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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dandd Next Priesthoods Esoteric And Solemn

Dandd Next Priesthoods Esoteric And Solemn
In order to reach the band in my Aurikesh rivalry a smear of options real to the conventional, I put up with shaped two new "deities" for clerics to ballot at person manufactured goods, and one new spell (as I was complaining with the extant options in the playtest wrap). I place deities in orientation trajectory nearby not for example exhibit are no deities in Aurikesh, but for example ordination works a bit differently there: clergy (and symbols with the Holy woman tape and the Acolyte or Foretell Air of mystery Specialist specialties) are clerics of all five deities - the pantheon as a whole represents roles that every reverend may be called upon to pretense in the course of their service. Any arranged temple, on the other hand, is sanctified to virtuously one of the five deities, so that natives who solicit votes the benediction of a personal deity put up with a finicky place to go (repeatedly boss analogy a pilgrimage than a persuade down to the tight chapel).

I've ready this result for example a number of of the gods put up with some mysterious aspects, yet I do not bidding clerics to eat analogy they are in any way designed to crash with clerics of natives other deities, for the deities' sake. (Clerics can crash with one recent as a shrewdness of their own natures and motives desirable fine, thank you, but in Aurikesh they find it more accurately harder to telling off it on the gods they hand over.) Ultimately, it's a thought mock-up, but the gameplay letter is that Aurikesh clerics can and do "respend" their independence of deity - requiring most probably a day or two of prayer and ritual ablutions.

Special of the odd fabric about deities in Aurikesh (less significant to this post) is that such as two cultures jump at for the opening time, they invariably find that they use the extremely names for the extremely five gods, and ascetically arrangement on their aspects - even if their languages put up with not even one other word in womanhood. The "manifestation" of the gods is regarded as incontrovertible; the boss significant debates for the conventional are "whether" or "how" they destitution to be worshiped. This is a have power over shrewdness of the repeatable, supportable defeat of divine magic, in personal the "kinship" spell. I am not attempting to make any broader theological or member statements nearby - I desirable felt that it would be a full realm for gameplay.

DEITY: THE Abstruse

The Abstruse is a god of mystics, wizards, seers, wisdom-seekers, and astrologers. The god force broaden elucidation or sanity-destroying secrets, depending on whether the god is polite or scathing. The god is generally portrayed as article of advanced age, or a living thing who has surpassed the limits of demise, as a sign of the handling in the god's lore. Abstruse gods are very repeatedly associate with physical blindness leading to spiritual encouragement. They handling fortitude, solution, and style chief all else. Because faced with challenges that they cannot frankly live longer than or shun, the Abstruse repeatedly takes on an aspect of the Joker, teaching trustworthy lessons to the fate or exercising high point understanding.

Examples of the Abstruse inhibit Thoth of the Pharaonic pantheon, Hecate (and repeatedly Hermes) of the Hellenistic pantheon, Odin of the Norse and Germanic pantheons, Vecna and Ioun (as baton aspects) of the Greyhawk pantheon, and a whole list of Faerunian deities: Mystra, Oghma, Azuth, Deneir, and Savras. But, approach every deity has esoteric aspects, comprehended virtuously by natives who cotton on the god's mysteries; such a reverend force pull a academic of any deity who on the whole eschews the warrior-priest intellectual of other clerics.

As a enthusiast of an Abstruse god, your life is by a hair's breadth appreciable from that of a wizard, but your finicky practice of magic differs tenuously. Dabbling in bottomless magic is badly abnormal, but it is further not general. The explore to become specifically Perceptive, and broaden your wisdom in service to the world, is the greatest polite aura of this path. Others cotton on darker secrets, leading them on the road to lichdom and lunacy. The pledge of powerful secrets has been the move that a range of evil deities put up with untaken their staff - this is, on one occasion all, what is at gamble in the word occult.

Abstruse gods have to do with the expected concentration and an alignment with Law, but that is virtuously a phantom.

Separate SPELLS: You consistently put up with the subsequent to spells become hard, provided you are blameless to cast spells of the arranged level.

* Decline
* Presage
* Converse with Unexciting
* Foretelling
* Unaffected Seeing

Abstruse DISCIPLE: You make a +1 luxury to your Air of mystery Reach and Cash DC doctrine for all divine spells you cast.

AT-WILL SPELLS: Having the status of you put up with any 0th-level reverend spell become hard, you can cast it not including drinking a spell slot.


The Psychopomp is a god of death, the dead, the afterlife, ghosts, watchfulness, and (repeatedly) regeneration. (Note: I am nearby conflating the gods of the dead with psychopomps for skill of use. The mechanical fabric I would preserve to reach them are verge on identical now then.) The god harvests the living whose time has run out, transports the dead to their assigned slice of the afterlife, guards the category involving the lands of the living and the lands of the dead, bench the dead for their undertakings in life, and the analogy. The god is generally portrayed as a diluted develop (robed and dignity a chop), a raven, or recent fashion of scavenger; depictions of the god's deportment scale boss far, with some cultures depicting the god as scathing and others as gentle. The god doctrine thoughtfulness in all measures. In some luggage, the god may carry on free ghost varnished spells that give a face-lift the dead to life.

Examples of the (again, conflated) Psychopomp inhibit Anubis, Horus, and Osiris of the Pharaonic pantheon, Charon and Hades of the Hellenistic pantheon, Hel and Odin of the Norse pantheon, Arawn and Gwyn ap Nudd of the Welsh pantheon, Nerull of the Greyhawk pantheon, and Myrkul, Velsharoon, Cyric, and Kelemvor (variously) of the Faerunian pantheon.

As a enthusiast of a Psychopomp god, your life is assiduous on either moderation the passage featuring in death, gentle the survivors with your serious apparition, and assuring that the right dismal cremation are performed; or pliant the dead to your will, arresting armed of undeath, and (so to speak) recruiting for the armies of the dead. In unexceptional, the leading is boss socially sufficient. Various put forth the air of the leading, as obstinate shocking mathematics from the survivors and collecting all of the grave-treasures for themselves.

Psychopomp gods preserve to have to do with the thoughtfulness of alignment with Law, but this is too is virtuously a phantom.

Separate SPELLS: You consistently put up with the subsequent to spells become hard, provided you are blameless to cast spells of the arranged level.

* Learn Undead
* Sad
* Converse with Unexciting
* Thrashing Area
* Parapet of Prepare (see below)

Messenger OF THE PSYCHOPOMP: Because making Set rolls and indent rolls for necromancy spells, all rolls of 1 or 2 are treated as 3.

AT-WILL SPELLS: Having the status of you put up with auspices or spike of dependence become hard, you cast these spells not including drinking a spell slot.

Parapet OF Prepare

"5th-level necromancy"

Because you influence upon the powers of the dead, you can create a wall of bones that blocks the passage of enemies and turns the wrath of the dead upon them.

EFFECT: You create a wall of bones within 100 feet of you on a stiff air. You ballot to make the wall 30 feet inclination, 10 feet high, and 1 drop wide; or a circle that has a 10-foot radius and is 20 feet high. The wall lasts until your close attention is sporadic, but for no boss than 1 heavy. The wall laboriously obscures creatures put aside it.

One pitch of the wall, designate by you such as you cast this spell, deals 1d6 acute and 2d6 necrotic indent to each creature within 10 feet of that pitch. The wall deals this indent such as it appears, and a creature takes the indent such as it ends its turn within 10 feet of the wall's dire pitch. The other pitch of the wall deals no indent.

Creatures may not succession straightforward this wall not including estrangement a hole in it. Respectively five-foot-long and ten-foot-high fraction of wall has 40 hit points, and has exemption to acute and necrotic indent but vulnerability to holy indent. A creature who deals indent to the wall and ends its turn within 10 feet of the wall's dire pitch takes an overkill 2d6 necrotic indent.

If you create the wall on top of a creature, that creature neediness select on a Skill cost-conscious paddock or sketch 4d6 necrotic indent. On a defeat, the creature can move 5 feet so that it is not in the wall.