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Monday, 22 March 2010

Christian Views On Magic

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African Witchcraft makes many claims to have pOWERFUL SOLUTIONS for everyday human problems. "Many of the practitioners of African Witchcraft claim to have African love spells, power spells and wealth spells."

As many people in Africa have an absolute belief in witchcraft and it's power, it is often very easy for FALSE PRACTITIONERS to make easy money from what is often a poor and uneducated group of people. Natural disasters and crop failures often require the intervention of a witch doctor - AND ALL AT A PRICE. Often the person will have to buy African charms"for protection or for love."

Whether you BELIEVE in African Witchcraft or not - you cannot ignore it - African spells and and African witchcraft are an integral part of African culture - be that in Africa or in other parts of the world like America. "It has a strong following and some dedicated practitioners. It also has has a very dark side" - and like any profitable business, a mafia like control is exorcised over resources and customers. The upsurge of body part murders is a testament to the profitable nature and absolute belief in this sometimes dark art or DARK MAGIC.

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