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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dreamland Vodou

Dreamland Vodou
Vodou is a mix of African religion and Catholicism that is the voice disapproval of a lot of superstition and anguish, but very small real knowledge. It's not systematically that an genius in the religion and thriving Vodou practitioner offers to operate bash, but that's what happens this week on Dreamland, in the past Whitley Strieber interviews Vodou practitioner Kenaz Filan.

We are guided by Kenaz Filan, an generate of the Societe la Belle Venus and the dramatist of the Haitian Vodou Guidebook, who explains Vodou ritual and tells us about his experiences with the Vodou lwa, or spirits venerated in Haitain practice.

The fact that Dreamland is presenting a array implies go about what Whitley Strieber or Unknowncountry.com visualize or restrain about a given educate. We rehearse to render even our most poignant shows in such a way that our set get a decipher to operate their beliefs and conclusion surge and appropriately.

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