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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tinguian Deities

Tinguian Deities
* Bagatulayan - The Perfect Because and Misfire of the world. He lives and system the outer space realm, directing its events.

* Kadaklan - Is a deity subordinate to Bagatulayan. He is a charming spirit who teaches the Tinguian how to pray, engender their crops, locality off evil spirits, and triumph bad omens and talk about sicknesses.

* Apadel or Kalagang - A deity who is renowned to be the custodian and dweller of the spirit-stones called pinaing which perform an critical veil in the spiritual world of the Tinguian. Of various sizes and shapes, the pinaing are frequently found in sports evident out as hallowed put down, systematically under old leaves, and are deemed to be the protectors of such places and of the creatures who live in the forests.

* Makaboteng (one who frightens) - A helpful spirit who dwells in the natural surrounding area, believed to be the custodian of the deer and the peculiar cattle.