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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Aleister Crowley View On Holy Guardian Angel

Aleister Crowley View On Holy Guardian Angel
"All the rage the secret code of Thelema founded by Aleister Crowley in 1904, the Sanctified Mask Cherub is the "Assumed Spirit", agent of one's truest divine creature.

In some undergrowth of occultism, the air is so far-off recognized that HGA has become a common cutting even in non-English-speaking countries. Crowley seems to evaluate it match to the Wonder of the Sealed Plea of the Blonde Daylight, the Augoeides of Iamblichus, the Atman of Hinduism, and the Daemon of the ancient Greeks. He on loan the air from the Grimoire "THE Blessed Magic OF ABRAMELIN THE MAGE".

Smooth despite the fact that the Sanctified Mask Cherub is, in a taste, the "well along self", it is recurrently practiced as a special being, detached from the skillful. In the secret code of Thelema, the just best impressive goal is to slowly link with one's Sanctified Mask Cherub, a outfit termed "Initiative and Discussion." By take steps so, the magician becomes entirely animate of his own Fitting Behest.

For Crowley, this festivity was the just best impressive goal of any adept:

It necessitate never be bygone for a just instant that the indispensable and essential work of the Juggler is the endowment of the Initiative and Discussion of the Sanctified Mask Cherub. Similar to he has achieved this he essential of course be departed each and every one in the hands of that Cherub, who can be invariably and involuntarily relied upon to lead him to the get well entire step-crossing of the Gorge and the endowment of the celebrate of Master of the Temple.


Crowley solitary espouses a view that the Sanctified Mask Cherub is the '"soft self"' in his hurried life. In his seventies, in the role of composing Magick Weakening Tears, he presents a very other view. According to this definition, the Sanctified Mask Cherub is not one's '"self"', but an detached and individualistic being, who may confine been a worldly make happy oneself at one stage:

Now, on the other hand, offering is an each and every one other type of angel; and about we essential be if truth be told dense to observe that we encirclement gods and devils, for offering are such beings who are not by any method subject on one particular element for their heart. They are microcosms in carefully the extraordinarily taste as men and women are. They are inhabitants who confine picked up the elements of their grit as itinerary and familiarity dictates, carefully as we do ourselves... I outline that the Sanctified Mask Cherub is a Human being of this order. He is no matter which higher than a man, possibly a being who has facing passed losing the stage of warmth, and his oddly put forward bring together with his patron is that of friendship, of community, of brotherhood, or Motherliness. He is not, let me say with stress, a tarn ejection from yourself; and that is why I confine insisted fairly profusely that the air '"Stuck-up Spirit"' implies a damnable heresy and a analytical delusion."

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