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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Norse Shamansim Workshop With Prudence This Saturday

Norse Shamansim Workshop With Prudence This Saturday
This is a shameless publicity for a couple of workshops at Le M'elange Magique this Saturday by an hugely up to date guest instructor.

On Saturday May 28th, Prudence Parson from California order be benevolent two workshops:

Amber & Jet Saturday May 28th at 12-2PM 15 per person

Nordic Shamanism Saturday May 28th at 3-5PM 25 per person

Reliable of you met Prudence and her fabled amber this considering weekend at Gaia Congress. I don't assume her bio in effrontery of me, but for people of you who don't know Prudence, she is a wealth of information and has been operator in the Craft/Paganism what the 1970s. She is an greater in COG, a founder of the American Vinland Group, and was in action in the to the fore days of the Asatru Union and the Resonate of Troth. Critically, don't miss these!

Over information is in vogue. Or support the store (514-938-1458) to stockpile your space.

Reference: pagan-space.blogspot.com