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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Theological Beliefspatterns Of Relationshipexperiences

Theological Beliefspatterns Of Relationshipexperiences
Entirely on the Dense Explore Blog Teo Bishop posted an entrance positing the give out - "To the same extent is your Pagan Theology?" I inner self endeavour to summarise my views and perspectives beneath.

The original end result I move to the give out is fresh give out - "Is my Theology on the whole or outstandingly Pagan? "

Intend from before etymological derivations (i.e. Gr. "pagus "meaning 'region/area') than overall explored (i.e. Latin "paganus "referring to a country or 'country-dweller'), I convoy a definition of in mint condition Pagan sensibilities as entity Place-centred and joined. This is necessarily far finer ominous to me as the essence of a definition than referring to the non-Abrahamic traditions or qualifying in mint condition (and earlier) Paganisms as record upon the uplifting and times of yore fix of Europe and the By means of East and these diasporas, racially (e.g. literature, mythology, etc.) and ethnically (groups of battle migrating). Is my Pagan Theology Place-centred? This brings me to one of the overarching elements of my theological understandings and perspectives - Story.

One of the utmost wounded parts of the Western collective brains is the place where Story hand-me-down to thrive and proliferate - where it hand-me-down to be impressive and honoured. To the same extent I mean by Story (and I be looking for the capitalisation) is the narratives (which are gooey and exact collected) which develop raw interaction. Positively to 're-Story' our cultures is, ideally, not to load no matter which weird and wonderful on to no matter which organic and happening, but to educe out from the raw immediacy of Being a robust and living Story (at the same time as, fathomless Stories) which is the brand new source from which we arrive. Each time we attach Story, and are inspired by Story, and are unquestionable to Story, theological nuances and particularities are subordinate to harsh vision, meeting with the Mysterious/Divine/Numinous/Sacred, and the synergy of interaction. In fact, the system of 'the Holy as no matter which which draws out from 'the propaganda and is huge ultra all becomes an estranging system - all is the Holy, the word, the system, is not attractive. Theology refers to Star, to these beings that worldly cultures concentrate on to as 'Gods and Goddesses'. Positively it (the putting away) presupposes more willingly a lot about the worldly testify and its invested interests.

If we study the times of yore and persistent mythologies of the range of worldly cultures we begin to obtain a recounting embellish. Persons omnipresent Drive referred to as no matter which finer ominous, type, and heavy in the anchoring/qualifying cosmologies are often Drive who ennoble worldly cultures. To the same extent I mean by this is that they are bringers of cultural ingenuity to the worldly parentage. Positively this makes it more willingly release why we warrant measure such beings to be blessed domestic who move been unexceptionally or magically syncretised with a powerful Courage of Standing, and maybe in the same way a titanic/giant call for, to become the commune of Story-Power necessarily strap to produce on the veil of and cogitate as a God/dess. (I inner self now use the gender-neutral or gender-full putting away holy being for the rest of this apply)

It may be more willingly sheer that I suppose, or am of the base, that portray are beings/spirits modest as Gods that do in fact perform in the Irredeemable Interval. This would be an truthful interpretation of the subtlety to what I move in print. Hitherto, if the give out is, do I assume in the duration of Gods, I would retort that it doesn't substance whether I do or not, I inner self deem with Them more to the point. This meeting with Them presupposes that I eat Them in my life - this is true. I in the same way deem with, attach, and move encounters with spirits and beings not classed as deity by worldly cultures or testify(s).

Am I film set polytheist or a beige polytheist? This give out in the same way has unimportant attitude to me these days. I am a Psychic, Sorcerer and Holy man - I am a Shaman and Witch. To the same extent does that mean for my interaction with the Spirits? It route, in my eat, that theological understandings and debates are of unimportant attitude to these interaction. Philosophical analyze and have a discussion can lead to harsh understanding and jolliness, and yet it rests on an theory (for tons) that the philosophical company or even interrogation after all represents the whole picture (trademarking may be dense), since in fact, it is an recitation company which does not end in absolutes (I know I am philosophising). Do I approve the 'aims' of philosophy leader theology? Potentially. Apparently.

Am I an atheist? It would be film set to roost this putting away with how I attach with the fathomless Spirits/Forces/Beings/Powers in the Irredeemable Interval. God is a place-holder word for me to concentrate on to any and all eat of nearness with 'the Wonderful. Each time I use the word angelic I am placing an emphasis on the mortal of Being and my reflections of and meeting with the Vocabulary of Being as innately and verifiably sacred, and from now of meaning farther proceed and class farther commodity.

Am I a pantheist? I produce that putting away more willingly positively - YES! All is God, and the All is populated by/with Gods and Drive, etc.

Am I an animist? YES! All possesses Unsophisticated Tendency whose air is consciousness. Consciousness to me is Mysterious, and I inner self not try to define it farther that.

Am I a panentheist? I find this a unsettling and unnecessary theological putting away. I scandal and sometimes despise the dichotomy of immanence and transcendence that some theology the stage with. If the Gift and Now is the Wonderful (immanent) after that where and since is not the Gift and Now? If I use the putting away superhuman I admiration "transcending what?" and I warrant in the same way gorge this by saying, "transcending fashionable anyway immanence."

To the same extent of Archetypes? Immense, general patterns/motifs (possessing omnipresent power) which delight or lay within the collective worldly consciousness and recuperate our eat of Being. Sure thing the Powers and Drive may change these avenues as access-ways to the worldly spirit and testify. Potentially they are all extensions or manifestations of each other. Generally-speaking, I suppose it is true to say that worldly beings are legally responsible to wondering about the Wonderful and entity exact to meeting with Star and the Drive. Possibly what Jungian psychologists and tons in the in mint condition Pagan footstep move called 'archetypes' are in fact chairs of omnipresent commune and fertility in the scope and vividness of Story and Register. Possibly these are the 'Houses' I concentrate on to at times with Idiom. Possibly Aphrodite, Ishtar, Kama and Freyja all living in the estate of (Astral) Venus'; maybe They all move Their Own chambers in which Their cults thrive and in which we arrive at' stopping at invocation? To the same extent if I invoked the whole Interior for a sorcerous working? Hm

To the same extent of the mortal of the Gods themselves, other than in company to humans and ennobling our cultures consider Athene with the new tree to the after that Athenians, or Lugh, the multi-talented one, who brought knack and honour to the People of Eriu/Ireland?

I move found spirit-work and my interaction with and absolutely dear, dedication and priesthood with and to reliable deities, to be full with mystery and flout. I move exposed that sometimes what I move found to be the embellish in my custody of a God's mortal to the highest degree contradicts itself and the self-aware consciousness of the entity reasserts its Sovereignty/Authority with me in a to the highest degree not like way than previous to on the ball. I move had experiences in which for tons get-up-and-go I had interacted with a state deity in ways that acknowledged the anchored essence of profile to be clear and reliable, and after that exposed that the deity is absolutely that deity leader portray, at smallest possible reasonable now, or by chance no matter which extremely of its strong mortal is entity revealed. I find that I join infinitely-deepening layers of uprightness since it comes to the Mysterious Ones. (http://wearewalkinginbeauty.org/Walking in Beauty/A Few Working Definitions.html)

To the same extent I ask of myself in all of this in demand investigate is shyness and honour. I'd love to obtain or coin a putting away that mad the qualities and in the same way synergy of shyness and 'honour' so that I might properly express what I mean by this. Am I monist? Do I eat that the All is all and sundry is Statue and God is the binding, all-pervasive Courage which dwells in All Things? Another time, the citation that philosophically portray is a prominence in the company of 'the Courage that dwells in All Information and all and sundry Information attach a Courage does not suffer water for me. I sometimes name God Hirself as Grandmother Weaver, as in my WildWood and Anderean Customs. I sometimes find it ominous to politically and socially propound female pronouns in order to puzzle, disorient and daunt the extraordinarily patriarchal over-culture fashionable detection and revisioning what the Time without end of God has been, can be and might be. Do I assume at all so heftily that it is unshakeable. No, I do not. Or by chance not? I class my experiences and my vision in them. I class the Immense Dearest I suppose which is the aspect of Riddle in my Conception. Let us nuisance about (and on tenterhooks with!) the Gods and Drive, yes; I in the same way consider dancing and intake with Them!

So, is my Theology Pagan? Is it Place-centred? I am Gift and I am Now, and portray are arcane peculiarities in the Standing I am in, as I am clear is true of the Standing You are in. I start Gift and Now in every forethought of consciousness, in every progress of thought. We are all arriving, all the time. The Altar is Gift. The Rotation is Ever. The Gods who are with me are with me. We twist and turn and admiration and the Story weaves on.

God/s Sanctify You.

*http://wildhunt.org/2013/04/crowdsourcing-pagan-theology.html (the brand new Dense Explore entrance by Teo Bishop).