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Friday, 19 March 2010

Non Duality Magick And The Qabbalah

Non Duality Magick And The Qabbalah
I simply read a book review that Allogenes wrote up on his blog, "The Enchanting Messiah," which examined a book entitled "Advaita Vedanta: A Philosophical Repair" by Eliot Deutsch. I sway some knowledge of the Indian mystical philosophy called Vendanta, but I couldn't define what the fixed group of Advaita was and how it associated to the essential tradition. In order to wisely read in the course of Allogenes paper, I had to probe what Advaita Vendanta was, and that probe helped me to willpower a yearn for provision theme that I sway been mulling in the course of for numerous natural life. For instance Advaita Vendanta is a "living" tradition, that is, it is but time educated and clever in India, I found the whole belief of reconstructing it, or improved yet, mutating it so that it improved corresponds to a Western philosophic tilt, was troublesome at best, or vibrantly annoyed at extreme. I am ecstatic that Allogenes found this gesture to be sooner nauseous as well, because in order to master a tradition, one should become an sponsor and be spring up engrossed in it. Attempting to de-construct a living tradition would be a strict reliability even for a master of that tradition, not to consign a "fools" job for one outside of it. Meaningless to say, I lost receptivity in Eliot Deutsch's book due to its basic assumption, but I found for my part inquisitive in experienced supervisor about Advaita Vendanta. That receptivity led me to probing some webpages but I naked everything that spring up amazed me.

Above to making this probe, I had perceptive natural life ago that Vendanta was an Indian mystical defeatist system of some antiquity that sought after to have appreciation for the typeface of deity claim straight the disapprove. The care for lawsuit of Vendanta is founded upon the holy scriptures of the Upanishads, Bhadavad Gita and the Brahma Sutras. Vendanta moderately ruse in Sanscrit, the "fancy of the Vedas." Vendanta requires the practice and sphere of a instructor, and uses the mechanisms of mental sphere, ascetism, and the techniques of meditation and opinion. The footing of all wisdom and care for fluffy are to be found in the honorable interpretation and achievement of fixed passages in the elder named sacred texts.

Vendanta is a very care for road to realizing the Godhead, but it relies far supervisor on an primeval and a untrustworthy understanding of the typeface of that infinite deity, everyday as Brahman. The approximate second hand to ground that understanding was to stop what is everyday about the Godhead by a sense of care for reductionism. Vendanta can be summed up as the workings of experienced and realizing God straight the shooting of what it isn't as vile to what it is. This is exemplified straight the "neti neti Brahman" (not this, not that, is Brahman) road to the Godhead. In this posture, Vendanta is partnered to Mahayana Buddhism and excessively Taoism. In fact, some sway believed that the hint for Vendanta came from the ramification of Mahayana Buddhim on Indians who sought after to submit a flaw philosophy that was nicely beached in traditional Indian stanch culture.

Advaita is a fixed subsect of Vendanta, and believably the oldest and best everyday. It was founded by Shankara Bhagavadpada (Adi Shankara) sooner or later something like the at first half of the 9th century CE. Advaita ruse "non-duality," so this form of Vendanta was responsive with a basis defeatist opinion poll, which is whether or not display is a divergence in the midst of the Measureless Godhead (Brahman) and the qualities godhead (Atman). According to the tenets of Advaita Vendanta, display was no divergence in the midst of Brahma and Atman. To present yourself previous to (that the infinite and qualities godhead are disparate) is to commit the faux pas of duality. Like this, the best defeatist canon can be exact primitively as "Atman doesn't turn to liquid in the field of the unity of Brahman - it is everlastingly claim be level with, because Brahman should be non-dual and lacking attributes." Brahman is like this the unequaled infinite spirit - the One, the whole and the solitary actuality. It is the unspecified footing of everything spiritual, mental and physical. It is the footing of consciousness itself. Possibly the most little and total paper that I sway found on this issue is in Wikkipedia. You can read that paper for yourself, something like.

To the same degree spring up shocked me moment I was reading this paper is the testify "Atman doesn't turn to liquid in the field of the unity of Brahman." I was so astonished by this testify because it was vibrantly the underneath to a testify that I sway complete for my part numerous epoch on every occasion native tongue about an individual's Better Self or God/dess Stylish and the Measureless Godhead. I sway believed or understood that the Better Self dissolves in the field of the unity of the Godhead, or exists in a present yourself of destruction for the sake of the time of individualized personification. This, I sharp realized, was unconvinced. If I were a model of non-duality as the greatest present yourself of time (and I dodgy that am), furthermore it would sway to be true that display is no divergence in the midst of the Better Self and the greatest Godhead. They are one and the precise, therefore making each and every one of us a method participant in the typeface and time of the Godhead.

This achievement excessively makes a lot of wits in regards to the Qabbalah, because the highest attributes on the Tree of Period are the distrustful veils, on behalf of that aspect of the Deity which is the inscrutable and close Godhead from which all textile sway their origin, and I potency say, their return. It is the One that is the None, and this would determined with Advaita Vendanta, as well as Taoism, Mahayana Buddhism, Qabbalah, and other mystical traditions which sway sought after to accomplish and teach the typeface of non-duality.

The key to this delinquent is the testify that the Atman doesn't turn to liquid in the field of Brahman, or, the Better Self doesn't suspension in the field of the Quick Godhead. Exhibit are no differences in the midst of them; but the Quick Godhead functions as the close actuality, but everything overly is good a the theater wonderful, or what the adherents of Vendanta thoroughgoing Maya. For instance according to their philosophy, the close actuality should, by definition, be non-dual and non-material, furthermore the Godhead should, by definition, be the ground lawsuit for all actuality, whether spiritual, mental or physical. The true typeface of that non-dual footing should be underground and incoherent to all conscious beings, which is equivalent to what Plato believed in his dialogues - that we solitary state the shadows and enactment of light on the walls of the dip (and not the true actuality outside of the dip). This assumption is excessively found in the Qabbalah as well. (You can favor in the course of my paper about the mysteries of establishment espoused in the Qabbalah, which is found something like.)

Secular beings finish equal and build up the attributes for the Deity, or state it beached in mental models or divine images, even still it actually has no attributes mortal. This secular propensity for creating illusions for spiritual phenomena becomes collected and understandable to us as the forte of symbols, myths, spirits, deities and demigods; but it doesn't sway any actuality additional our own enclosed perceptions. It is a secular establishment that masks the real truth, yet it is excessively resolute, solid and useful, too. Also, if we have your home in a carve within the Quick Godhead, furthermore all of our perceptions of that Being arises from within us as a company of that qualities godhead called the Better Self or Atman. It is straight that workings that such beliefs that "God is celebration everything I do and judging me," or that surefire (or even all) "deeds in my life are caused by the hand of God" can be explained. This tilt is in particular secular, because it indicates that all of the population is skilled of sensing the Deity in a very overfriendly and method posture. Yet such statements would previous to be absurd lacking the condition that the Quick Godhead is non-dual.

We are, like this, a method and aggressive part of the Deity, whether we can either religiously state that meeting, perceive it straight our emotions in some posture, or overly it remains to us completely unrealized. If we sagging the context that the deity that we are flanked by to is straight our enclosed god aspect, furthermore we can believe a paying attention of exclusive method with what we storeroom is the Measureless Godhead. Monotheism can take care of the egoic wonderful (straight a misreading of its own theology) that the immanent sensibleness of the enclosed godhead is practically the same as with the exclusive Godhead. This causes a paying attention reversal that amplifies the location of the qualities or the stanch group, and it has led to all sorts of remarkable stanch persecutions and conflicts. The actual truth is good the underneath, because we partake of the infinite Godhead and interpret it straight our own qualities and enclosed boundary. We are the fashioned wonderful of this interconnected, assorted and non-dual face of Godhead, and not the other way something like. Disengaging the ego from stanch or mystical experiences is very resolute, and represents the at first trip to fleeting any form of spiritual meeting. (All of the saints in every form or group of monotheism sway complete this tilt amply promptly by promoting reticence and contemplative persistence.)

To the same degree this ruse is that the Measureless Godhead is the acme and solitary magician, attractive in unadulterated establishment (and destruction) for its own sake; but the true actuality is beached spring up in the field of its own time, and is found nowhere overly. This potency peal a bit uncertain or that it in some way negates the location and supremacy of the spiritual, conscious and physical seat of the qualities, yet this is not true. To the same degree is fashioned by the Measureless Godhead is done straight love (unity) and a equal adulation for all of the facets of that establishment. We are, like this, not a pointless face of an high-status Deity who is additional our achievement. Our probability is to accomplish this Measureless Godhead straight our own enclosed godhead. The approximate of achieving this probability the stage an resolute part in the conceptual express work of Theurgy, Ritual Magick and Religion, and convention how these elements work together to be sold for meaning and wisdom to the world that we living wage in. If the Measureless Godhead is the magician creating (and destroying) the seat, furthermore we are (still our qualities inner godhead) unruffled creating and destroying the seat. Previously we practice ritual or practical magick, we are emulating that sense straight our own microcosmic put together of establishment and decadence - the natural lead of everything.

Substitute belief that is basis to magick and non-duality is that the fusion of polarities, the merging straight the craftiness of spiritual love of the version masculine and female within ourselves, emulates the essential meeting of all time, and triggers, straight bliss, the achievement of our enclosed godhead, which is the Better Self or Atman. We road this greatest rigidity of selfhood in stages and in phases, but the pure act is but we discover the One within ourselves. This is the foundation for working magick straight a sense of spiritual alignment that leads to spiritual meeting. Theurgic magick promotes this hint, and so do separate forms of stanch holiness. They begin with the sense of mastering the diverse layers of company, and principally end with the without equal achievement of meeting with the Godhead.

These concepts that I sway attempted to demonstrate in my own enclosed way presume to be sooner contrary to the writings of Neoplatonism and of Western stanch philosophy. Christian theology maintains a powerful prominence in the midst of the Quick Godhead (as the trinity) and the qualities souls of the population, and this can excessively be found in Judaism and Islam as well. In my pristine readings of the defeatist tenets of Iamblichus, it would peal that even he maintains a prominence in the midst of the classes of spiritual beings, stating that secular souls cannot improve or find time for to the level of the Gods, but might solitary most likely sporadically extent to the subsequently level, that of angels. Although, my own experiences within the context of magickal phenomena would peal to determined with the Indian masters, that within the population appears to be an aspect of deity effective, and straight which the spiritual forte, as well as goddess, can become realized. In assuming the Godhead in the practice and work of ritual magick, I am, in the course of time, activating my own Atman or Better Self, which causes method and irretrievable spiritual transformations. That is how I define theurgic forms of magick, and that does presume to diverge from how Iamblichus has accurate theurgy. To the same degree was confused in my guesswork (which is far from prepared) was to define this sense in a posture that would deduce the duality of the Quick Godhead, and the God/dess Stylish.

So the key is that display is no divergence in the midst of the enclosed godhead and the exclusive Measureless Godhead. They are one and the same! That is a splendid paradox, and one that can never be place so yearn for as we living wage in a present yourself of duality and class. Only by resolving everything in the field of the One that is None incentive we factual accomplish the non-dual truth, that all is Godhead, and go fast overly is either real or true. At that moment of achievement, still, our qualities selves incentive end to animate, and the true actuality incentive be lately revealed. Until that time, we are fixed the reliability of completing the Fierce Make, while yearn for that takes.

Frater Barrabbas