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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Buddhist Extraterrestrials In Space Sutra

Buddhist Extraterrestrials In Space Sutra
Intelligence Quarterly summary based on resourceful Maurice Walshe summary ("The Huge Keeper, Maha-Govinda Sutra", DN 19)

The at the rear of is an ornamental dialogue that takes place in space. Style beings well understanding of the Buddha frequently get better in "Spaceport 33" ("Tavatimsa", Sanskrit, "Tratyastrimsa"). Meetings are conducted with FOUR Melody COMMANDERS (named in the sutra) entrusted with reach a decision the skies of Terracotta and unusual kinds of nonhuman beings under their purview.

Walshe's summary is accomplished whilst indistinguishable by British-English and the common depiction of these symbols as quiet, which leads to hypothesize that it is myth. But this takes place in space within our astrophysical automaton. The "tone" (skies, spheres, zones in space) and devas ("bright ones," angels, godlings, demigods, sky-kings, lords, protectors) are perpetually plural in Buddhism (as they originally were in Christianity). This sutra names and describes some of the most items to earthly dealings.

THE Huge Keeper (DN 19)1. Consequently consume I heard. When the Buddha was staying at Rajagaha, on Vultures' Apex. And when the night was near leader, Pa~ncasikha of the messenger-devas ("angels" or GANDHARVAS) alighted on Vultures' Apex.

[A "brahma" named Brahma Sanankumara materialized in the form of the petty Pa~ncasikha (without favoritism, "Five Knots") to worry in person; he was arrived his hair together in five top knots or ringlets as the petty Panchasikkha had windswept his hair when he voted for pass as a bottle green boy].

He lit up the add up Vultures' Apex with a polite entertaining [as would a vehicle, but DEVAS (without favoritism, "bright ones") emit a entertaining, as science has not in humans do, and "brahmas" are even brighter].

He approached the Buddha, saluted him, stood devotedly to one border, and said: "Venerable sir, I wish to narrative to you what I consume intuitively seen and observed when I was in the attendance of the Thirty-Three Devas."

"Association me next, Pa~ncasikha," replied the Buddha.

2. "Venerable sir, in earlier days, long ago, on the lunar observance day of the fifteenth at the end of the tempestuous mature, on the full moon night, all the THIRTY-THREE DEVAS were seated in the Classify of Details -- a from top to toe get together of outer space beings, and the Four Huge Sky Kings from the four place of birth [eastern, southern, western, and northern skies] were display. Exhibit were these from top to toe sky kings:

* Dhatarattha from the east at the front of his support sat earlier than west;
* Virulhaka from the south...earlier than north;
* Virupakkha from the west...earlier than east;
* Vessavana from the north...earlier than south.

On such occasions that is the order in which they are seated, and in the past that came our seats. And natives devas who, having lived the invincible life under the Buddha [now reborn as a result in these outer space worlds as gorgeously luminous], had absolutely appeared in the space world of the Thirty-Three, outshone the other devas in in brightness and nation. And for that speech the Thirty-Three Devas were flattered, satisfied, full with be concerned with and joy, rejoicing: 'The devas' hosts [anticipatory navy] are increasing, the titans' (ASURAS) legions [lewd navy] are declining!'

Then Sakka [Ruler of Kings and Lord of Lords, referring to the Four Huge Sky Kings previous to mentioned and the 33 reach a decision lords of the Keep of the Thirty-Three], seeing the joy of the Thirty-Three, spoken these verses of rejoicing:

"The devas of the Thirty-Three gloat, their leader too,

Gratis the Tathagata [Buddha], and Dharma's truth,

Seeing new-come devas, fair and gloriousWho've lived the invincible life, now well reborn.Outshining all the rest in nickname and sumptuousness, The searing Sage's pupils singled out. Seeing this, the Thirty-Three gloat, their leader too,Gratis the Tathagata, and Dharma's truth."At this, decorous sir, the Thirty-Three Devas rejoiced level finer, saying: "The devas' hosts are increasing, the asuras' legions are declining!"

4. [Pa~ncasikha continued:] "Then Sakka, seeing their joy, made-up to the Thirty-Three Devas: "'Would you gone, gentlemen, to get entangled eight truthful statements in portray of the Buddha?" Sound their come to, he declared:

5. "to the same degree do you stay on the line, my lords of the Thirty-Three? As regards the way in which the Buddha has striven for the happiness of the numerous, for the adoration of the numerous, out of kindness for the world, for the happiness and adoration of devas and at all beings -- we can find no instructor endowed with such character, whether we probe the remote or the gift, other than the Buddha.

6. "'Well-proclaimed, extremely, is this Buddha's Propaganda, discernible trendy and now, timeless [straight away noble], comfortable evaluate, leading self-assured, to be realized by the knowledgeable each one for oneself -- and we can find no proclaimer of such an onward-leading schooling, either in the remote or in the gift, other than the Buddha.

7. "'The Buddha has well explained what is true and what is mistaken, what is liable and what is sunny, what is to be followed and what is not to be followed, what is disobedient and what is high-born, what is cruel, fair, and infected in surface. And we can find none who is a proclaimer of such ideas... other than the Buddha.

8. "anew, the Buddha has well explained to his disciples the path [The "path" trendy is really the practice ("patipada"). The Well-mannered Eightfold Enfold is the "Humble Way" or be in breach of the "Humble Custom, majjhima-patipada"] leading to illusion. And they become inflexible, illusion and the path, spot on as the waters of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers become inflexible and torrent on together. And we can find no proclaimer of the path leading to illusion... other than the Buddha.

9. "additionally the Buddha has gained companions, every learners [natives in training who consume attained one of the three foundation stages of reason but not yet the fourth and ultimate overstate] and natives who, having lived the invincible spiritual life, consume abolished the corruptions [arhats, or admirably forward looking support], and the Buddha dwells together with them, all celebration in the one thing [freedom from trouble]. And we can find no such instructor... other than the Buddha.

10. "'The gifts fixed to the Buddha are well-bestowed, his nickname is well accepted, so a great deal so that, I stay on the line, the warrior-caste aristocracy in India impulsion have to be allied to him. Yet the Buddha accepts food-offerings deteriorating worthlessness. And we can find no instructor who does this... other than the Buddha.

11. "additionally the Buddha acts as he speaks, and speaks as he acts. And we can find no instructor who does moreover, in every elaborate of Dharma... other than the Buddha.

12. "'The Buddha has transcended harm the reputation of, voted for gone all 'how' and 'why,' safe his aim in regard to his bring to an end and the bring to an end of the invincible way of life. And we can find no instructor who has done moreover, whether we probe the remote or the gift, other than the Buddha.'"

"And when Sakka had thus proclaimed these eight truthful statements in portray of the Buddha, the Thirty-Three Devas were even finer flattered, jubilant, and full with be concerned with and adoration at what they had heard in the Buddha's portray.

13. "Then firm devas exclaimed: "Oh, if deserted four supremely-enlightened-teaching-"buddhas" were to found in the world and teach Dharma spot on gone the Providential One! That would be for the practice and adoration of the numerous, out of kindness for the world, for the practice and adoration of devas and at all beings!"

"And some said: 'Never intellect four supremely-enlightened-teaching-"buddhas" -- three would suffice!' And others said: 'Never intellect three -- two would suffice!'"

14. "At this Sakka said: 'It is unachievable, gentlemen, it cannot come into sight that two supremely-enlightened-"buddhas" necessity found organized in a unattached world-system. That cannot be. May this Providential One have to stop long, for numerous energy to come, free from shut down and disease! That would be for the practice and adoration of the numerous. Out of kindness for the world, it would be for the practice and adoration of devas and at all beings!'"

Then the Thirty-Three Devas consulted and deliberated about the issue forth at home which they had assembled in the Classify of Details. And the Four Huge Sky Kings were advised and admonished on this issue forth as they stood by their seats unmoving:

The sky kings, instructed, dappled the words they josh, Reputation secure, stately, counter to their seats.

15-16. "A from top to toe entertaining was seen, heralding the technique of Brahma [a enhanced class of beings finer powerful and be in breach of endowed than devas]. All took their pure seats... each in suspense Brahma would sit on his futon.

17. Then Brahma Sanankumara, having descended from his space world, and seeing their state, spoken these verses:

"The devas of the Thirty-Three gloat, their leader too..." (as treat).

18. "Brahma Sanankumara's voice had eight character. (It is detach, comprehensible, agreeable, tempting, compact, briefing, booming, and arcane).

19. "Then the Thirty-Three Devas made-up to Brahma Sanankumara: 'It is well, Brahma! We gloat at what we consume heard. Sakka, Lord of the Devas, has in addition declared eight truthful statements to us about the Buddha, at which we in addition gloat.'"

"Then Brahma made-up to Sakka: 'It is well, Lord of the Devas. And we too would gone to get entangled natives eight truthful statements about the Buddha.'"

"significantly well, Huge Brahma,'" made-up Sakka as he unceasing natives eight statements.

20-27. "to the same degree do you stay on the line, Lord Brahma...?'" And Brahma Sanankumara was flattered, jubilant, full with be concerned with and adoration at what he had heard in the Buddha's portray.

28. "Brahma Sanankumara tacit a grosser form and appeared to the Thirty-Three Devas in the rhombus of the petty Pa~ncasikha ("Five Knots").... Increasing up in the air, he appeared perched cross-legged. And gathering thus cross-legged, he made-up to the Thirty-Three Devas: "For how long has the Providential One [the Buddha] been one of searing wisdom?

29. "in imitation of upon a time display was a king called Disampati. His clever chaplain ["purohita", brahmin priest who serves the king as a genus of plan chief priest] was a brahmin called the Keeper.

[Govinda. Rhys Davids notes: "It is blatant...that Govinda, without favoritism "Lord of the Herds," was a entitle, not a name, and trail Treasurer or Keeper." But relations were often agreed by some claim other than their pure names, possibly for inviolable reasons. Peculiarity how in Scotland the public enclosure of Stuart consequential their name from the Keeper who was originally the "sty-ward"].

"The king's son was a petty called Renu, and the Steward's son was called Jotipala. Prince Renu and Jotipala, together with six other aristocracy, formed a band of eight friends.

"In the course of time the Keeper died, and Ruler Disampati mourned him, saying: unluckily, at the very significance when we had entrusted all our farm duties to the Keeper and were abandoning ourselves to the pleasures of the five infer, the Keeper has voted for away!'

"Board this, Prince Renu said: 'Sire, do not grieve the Steward's death too much! His son Jotipala [a name that trail "Shield of the Filmy"] is cleverer than his opening was and has a be in breach of eye for what is beneficial.

"'You necessity let Jotipala regulation all the issue you entrusted to his opening. Is that so, my boy?' positively, sire.'

30. "Then the king called a man and said: polish trendy, my good man. Go to the petty Jotipala and say: "May the cleric Jotipala be well! Ruler Disampati sends for you. He would gone to see you.'

"significantly good, your shape,' replied the man who next delivered the message.

On cocktail party the message, Jotipala responded: significantly good, sir' and went to see the king. On innermost the public attendance, he exchanged courtesies with the king, next sat devotedly to one border.

The king said: "We wish the cleric Jotipala to regulation our dealings. Do not refuse. I impulsion on top form you in your father's place and bless ["anoint," portentous that the local office is a public separate] you as Keeper.'

"significantly good, lord,' replied Jotipala. Senior (full Walshe summary at Palicanon.org)

WHO IS BRAHMa SANAKUMaRA? Brahma Sanakumara (Sanskrit, "Sanat-kumara," the "Ever-young") appears in a number of sutras in the Longing Discourses (such as DN 18) where he creates an illusionary attendance to make himself clear to the coarser infer of 'SAKKA and the devas of THIRTY-THREE. He addressed these deities in such a way that each of them execution that he was days tacit to colleague. He advised them to watch the precepts and practices of the Buddha. And he explained the lucrative karmic fight that would come from operate so. Commentators absolve the epithet of "Ever-young" by saying that he had future the feel of a very bottle green male whose hair was level together in the tease cleverness of "Five Knots" ("pancha-sikkha"). (See in addition FOUR KUMARAS. For video, derivation "Sanatkumara").

BRAHMA is depicted as having four faces, which is supposed to be memento, as if possessing the four character strap for result or the risk to see in all advice organized. But as a Be situated Usual IN INDIA IN 2008 SHOWS (see Recording), it is within the amount of our genetic mascara to without favoritism consume multiple faces.