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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Practical Prosperity Magick The Natural Psychic And My Shop Of Witchery

Practical Prosperity Magick The Natural Psychic And My Shop Of Witchery
So long,

I realized that in the coil and pour of "Rational Strength Magick" coming out in 2 weeks, cessation up Win #16, and working on three other book projects, get on your way life in massive, I had not posted to my blog in a to the same degree.

Original news- "Rational Strength Magick" is hot off the presses and specter be boundless in two weeks! I established my advanced inventor copies and they glance over great!

The reviews control been exact and I am jubilant to start promoting this one! In two weeks I specter be appearing at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, and I specter be impart with plenty of copies so come on out sit in on my Pardon class on prosperity magick and come and get yourself a book. (As ever I specter equally control copies of all of my books and tarot deck, Witches Tarot, at my screened-off area on author's row for sale.)

For even more information on the Pagan Picnic click on the link! paganpicnic.org/

In other news... I heard back from my editor on the foundation meeting for my innovative non-witchcraft title- what I had been attentively referring to as "Win #16th" and the declare description specter now be "The Standard Psychic: Ellen Dugan's Middle Rule to the Second-sighted Realm".

I am happy with the book and can't elapse for you all to see it taking into consideration year. I know, I know... a year not permitted. As in a while as I get a concern top meeting I specter whole it of course. "The Standard Second-sighted" specter be boundless in Spring/ Summer 2015.

I persistent to let for myself really be creative this year and I opened an Etsy store this acceptably for my arts and witch-crafts. In vogue is the confederate so you can curb it out!


I control been having so noticeably fun with the shop and the items are business adore hotcakes! The vintage looking overformal signs are very voguish. In vogue is a whereas pieced together of a few of the witchy overformal signs that I control made up up!

That's correct, I make these for myself.

Each person one of these overformal signs I personal decorate, shape, anxiety and or relic, as well as heavy and in addition to I sign every one of them on the back!

In toting up to the fun overformal signs I equally operate wands, pentacles, bewitching nesting boxes, and Diverse Win of Shadows! The innovative one that I shaped sold in 2 report soft. So I am working on two even more. Each person changed book specter be one of a variety and unsurpassed.

To the moved out is a sip from one of the new book of shadows. They are wheel rigorous but I take pleasure in the jog and I control legendary topic pages such as; Gothic, witchy, vintage, botanical, Halloween, floral, manner and so forth. The changed books be of special concern to spells of my own design, as well as plenty of places for you to journal and write in your own favorite spells. www.etsy.com/shop/EllentheGardenWitch

I wish you take pleasure in your acceptably.

Fluky be, Ellen