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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Benjamin Button And The Babylon Gate Part Ii

Benjamin Button And The Babylon Gate Part Ii
So a long way away of the symbolism that I've deliberate director the being pertaining to this overarching esoteric tradition deals with reversal of time. Jim Marrs seemed to pleat up on these meme because he wrote Go By Slyness in reverse earthly order. And we've seen admiringly proof epitome narratives told in reverse time find irresistible Christopher Nolan's Reminder and Unyielding Sunshine of the Above suspicion Wits. And won over a load, The Reader, for which Ka-Hathor Winslet won her Oscar/Ausur, is also told in a benevolent of reverse time as well.

Induce as the Aerobics of the Gods, downgraded to saints in Elizabethan England

I was level bewildered by this aim until I traced the secret convergence tradition back through all of its permuations and corruptions to the Shemsu Hor, the powerful Egyptian priests of Heliopolis. I've come to see the Shemsu Hor as a benevolent of cargo cult, quaking to return their alight to the golden age of the Zep Tepi, wherever the gods ruled on Pulverized. While all, restoring divine leader is the trance of most of the world's principal religions as well, isn't it?

So as a rule the multiple Institution Ascribe nominations for The Astonishing Case of Benjamin Toggle, a tale about a man who ages hindmost, without an answer my attention. The epitome is based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald story and is directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Noise Circle), whose previous epitome was Zodiac, a epitome whose semiotic look cannot possibly be inflated.

I haven't yet seen this epitome, so all I can do is flavor at the complainant and the information about it on iMDb and Wikipedia. But for now, that's loads. Foremost, the trailer:

At 0:21 the count moves from 10:12 backwards to 10:11. Had it stimulated onward it would bring us to 10:13, which has earnest implications to the Templar tradition.

At 0:25 we see this child positioned on a stairwell, telltale his ascension. This is the mirror of the descending perfect beings we see in the Flight of stairs to Sirius tracing board.

Later than we see his first appearance by a black man, which is the contrary of the layer stained by the Black Madonna of Complex Catholic tradition.

At 0:33 we see Benjamin's proof baptism ceremony by the Black Madonna, which ties into the water symbolism we see in the region of the epitome.

At 0:51 we see Toggle now relax a flight of stairs and raid Tilda Swinton, whom we request be looking at in far upper opacity in the planned.

At 1:04 we guarantee Cate Blanchett's person and see other yet flight of steps in back her.

At 1:17 Benjamin and Blanchett's sexual association is metaphorically prefigured by a appear head-over-heels into the water on a full moonlit night.

In the epitome, Toggle is natural on 11/11, bucketing home the twinning aim we see in the legend. This is important in the context of the symbolism of reverse time in the Flight of stairs to Sirius, to the same extent Sirius is a twofold star presumption.

The cast in vogue is admiringly bad as well. You wolf Brad Pitt who was fawned director by the sycophants at the Oscar pre-show as the reigning Prince of Hollywood. Pitt's filmography is a semiotic gold dig, with films the in advance mentioned Se7en and Noise Circle.

Hollywood's tremendous Faerie Queene

His prime co-star is Ka-Hathor-Ein Eloah-Isis Blanchett, the intangible Elven Ruler of Hollywood, who played Ruler Eloah-Isis-Beth (the godmother of Cultivation, modern pop culture and Rosicrucianism) twofold. Blanchett's Oscar win was for other Ka-Hathor-Ein and her Oscar nomination for the variety of Bob Dylan gives her the essential genderless bonus points. And Blanchett's share out as psychic spy Irina Spalko in Indiana Jones and the Avow of the Semiprecious stone Come first stumped would be a load to put her at the top of every Synchromystics commotion list.

Along for supplementary the person behind in Benjamin Toggle was Taraji P. Henson, natural September 11, 1970 (17). Henson was astounding in Smokin' Aces, playing a butched-up custom contract killer whose lover was the bright Alicia Keys (aloof gate/door symbolism and Wonderland resonator). Her character's ensemble in CCoBB is played by Mahershalalhashbaz Ali of The 4400.

To boot playing Button's love interests in the epitome are Elle Fanning, who was so overpowering in the must-see The Nines, and the former Tilda Swinton, who you'll I assume get woozy of experiment about in the near planned more or less in vogue.

But Pitt and Blanchett are the main attraction. But to the same extent we've been looking at the Oscars in the context of the Babylon Entry - meaning the terrace through which man reconnects with the gods - is expound any symbolism in this casting that points back to this motif?

Why, wouldn't you know it, genuinely expound is. You see, the situate time we saw Pitt and Blanchett together was in this epitome....