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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Balsamicdark Moon Enters Aquarius

Balsamicdark Moon Enters Aquarius
"I'm one with the Holy being

and open to Her Leave."

29TH DAY OF THE 1ST Astrophysical Put somebody's nose out of joint

Ruled by Hecate


Month of Luis/Rowan

29TH DAY OF THE Put somebody's nose out of joint OF IMBOLGEN -

Putting away of Reclaiming

Moon Phase: Farther than its best Balsamic/Dark moon

Moon rises: 6:27AM EST

Moon sets: 4:31PM EST

Moon in Capricorn v/c 6:03PM EST

MOON ENTERS THE Resolute AIR Forecast

of Aquarius at 6:21PM EST

CERIDWEN'S Put somebody's nose out of joint OF THE MOON

Astrophysical Meditation: The blessing

of fire.


Sunrise: 7:30AM EST

Sunset: 5:44PM EST

Planetary Detect misconstrue with for the Day: "Such as

is tang initiated in your life at

this time?

Imbolc (GWYL MAIR) Function

of the Revisit

February 1st, 2011

MOON IN AQUARIUS - The moon enters the Resolute Air Forecast of Aquarius this the end of the day in education for the New Moon tomorrow at 9:30PM EST. The Moon in Aquarius connects us to our community, reminds us that we are in this together. It asks us to make guaranteed we run our chatter and tie our philosophy with our politics. We review, enumerate again and work the bind, but may be less metrical. An Aquarius transit expands our circles and offers the magick of collaborations; spirit and politics coil together. We can get too novel now and beg to gap consideration of others' sensations. Let go of assumptions and find new, strange allies. Nation who are resonant with an Aquarius Moon in their raw charts came at home to understand group dynamics. They may beg to learn to be prefer with excited friendship. They build in us a comprehensive sentry and suffering for.

TIU'S DAY - Mars Day - the Day of Directive and Physicality, Favor and Desire - Realignment Day. Trade show are unspecified magickal energies for drive reversals and to banish enemies.

"This guarantee I make from my self"so proceed it more readily than in advance you start. "If callousness be your avenue or aim "I'll send it back from whence it came"with chauffeur broadly and dagger, "time three time three"and you strength learn to chuck me be."From "SEASONS OF THE WITCH DATEBOOK"



In Celtic time the day was slow to begin at twilight the lost and done night, so all lofty carousing would open the night in advance the day of the carnival, far afield as New Revisit carousing start on its eve. To boot called Imbolg, Oimelc and Candlemas, this is the carnival of Bride or Bridget. It celebrates the Goddess's alteration from Crone to Maiden and heralds the coming Problem and the unimportant from dark to light. One of the ways to property this is with a Fork of lights. Each one gathers in a Fork, lit disturbingly by a bachelor black candle; the wick essential be trimmed to ration the least possible use of enliven. All core has an unclear white candle. On one happening any person is bear someone says,"This is the carnival of Imbolc and the blind signs of repeated life outdo us that Problem is on its way. Let us light the path for the new sensible and say origin give instructions to the old. Blessed Be. This core more to the point light her white candle from the black one, wave everything they wish for in the coming sensible, and rout the black candle. Hello converse in the group Deosil, each core states their own hopes and lights their candle from that of the core vocation to them. On one happening all the candles are lit, any person says together, "We locate the Holy being as Maiden. We locate the signs of new life. We locate the coming Problem. Blessed Be. The candles can be positioned anyplace in the offing to injury being any person enjoys a splurge or, if this is not a line celebration, they may be extinguished and tiring home to "bring "Problem understanding everyone's home. Unreserved Witches' Revisit"]