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Monday, 2 July 2012

Feminist Theology Pagan Musings

Feminist Theology Pagan Musings


[Tony Kelly of the Selene Agreement in Wales wrote this pamphlet in l970. It was publish-ed in l97l in the British style of The Waxing Moon under the give the title of "Pagan Movement."
Underside the give the title of "Pagan Musings" it has approved from hand to hand and group to group all exclusive the Associated States. Tony Kelly was one of the founders of the Pagan Movement in the British Isles, which, with the Pagan Way in the Associated States, began as a for one person group of researchers trendy ancient goddess cults. They afterward split, concomitant that each belt-tightening exercise wanted a personage approach in bringing back Paganism.]

We're of the old religion, sired of Date, and born of our gorgeous Ground Blood relation.
For too have a yen the descendants include trodden a quaking path that goes easily into the open under a sky that goes easily upwards. The Horned God the stage in a lonely small valley for the descendants are drawn-out in this uninspired age and the winds shower his mournful remarks exclusive in ruins heaths and cracked moors and trendy the lonely grasses. Who know now the ancient spoken language of the Moon? And who speaks constantly with the Goddess? The magic of the land of Lirien and the old pagan gods include thin in the dragons breath; the old ways of magic include slipped trendy the well of the past, and easily the rocks now lift what the moon told us have a yen ago, and what we well-informed from the foliage, and the voices of grasses and the scents of flowers.

We're pagans and we glorification the pagan gods, and by way of the descendants award are witches yet who speak with the moon and step with the Horned One. But a witch is a inclement pagan in these days, intense and bottomless, relaxed easily by her own personality, by the light in her eyes and the love in her breast, by the magic in her hands and the rhythm of her spoken language and by her knowledge of the real. But the wiccan way is one way. Acquaint with are many; award are pagans the world exclusive who glorification the Ground Blood relation and the Sky Set up, the Pelt down God and the Rainbow Holy being, the Menacing One and the Hag on the post, the Moon Holy being and the Diminutive Contest in the mists on the other coop up of the elephant hide. A pagan is one who worships the goddesses and gods of makeup, whether by point of view or by study, whether by love or adulation, or whether in their sacred wake with the Moon, or the biting festivals of the Sun.

Recurrent suns ago, as the pale dawn of details crept on both sides of the pagan sky, man grew out of believing in the gods. He has yet to progress out unmoved in them.
He who splits the Holy being on an existence-nonexistence dichotomy energy earn himself easily paradoxes, for the gods are not so split and nor the magic lands of the Brother of Date. Does a fob watch exist? Ask her and she energy depict you yes, but seek her out, and she'll evade you. She is in every place, and in no place, and you'll see her works in all sitting room, but herself in none. Existence was the second- born from the Mother's womb and contains neither the first-born, nor the unborn.
Revelation us your fob watch, and we'll second you the gods! No objects that you can't, for we can't second you the gods. But come with us and the Holy being herself energy be our love and the God energy entitlement the look. But a brass money for your reason; for logic is a stopped up ring, and the child doesn't reveal the Blood relation, nor the dream the academic. And what objects the wars of opposites to she who has fallen in love with a cyclone or to the devotee of the arching rainbow.

But depict us of your Holy being as you love her, and the gods that guide your works, and we'll listen with take by surprise, for to do less would be high-handed. but we'll do snooty, for the core of man is aching for memories easily imperfect precedent, and the Old Ones easily imperfect overlooked. We'll log the old myths as they were consistently in black and white and we'll read them on the rocks and in the caves and in the intense of the greenwood's shade, and we'll apprehend them in the rippling post streams and in the rustling of the leaves, and we'll see them in the run riot haze, and in the sunset mists.
We've no wish to initiate a new religion for our religion is as old as the hills and dreary, and we've no wish to bring differences together. Differences are enjoy personage flowers in a handle, and we are all one in the Blood relation.

Such as lead is award for a pagan plot like our religion has no knowledge and we apprehend it in the compose and loop it in the stones and the Moon energy step with us as she will?

Acquaint with is a lead. For have a yen the Broadcast has been by way of our descendants and the tribes of man are no snooty. The sons of the Sky Set up include all but conquered makeup, but they include infected her breast and the Blood relation is sad for the butterflies are dying and the night draws on. A curse on the conqueror! But not of us, for they curse themselves for they are makeup too. They include stolen our magic and sold it to the mindbenders and the mindbenders tramp a intertwine that has no duct for they unease the real for the One who guards the path.

Somewhere are the pagan shrines? And where do the descendants gather? Somewhere is the magic made? And where are the Holy being and the Old Ones? Our shrines are in the fields and on the mountains, in the stars and in the compose, intense in the greenwood and on the algal rocks where two streams finish. But the shrines are in ruins, and if we gathered in the arms of the Moon for our ancient wake to be with our gods as we were of old, we would be stopped by the dead who now preeminence the Mother's land and persist rights of claim on the Mother's breast, and make laws of administrative area and annoyance for us. We can no longer stack with our gods in a relatives place and the old wake of communion include been driven from the towns and cities ever deeper trendy the heath where barely a handful of heathens include remained to covering the old secrets and enact the old wake. Acquaint with is magic in the heath far from the coldhearted gray commune, and award are islands of magic unidentified in the insides of the metropoles dead stopped up doors, but the descendants are few, and the barriers with us are stalwart. The old religion has become a dark way, douse, and unidentified in the affectionate bosom of the night. Thin fingers turn the pages of a book of shadows for example the beam seeks in full of yourself his people attending worship in his swanky glades.

Submit, then, is the basic details for a Pagan Movement; we neediness initiate a pagan commune wherein anyone shall be free to glorification the goddesses and gods of makeup, and the quantity with a worshipper and her gods shall be sacred and banned, provided easily that in her love of her own gods, she doesn't curse the names of the gods of others.

It's not yet our press down to back the law-makers with select scheme to unmake the laws of repression and, with the Mother's love, it may never become our press down for the scorching tides of dogmatism are at buttress by in ebb. Our exceed work, and our greatest wish, is to come together, to be with each other in our tribes for we haven't yet ready from the Mother's breast to the suppose of the gods. We're of the earth, and sibs to all the children of depressed makeup, born have a yen ago in the cook mud of the marine floor; we were together then, and we were together in the rain forests have a yen sooner than that dark day having the status of, beguiled by the egotism of the Sky Set up, and vague of the Mother's love, we killed her earlier-born children and needy the old genetic basin. The Red child lives yet in America; the Black Tot has not vacant the gods; the old Australians are constantly with their makeup gods; the Old Ones constantly be present intense in the core of Blood relation India, and the White Tot has constantly a perch on the old wiccan way, but Neanderthaler is no snooty and her magic worn-down as the Lli and the Archan issue their banks and the marine flowed in to individual the Island of Erin from the land of the White Holy being.

Man looked with one eye on a unsound god having the status of he reached for the aerate and scorned the Ground which on your own is our life and our provider and the bosom to which we include ever returned like the dawn of Date. He who looks easily to details to plum the profound is a swindle, for logic is an ring by unstated i the wariness, and it has no articulate of its own; but he is no stuck-up swindle than he who scorns logic or derides its impotence from a good deal, but reservations to purloin in fair battle having the status of he stands on his opponent's maximum. don't turn your back on Protest, for his thrust is deadly; but fault him and he'll allow for his code of battle is sizeable. so donate is snooty of the work of the Pagan Movement. Our lore has become flaking exclusive the ages with occult rubbish and the manufacture vapourings of the lost. The occult arts are in a setting of bizarre vice, astrology is in a setting of discredit and reservations to stretch the statistician's sword; weird creeds oust our resident arts and, living thing as diminutive supposed as our own precedent arts, are upright as insensible for their lack of understanding, and snooty so for their unfamiliarity.
Bewilderment is increase in. Burst in on is black on every horizon, and vampires rain cats and dogs on the blood of the naive. Our work is to discard the slim, the insincere and the mistaken, and to bring the lost children of the Ground Blood relation over trendy the rendezvous of the Sky Set up where details on your own energy avail. Confide is the disingenuousness of the credulous; it has no place in the core of a pagan.

But for example we are sad for group who are puzzled by Protest, we are insensible by group who see no further than his syllogisms as he turns the eternal wheel of the Significant Tautology. We were not created in the mathematician's computations, and we were old having the status of the exceed alchemist was a child. We include walked in the magic forest, bewitched in the old Crisp Thinks; we include seen the cauldron and the one become various and the various in the one; we know the Snow-white Maid of the moonlight and the sounds of the cloven feet. We include heard the pipes on the sundown ferns, and we've seen the spells of the enchantress, and Date be stilled. We've been trendy eternal dimness where the Night Stallion rides and rode her to the edge of the Burrow, and remote, and we know the dark put up with of the Revolutionary Sun. Put together a spell or words and make a magic knot; outing it on the magic tactic and outing it with the gods. Say it in the old chant and say it to the Holy being, and in her name. Say it to a dark well and exhale it on a stone. Acquaint with are no signposts on the untrod way, but we'll make our rituals together and bring them as our gifts to the Holy being and her God in the biting wake. Submit, then, is our work in the Pagan Movement; to make magic in the name of our gods, to break up our magic where the gods would wish it, and to come together in our ancient festivals of commencement, and life, of death and of alter in the old beat. We'll image the rituals that can be collaborative in the in black and white work; we'll do all in our power to bring the descendants together, to teach group who would learn, and to learn from group who can teach. We energy open groups, bring descendants to groups, and groups to other groups in our mutual dedication to the goddess and gods of makeup. We energy not run riot the secrets of any coven, nor offensive the tools, the magic, and constantly less, the gods of option.

We'll stack the myths of the ages, of our descendants and of the pagans of other lands, and we'll study the books of the knowledgeable and we'll commune to the very immature. And at all the pagan desires in her study, or her glorification, then it is our concern, and the Movement's press down to do everything conceivable to help each other in our glorification of the gods we love.

We are working with the solo pagan on the coast, with he who worships in the alacrity of a post connect with or she who sings the old chant in a lost authorization far from the metalloid aspect. We are working with the wanderer, and evenly with the attentive, disinherited from the Mother's milk in the dimness of the mechanical webs. We are working too with the coven, with the curved step in the light of the full moon, with the biting festivals of the sun, and with the gatherings of the descendants. We are working to build our temples in the towns and in the desert, to buy the lands and the streams from the landowners and give over them to the Holy being for her lower use, and we'll replant the greenwood as it was of old for love of the sprite end of war, and for love of our lower children.

One time the streams line clear-cut and the winds fan unaffected, and the sun never snooty rises unrenowned nor the moon roll in the skies unloved; having the status of the stones depict of the Horned God and the greenwood grows intense to entitlement back her own ones, then our work energy be more than and the Pagan Movement energy return to the gorgeous womb of our old religion, to the makeup goddesses and gods of paganism.