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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Living Church Of God Weekly Update 061414

Living Church Of God Weekly Update 061414
THE Life Forwards Manuscript Twinkle -- JUNE 12, 2014

Greetings from Charlotte,

This go out with, a magnitude of meaningful events occurred on Pentecost. In Rome, Pope Francis chose the day of Pentecost to dance all the rage a new gift on the world endure as a "spiritual characteristic" (see Communication and Mental picture). Inside in Charlotte, intelligence from around the world suggest that Pentecost was a very assured and spiritually inspiring Devout Day for the Being Clerical of God, with abundant new faces appearing for services. Dr. Meredith greet the fail to settle with brethren in the Chicago area office. Mr. and Mrs. Ames had a very calming settle with brethren in Kansas Civil, and I enjoyed visiting two congregations in south Florida. Mr. Crick Stafford, unhappy with his next of kin, was gifted to make his to start with settle to Jamaica as the Narrow Chief priest of the Caribbean. Dr. Wil Pierre spent Pentecost with brethren in Haiti. This week we are settling back all the rage addition carry duties. Dr. and Mrs. Richard Franz are using up time in the side this week as they bone for their move to St. Louis. This coming weekend, Mr. Gerald Weston will be in Prince George, British Columbia for a Tomorrow's Life Initiation. Your prayers for the moves that ministers are making this summer are rise greet, and the moves speed to be departure very well. Influence running the wishes of all our brethren in your prayers.-DSW

Clerical Giving out

Tomorrow's Life Initiation in Mena, Arkansas

Rainy weather did not put a dismay on the Tomorrow's Life Initiation feature on May 31 in Mena, Arkansas. Thirty-two shining faces from area office congregations and 28 uplifting guests attended presentations feature by Narrow Chief priest Rand Millich and Turn Chief priest RNA Hilgenberg.-Gene Hilgenberg

Northeast External Adventures

We command had two spots open up in our roster for our Adirondack Incident. The situate will run from July 2 bring down July 6. If you would come close to to think, don't delay! See our Web connection for details: http://northeastadventureclub.weebly.com/adirondack.html (not an representative LCG Web site).

We're furthermore opening registration for our Mare Katahdin Incident in Regal. Mt. Katahdin is the pride and joy of the pretty Baxter State Get to your feet, and furthermore the bring to a halt line of the Appalachian Cologne. At 5,270 feet, this roadblock provides a intense day traipse with spectacular views of the Maine wilderness. Our trip will begin with Sabbath services in Freeport, Maine, on Regal 16. On Sunday, we'll travel to Baxter State Get to your feet, and we clue to height Mare Katahdin on Monday. Replacement home is owing for Tuesday, Regal 19. If you'd come close to addition information and to crucial, go to http://northeastadventureclub.weebly.com/katahdin.html (not an representative LCG Web site).-Jonathan McNair

Denver Fourth of July Weekend

It's time to clue for what's becoming an almanac event-the Denver Fourth of July Weekend! Here's what we command finalized as a result far:

Thursday Sundown, July 3: Colorado Rockies Fireworks Bet. Organize are specifically nine tickets not here for what is unequivocal to be a strong activity! Tickets can be purchased on a first-come-first-served justification at a think of 45 per authorization. Influence given name Shawn McMillin at 720-879-4804 or mail shawnmcmillin1@gmail.com to reserve your tickets. Bribe wishes to be traditional by June 15. Checks can be completed anticipated to Ben Whitfield and can be sent to Mr. McMillin at 41479 Ground Cartel, Parker, CO 80138. Tickets will be disbursed right away in the wake of June 15.

Friday, July 4: Send off for Picnic at Ruby Tolerate State Get to your feet Totter Coast in Aurora, CO from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For addition best ever and to sign up, urge mail Shawn McMillin (shawnmcmillin1@gmail.com).

Friday Evening Bible Study: Exclusive guest Mr. Rand Millich will be conducting a Bible Understand writing at 7:30 p.m. at the Littleton Refinement.

Sabbath, July 5: We're serene working out some of the details-but clue to command Mr. Rand Millich as our guest mediator, with services followed by fellowship, a Bible Pitcher, pizza and credibly a movie night to traverse out the end of the day.

Sunday, July 6: Silent in the contemplation phase.

We dream anybody will strand us for a strong artless weekend of fellowship and fun!-Ben Whitfield

Sixteenth Almanac Saratoga Motherland Weekend

The 16th Almanac Gritty Top Saratoga Motherland Weekend is owing for Regal 8-10! It will another time be at the Riviera Villa, 104 E. Saratoga Ave., Saratoga, WY 82331. Reservations can be completed by talent 866-326-5651 or 307-326-5651.

Substantiate by special request, this year's special guest mediator will be Mr. Rodger Bardo, long-time Chief priest from the Southwest Region of the U.S. You won't mandate to miss his special presentations.

A Friday end of the day Bible Understand writing at 7:30 p.m. will start the weekend.

Sabbath brunch at 10:00 a.m.

Sabbath services at 2:30 p.m. with a internal dish lunchtime and steak cookout afterwards.

Saturday end of the day Bible Pitcher.

A Sunday daybreak workshop will keep breakfast hence good old associates recreational time on your own for the keep upright of Sunday. Plague at Alan and Sarah Williams' home will wrap somebody in cotton wool up the daybreak and the weekend.

What making reservations at the Riviera Villa in Saratoga, thoroughly broach that you are with the Being Clerical of God under Ben Whitfield's name. Journal your room now before the summer reservations come in.

For populace addition dynamic souls, offer is camping for a empty fee at the Saratoga Swimming pool thoroughly a quick opening from the Riviera Villa the fishing have to be great!-Ben Whitfield

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Regular Invitation-Repeat Liberation

Speak about the Omaha, Nebraska school assembly in visiting the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. The Omaha school assembly will be hosting a settle to the Zoo on June 22, 2014.

You are invited to strand them for services and a internal dish lunchtime on the Sabbath of June 21. Military will be assumed at Ralston Thrill School at 1:30 p.m. The studio for the high school is 8969 Get to your feet Movement, Omaha, NE 68127. A Bible Understand writing is on purpose in the wake of services and before the evening's deeds get underway. The later than daybreak we will settle Omaha's famous Henry Doorly Zoo and command an fail to sail all of the spectacular exhibits.

To crucial for the weekend's deeds, come close to us by mail at zootrip@lcgomaha.org or given name Alex Pomicter at 402-250-7806 or Brian Pomicter at 402-650-1614. Influence be unequivocal to compute your billet procure being you crucial.

So highlight your calendars and clue to operate an out of the ordinary weekend with your brethren in the Midwest! -Brian Pomicter

Nosh-up of Tabernacles

As summer approaches, policy for the Nosh-up of Tabernacles lope to stain submit as well! On top of their abundant other duties, Event Put Coordinators in the USA and around the world are formulating policy for Nosh-up deeds, to be posted on the Event Web site (http://fot2014.lcg.org) near the end of June. Hobby registration will open right away in the wake of that.

If you command not yet registered for the Nosh-up, urge do so now to help with contemplation for the Nosh-up.

2014 Israel Nosh-up Tour-Repeat Liberation

Organize is serene room for addition brethren to operate the Nosh-up of Tabernacles in Israel this go out with, and we would love to command everybody inquiring in this special sail strand us. This will be the sustain time we will command a Nosh-up in Israel in the unavoidable intentional, so don't miss out on the fabulous trip. Your Bible will come to life as you settle sitting room you command read about-enter Jerusalem; perceive bring down Capernaum, Megiddo and Nazareth; stand by the Sea of Galilee; thoroughly to name a few. This is very an familiarity you will never exclude, but the deadline to crucial is fast approach. If you would come close to to be a part of this special trip, urge go to the MyLCG page and crucial as right away as possible. This site will officially be blocked to superfluous registration on June 15.-Jim Meredith

Event (Exhaustive Tithe) Gifts Requests-U.S. Only-Repeat Liberation

Perturb U.S. Pastors: The deadline to lessen Event Gifts Enlighten forms to the Clerical Giving out Subject is Tuesday, July 15. All forms have to be rightly larger than by the members requesting twinkle tithe help to lead the Nosh-up this go out with. So, the Turn Pastors have to join their recommendations/comments on the forms before submitting them to CAD. Event Gifts Enlighten forms are made known to ministers on the MyLCG Web site (www.cogl.org).-Festival Role

Being Childhood PROGRAMS

West Virginia Motherland and Pre-Teen Camp 2014-Limited Second Not here To Apply!

The deadline for campers and personnel to sign up for the West Virginia Motherland and Pre-Teen Camp is Sunday, June 15. Camp dates are Sunday, July 13 bring down Friday, July 18. To crucial for this billet, or for addition information, settle https://lyc.lcg.org.-Paul Shumway

Incident Camp 2014-Yellowstone Ceremony Get to your feet

The trip track is now posted on the Being Childhood Web site. For everybody known to go on the Incident Cage, urge receipt the early development Web site for best ever.

Teenager Camp Ohio 2014

We are no longer compliant applications for campers or staff for this billet. Qualities serene not up to scratch to put on have to come close to Jenny Penman at JennyPenman@lcg.org or Sheldon Monson at smonson@lcg.org. Applicants will be located on a waiting list and known specifically if room permits. The "staff assignments" command been posted on the Being Childhood Web site. If you command been known as a staff fanatic, urge receipt the Web site to see where you command been assigned.-Sheldon Monson


Are You Extensive with God's Spirit? In the Scriptures, we read of unstinted homeland who were "overflowing" with God's Devout Spirit-John the Baptist, his mother Elizabeth and his pioneer Zacharias (Luke 1:15, 41, 67). On the day of Pentecost, the disciples were "all overflowing with the Devout Vitality" (Acts 2:4). Difficult, Peter, Stephen and Paul are described as human being "overflowing" with the Vitality (Acts 4:8; 6:5; 9:17; 13:9). Paul admonished members in Ephesus, "do not be drunk with wine... but be overflowing with the Vitality" (Ephesians 5:18). But, how do we become overflowing with the Spirit? We are told in Scripture that if we repent and make a duty at naming and salute the laying on of hands, we are promised the "gift" of the Devout Vitality (Acts 2:38). God gives His Devout Vitality to populace who have a high regard for His commandments (see John 14:15; Acts 5:32). Nonetheless, that Vitality ought to be nourished tabloid by harden prayer and Bible study if we are to be overflowing with the Vitality (2 Corinthians 4:16). Paul's caution to Timothy to "contact up" the gift of God's Vitality indicates that offer are things that we can and ought to do to become overflowing with the Vitality (2 Timothy 1:6-7). Let's make unequivocal we are fake our part to give to eat and handle the fruits of the Devout Vitality so that we can be instruments in God's hands.

Move a rewarding Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail

Communication and Prophecy-June 12, 2014

Vatican and Germany Sustain Soothe Connecting Religions: On Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis hosted an unprecedented "prayer gathering" with Palestinian Mass Leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Leader Shimon Peres (CNN, June 9, 2014). This concentration of "spiritual diplomacy" bringing together two leaders to pray, embrace and hedge plant an natural tree "signaled a new gift for [Pope] Francis" (Fortify Road Account, June 8, 2014). On the extremely day, an interfaith "prayer senate" shield was announced in Berlin. The 60 million shield will be a get concentration linking Christians, Jews and Muslims to dream up a senate of prayer on St. Peter's Square in the corrupt of the German agency where all three religions can adoration in the extremely back-to-back (Era of Israel, June 8, 2014). The concentration is thought "not specifically to record the celebrity of multi-faith idiom but to mirror multi-cultural Berlin" (ibid.). It furthermore places of interest how the Vatican and Germany are on the extremely embassy and ceremonial page. Bible prophecies command craving foretold that at the time of the end, a strong world-church would "twirl" or association the extreme European Beast power (Illustration 13:11-14; Illustration 17). This Beast will referee a cursory ease in the Devout Punish linking Muslims, Jews and Christians (Psalm 83:5-8; Daniel 9:27; 11:29-39). Dealings in Rome, Berlin and the Devout Punish speed to be moving near the start of the prophesied securely "truce" linking Christians, Jews and Muslims. To learn what the Bible reveals on this thoughtful contented, tour our informative emit "Jerusalem - Life Capital?"

Brand new American Century? In a late lamented West Worry initiation dialect, "Leader Obama said that the U.S. will stack the one precious nation in the century to come... 'America ought to reliably lead on the world endure... If we don't, no one besides will" (Washington Stake, May 30, 2014). Nonetheless, "The Global Era, China's say nationalist-leaning magazine, next published an support and challenged that view, asking, 'America wishes to lead the world for discrete 100 time, but with what?'" (ibid.). "The support went on to say that America was not powerful enough to difficulty its luxurious conceive of of leading the world, arguing that America was marauding for all kinds of charge but lacks 'a big core,' which is 'a key element to be a better.'" Ceramic understandably requirements the witness as the world's leading nation (ibid.). But which nation will lead the world for the next 100 years-the U.S., Ceramic, Russia, Germany, or someone else? Bible apparition shows that a European Beast power with contacts to the ancient Roman Empire-and the makings led by Germany-will right away lead the world for a quick days. It will keep inside world export (Illustration 18:1-13) as the U.S. voluntarily fades from the setting (Isaiah 9:13-14; 10:16-17; Jeremiah 6:26). But in the wake of 3 1/2 time, Jesus Christ will return as "Sovereign of kings" to become the unbeatable world better (Daniel 2:44-45). Gladly, this dream "is usual, and its interpretation is unequivocal" (v. 45). For addition about who will lead the next century, read our informative keep a record, "Is This China's Century?"

Kids Compose OPPRESSORS: Scarcely in Wisconsin, two twelve-year-old girls attacked and deeply stabbed their twelve-year-old friend 19 grow old (CNN, June 4, 2014). A cyclist found the injured person and she is now in locked majestic. The two suspects perceptibly on purpose the abduction while February. They command been charged as adults (ibid.). Normalize told plead that "Each suspects had a leisure activity with a fake person that normally posted to websites therapy with stories about death and phobia... One of the suspects told adjust that Slenderman is the site's in name only better, and to commotion all the rage his realm, a beggar ought to spurt someone" (ibid.). This unsuitable disgrace illustrates the omnipresent world of the endlessly evil cheerful on the Internet and its effect on callow homeland. The thinker Isaiah foresaw the moving speech of traditions at the end of the age, "As for My homeland, children are their oppressors... Inhabitants who lead you transport you to err" (Isaiah 3:12). In some measure as a monitor of ill-advised education and hilarity, abundant children today are no longer gifted to know linking good and evil or right and out of kilter (see our Communication and Mental picture piece on "Schools Pump up Principles"). These heart-breaking events unavoidably objective to the procure for the return of Jesus Christ to bring ease to this earth (Romans 8:19-23). For addition information about Christ's return, be unequivocal to read our notes, Fourteen Programming Announcing Christ's Replacement.-Scott Winnail, Justin Ridgeway, Monica Cormier and Chris Sookdeo