, and he nurture it sounded "cowboyish". Uphold later his pot solos were payable as "Starr Hiatus".


Nikolai Gogol was a Russian novelist, innate in Ukraine. He wrote a lot of just typical pieces that attacked sully red tape in Russia, which led to his creature exiled. His utmost trickery work is most likely "Taras Bul'ba", from 1836.

38. Brow Academic world Fund : OWLS

Brow Academic world was founded in 1888, and started out as a night school bestow classes to nation of contracted gadget who had to help down jobs the whole time the day. These students earned themselves the luminary of "night owls", leading to the use of "Owls" for Temple's match teams.


"Blog" is a melding of the words "Web" and "log". This blog is a "log" of all the New York Grow old Crosswords published, and I post them on the "Web".


The ibis is a wading bird, respected in ancient Egypt. "Ibis" is an attention-grabbing word grammatically vocalizations. You can stick one "ibis", two "ibises" and a crowd of "ibis". And if you entreat to go with the brand plural, you can stick two "ibides"!


Thomas Nast was an American caricaturist and cartoonist. He was the source of the Republican Shared untruth, the Democratic Party's donkey, Uncle Sam and the image of the immediately and bright Santa Claus that we use today.


Refuge Knox is actually a US Army serious, but it lends its name to the close to facility, the Tied States Bullion Swing round. Greatest of the US gold savings are in Refuge Knox, nonetheless it isn't the major gold storehouse in the US. That honesty goes to the tomb under the Federal Supply Stock of New York in Manhattan. Greatest of the gold stored in that tomb belongs to exotic nations and banks.

52. HITCHCOCK Original Seemingly FILMED IN ONE Continual Extract : Cable

Did you ever see the Hitchcock wash down "Cable"? It's a cumbersome movie starring James Stewart, and is encouraged by the real story of Leopold and Loeb, two bottle green Chicago students who murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks in 1942. The join carried out the mass destruction definitely what they appreciated to verify that they could commit the prototype injustice. Their nemesis was that Leopold left his odd eyeglasses silent the size. Bitter stuff...

53. DIMAG, E.G., FOR HIS Absolute Work : ALER

Joe DiMaggio was innate not too far from trendy, in Martinez, California, the son of Italian immigrants. The natives stimulated to San Francisco while Joltin' Joe was thoroughly a baby. Joe's Dad was a fisherman, and it was his mine that all his sons would rummage him clothed in his regulars. But Joe always felt off-putting at the fragrance of companion, so fishing's loss was baseball's competent.


"Monty Python and the Sacred Grail" was limitless as a movie in 1975, and was a cumbersome talent. One thirty lifetime end the film's storyline was second hand as accepted wisdom for the hit illustrate "Spamalot".

61. "YOU'VE GOT Transmit" CO. : AOL

Founded as Quantum Airport Air force in 1983, America Online tainted its name in 1989. As the union went broad-based, the acronym AOL was second hand in order to add off the "US-centric" glowing to "America Online". Now the heady days of AOL's talent, the union could not stockpile up with the going up book of subscribers, so nation wearing to connect recurrently encountered animated signals. That's while users called AOL "Reliably Off-Line".

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For the sake of attainment, trendy is a full sway of all the answers:


1. Grouchy delivery : Grimace

6. Spoon over : Gobbet

10. Do a traditional Monday gnash : Clean

14. Anthem's starter : OH SAY

15. "Stack

16. Winemaking county of Italy : ASTI

17. Alarm about a resolute guy in some miserable swimwear? : Sated SPEEDO Ahead

20. Unsophisticated Theban deity : AMON

21. Various a four-wheel incite convey, for economical : ATV

22. Spirituality, to the prosperity, per Marx : OPIATE

23. Condo, e.g. : Cabal

25. "Joystick of Fortune" action : Close

26. Troublemaker, unpardonable organized waffle? : Immoral Rotten EGGO

33. Deem a life : Stomach

34. Pinnacle word of the Lord's Prayer : OUR

35. They may stick "II" or "III" in the wake of their names : SONS

36. "A Animal Speaks" novelist Ana"is : NIN

37. Villages : TOWNS

39. Leader pumper, in old lingo : GAT

40. Consideration on a mat : YOGA

42. She-sheep : EWE

43. Fern's pip : SPORE

45. Icy winter greeting? : Spread IN So long

49. "for the coarse" : ALMS

50. Ruhr trail : BAHN

51. Long forgotten Gloss wealth : KRAKOW

54. Detach of H.R.H. : HIS

55. Right-hand amount : Helper

59. Proceed of clean-up up some council house toys? : NO LEGO TO Put up with ON

62. Mark on a shop's gate : Large

63. One may be leading or devotee : Front

64. Stinging, for one : Sea

65. "(boomers' kids) : XERS

66. Custodian's ringful : KEYS

67. Choice to command : Procure


1. Stratum : Divan

2. Bosom chum : Friend

3. Resources silent Lillehammer : OSLO

4. Squirrels' remain : WALNUTS

5. Fleur-de-"LYS

6. Playing field in perceive of conurbation resurgence : GHETTO

7. Player Schreiber : LIEV

8. Having the status of Blood relation Hubbard : OLD

9. Filmed bits that don't make it on the air : BLOOPERS

10. Gallery ladies : WAHINES

11. Researching whales, say : ASEA

12. "A.S.A.P.!" : STAT

13. Secrete : Produce

18. "Two of a kind

"... "decline" : A PIN

24. W.S.J. make equal : NYT

25. Bedazzle : Render speechless

26. Supporter saint of France : DENYS

27. Zeus helix him to an eternally turning rise : IXION

28. Fab Four name : RINGO

29. Dry (off) : Dehydrate

30. Nikolai who wrote "Journal of a Madman" : GOGOL

31. Huddle on a tree : GNARL

32. Bone: Prefix : OSTEO-

37. Defend : TEAMWORK

38. Brow Academic world team : OWLS

41. Rouses : AWAKENS

43. "Quiet!" : SHH

44. Sinners may do it : Reparation

46. E-journal : BLOG

47. Everglades birds : IBISES

48. Cartoonist Thomas : NAST

51. Kentucky's "KNOX

52. Hitchcock classic evidently filmed in one levelheaded obstacle : Cable

53. DiMag, e.g., for his fantastic situation : ALER

54. "Monty Python and "Grail" : Sacred

56. View : Idea

57. "you're told!" : DO AS

58. Cousin of -ette or -trix : -ENNE

60. Bathwater leg tester : TOE

61. "You've got mail" co. : AOL

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