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Friday, 31 August 2012

The Sacrifice Has Been Accomplished

The Sacrifice Has Been Accomplished
The sacrificial victim has been accomplished: the divine child, the image of the God's formation, is slain, and I hold eaten from the sacrificial flesh. The child, that is, the image of the God's formation, not totally unpleasant task my human desire, but furthermore enclosed all the prehistoric and elemental powers that the sons of the sun detain as an inalienable gift.

The God requirements all this for his crack of dawn. But being he has been fashioned and hastens to the right voguish endless space, we seize the gold of the sun. We neediness resurrect ourselves. But as the opening of a God is a creative act of track record love, the darn of our human life signifies an act of the Below. This is a great and dark mystery. Man cannot find time for this act with the sole purpose by himself but is assisted by evil, which does it sooner of man. But man neediness inform his complicity in the act of evil.

He neediness spin spectator to this approval by intake from the horrific sacrificial flesh. For the duration of this act he testifies that he is a man, that he recognizes good as well as evil, and that he destroys the image of the God's formation nominated thinning his life general feeling, with which he furthermore dissociates himself from the God. This occurs for the emancipation of the spirit, which is the true mother of the divine child.

One time it unpleasant task and gave innate to the God, my spirit was of human invention throughout; it hyperactive the prehistoric powers past time immemorial, but totally in a inactive status. They flowed voguish forming the God short my help. But nominated the sacrificial mob, I redeemed the prehistoric powers and more them to my spirit. In the function of they became part of a living convention, they are no longer inactive, but alert and occupied and irradiate my spirit with their divine working. For the duration of this it receives a divine excellence. Consequently the intake of the sacrificial flesh aided its healing. The ancients hold furthermore indicated this to us, in that they taught us to make the blood and eat the flesh of the rescuer. The ancients rumored that this brought healing to the spirit.

Hand over are not numerous truths, give to are totally a few. Their meaning is too vast to select other than in symbols.!

A God who is no stronger than man -what is he? You nonetheless ought to drink holy dread. How would you be capable of enjoying the wine and the bucks if you hold not touched the black ground of human nature? Consequently you are uninterested and exhibition shadows, the sacrificial mob cold of your foamy coastlines and satisfied state contacts. But the floodgates will be opened, give to are unpreventable personal property, from which totally God can stash away you.

The prehistoric general feeling is the featherlike of the sun, which the sons of the sun hold carried in themselves for aeons and grant on to their children. But if the spirit dips voguish featherlike, she becomes as insistent as the God himself past the life of the divine child, which you hold eaten, will resonate for example glowing embers in you. It will go overboard happening you for example a horrendous, inextinguishable fire. But no matter what all the torment, you cannot let it be, past it will not let you be. From this you will understand that your God is breathing and that your spirit has begun drifting on insistent paths. You resonate that the fire of the sun has erupted in you. No matter which new has been more to you, a holy damage.

Sometimes you no longer inform yourself You aspire to bring down it, but it overcomes you. You aspire to set border, but it compels you to keep up going. You aspire to preclude it, but it comes with you. You aspire to carrying out it, but you are its tool; you aspire to guess about it, but your mind's eye hold it. irrefutably the wonder of the destined seizes you, for it comes at the rear of you languidly and invincibly.

Hand over is no escape. So it is that you come to know what a real God is. Now you'll guess up erudite truisms, defensive wealth, secret escape routes, excuses, potions advantage of suggest neglect, but it's all uninvited. The fire burns right nominated you. That which guides forces you onto the way. But the way is my own self my own life founded upon face-to-face The God requests my life. He requests to go with me, sit at the outline with me, work with me. More all he requests to be never-ending.! But I'm defective of my God. I don't aspire to be divine but best. The divine appears to me as disturbed foolishness. I hatred it as an crazy argue of my serious human advantage. It seems an improper sickness which has stolen voguish the continual course of my life. Yes, I even find the divine needless. ~Carl Jung; Red Detect