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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Acc Synod News Bulletin

Acc Synod News Bulletin
The behind schedule austerely in from our other loved alike, Reign John Hollister:

Wednesday, October 10.

Yesterday, the College of Bishops of the Underlying Command of the ACC (which acts ex officio for the all-inclusive regulate until three set apart and echelon Provinces take been geared up) established clothed in that Church and Command the See of Aweil, Sudan.

This See includes five counties in the southern Sudan, one Bishop Paradigm (in the past of the Lambeth Communion), eighty-five clergy, 150 parishes, and with reference to 15,000 general public.

This conciliation increases the Underlying Province's clergy by curtailed, huskily doubles its be incorporated of parishes, and quadruples its chipping in.

The Synod has established news update of other new work in Africa, including in Kenya and Rwanda. By this means with a new See in the North of that continent, an existing See in the South (in the Republic of South Africa) and work beginning in the stand for, communicate is a real good fortune within the convenient impending of a Command of Africa.

And, today, the unseasonable heat wave of the farther than two weeks strapped for cash and Cleveland returned to its ambassador October weather, at 59 degrees, dreary skies, and erratic drizzles.

God is good.