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Monday, 20 August 2012

The Gods Of Atlantis

The Gods Of Atlantis
The control of researchers who undertake their time to the mystery of Atlantis come to come together that the kings and masters of Atlantis were the next gods of antiquity in Egypt, Greece, America and northern Europe. This lacquer is based on the privilege that the prehistoric tribes were so overflowing with stagger at the abilities of the Atlantean refugees that they regarded and known them as spirit. In Greek mythology, Zeus was the godfather of the third celestial cottage and the son of Cronus and Rhea. The Romans referred to him as Jupiter. He was the ideal ruler of Charger Olympus but couldn't tint ability. Zeus was be in charge of of the twelve Olympic gods, dividing the world among himself and his brothers Hades and Poseidon. Zeus ruled more the appearance, Hades was subject the underworld and Poseidon gained the sea. Zeus was nuptial to Hera who was mad at Zeus being of his a choice of love-affairs, some of which brought forth children, among them Heracles (Hercules) and Athena.

Poseidon, something else son of Rhea and Cronus, ruled more the sea and the subaquatic. Poseidon was referred to by the Romans as Neptune and maintained his disinterest from Zeus. Poseidon was nuptial to Amphitrite who was a nereid. Being the Athenians finished Athena their deity, Poseidon marine the city and the in this area land.

In Greek mythology, Chart was the son of Iapetus and the nymph Clymene, and was said to stand the world upon his shoulders. Being he fought in opposition to Zeus with the enormous divine Titans, he was finished to stand the soil as a reparation. Also, Chart distant involve more the divine fruit in the west, at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Some Greek sources communication that he was a ideal astronomer and as a result carries the firmament with the twelve (12) signs of the zodiac on his shoulders.

Gaia was the earth and ideal mother that gave birth to the sky god Uranus. Cronus, the youngest son of Gaia, castrated Uranus, and as a prompt nirvana and earth got estranged. The story about the border of nirvana and earth can equally be found in Asiatic mythology. Also, the bible includes an malformed mock-up of the creation of the world, as well as its monsoon with cataclysms and a huge widespread inundate. The writings of a choice of pattern philosophers get somebody involved records of stumped islands and continents. In one of his most significant writings, "Critias", "Plato reminds us that our earth has been witness to continual repeated cataclysms which on a regular basis go bust in a unembellished loss of society.

Homer (8th century BC), ahead to Solon and Plato, writes in his "Odyssey" about the islet of Scheria in the western subaquatic. Scheria was home of the Phaeacians who had temples the ramparts of which were adorned with ecological ore and the mouldings were finished of low steel. The city's middle was rooted by a encompassing wall and acquaint with were all sorts of fruit. Also, the city had two springs - no unreliability it was a booming land. In this troop of the "Odyssey" it is realistically whatsoever to mend the similes of the islet of Scheria with Atlantis. Past Odysseus came to the islet of the Phaeacians he was available locked up on the islet of Ogygia which belonged to Calypso, a son of Chart. It took an eighteen years tumble from this islet to Scheria. Recently, it was Poseidon, silent founder of Atlantis, who inflicted these rough voyages on him. Diodorus Siculus (100 BC) writes about a war relating the Amazons and a nation called "Atlantioi" that was positioned a scores of years tumble from Libya. This prevailing people was cleft among the sons of Uranus, the most significant among them time Cronus. And, Siculus news bulletin that this people was very booming and equally had useful climatic conditions. The people was named once Chart, the island's profile fence.

Crantor (330-275 BC) states that he saw the scrolls with the story of Atlantis. In bonus, he says that other ancient witnesses equally increase a deafening continent situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of the islet was named "Poseidonis" once Poseidon, the god of the sea and depositor of the Atlantic Ocean.

These unlike annotations team to resemble each other in abundant good wishes notwithstanding they have stubborn start. In the Mediterranean district, in ancient Egypt, in Mesoamerica, in Mesopotamia - all more the world myths and myths of a cavernous continent in the Atlantic Ocean are large blotch and plausable - properly as the yarn of Troy, as described by Homer in his "Odyssey", became archeological information. The very empty that Troy had been found and excavated by the sign German archaeologist Schliemann shows that acquaint with is vast truth in the same way as the ancient myths.

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