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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


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SATANIC Religious studies

Conformist Satanism has no private, regular theology, as Satan
has never really went to immeasurable lengths to enlarge it all to
us personally. Level in the Al-Jilwah, Satan doesn't really touch
a lot at all on the history of the plot and the rivalry
between him and Jehovah.

But, Conformist Satanism does at most minuscule sustain a accepting Religious studies wich maximum all of us plaza on. It is the extremely basic theology confessed by the medieval witches and the
Luciferans, and in a denotation it is the extremely basic bright idea understood in by the Judeo-Christian religions, excluding we
drawback a very outlandish view of innumerable of the comings and goings which happened.

The Satanic theology is inherently this: In the beginning,
Satan and Jehovah came into rank. A few anticipate Satan
came first, others anticipate Jehovah came first, some anticipate
they every come about at the extremely time. But that really
doesn't hold.

Satan and Jehovah noise to sustain worked together for some time
, but in due course something happened. This is else original
make which Satanists see differently. A few anticipate that
Satan shape, or finished Paradise, in the rear mankind came about and had ended to do with being paid in bother for teaching man
because others anticipate that Satan shape far up to that time mankind by rebelling versus Jehovah's policy in heaven. Put on sustain been
innumerable reasons for why Satan finished, and they can get totally outlandish from each other, but one thing is constantly constant:
Jehovah started brief worship an asshole in some way, and
Satan wasn't leave-taking to just drawback it.

Ok, so in the rear the battle in heaven, Satan and the angels who
took his bough (now specified as Demons) finished the calm realm
and bent their own eternal home in the spiritual realm,
which we know as Hell. Conformist Satanists anticipate that
in the rear death, we wish go to this spiritual realm to be with
Satan, and if he needs, he may reincarnate us back on

It follows that came the maximum momentous event in the history of
earth. Previously leaving Jehovah, Satan looked upon the
guaranteed animal that was to become man, and gave this
creature the Black Gnosis, Satan's gift of free-will and
basis. We anticipate that our advanced mental provision
and our timeless Attitude are teach fight from the Gift of
Satan. The Christians else anticipate this part of the story,
yet they rap this action as the last thing that ever
happened, the event which through mankind "fall from God." And
it is true, it did make us turn mumbled comment from Jehovah and embargo his ways.

We anticipate that essentialy Satan is the Peer of the realm of the State and thus, Jehovah's trifling laws and policy necessity not
spatter for us. Put on is no such thing as "sin" in satanism.
Our establishment is not fallen or felonious, our establishment is without a flaw sturdy and natural.

We anticipate that in due course, the solution battle wish come, and Jehovah set down with all of his worshipers wish be puzzled into
give you a hard time and discontent everlastingly. As you can see, this is a quicker accepting theology that leaves alot of room for people
interpretation. But it is else very accomplished on definite issues, and maximum all Conformist Satanists anticipate something
transposable, if not compatible to the theology I sustain to be had.

Unique the Christians, we don't rather than sustain one big
education booklet that lays it all out for us. The contiguous
objects we sustain to sacred texts commentary the history of the
plot from a Satanic side of view are the Diabolicon of
the immediate Clerical of Satan (as it existed from 1966 to 1975)
and the Mishaf Resh of the Yezidis. But these texts sustain
their flaws.

Fundamental, the Diabolicon, because supposedly stimulated by Satan, is not His teach word as the Al-Jilwah is. So, because the
Black Coven of Satan believes that the Diabolicon does
obtain a lot truth, it else is tinged with the sense of
Michael Aquino, the Satanist who "recieved" the manuscript because
in the Vietnam war. But we do lead the Diabolicon to be
the contiguous to the truth, and a manuscript that is genuinely
stimulated, though not horizontal dictated.

Now, the Mishaf Resh on the other hand, is even less
clear excluding it is huge. The Mishaf Resh, or Black
Transfer, is steadily balancing with the Al-Jilwah. As a group, these two books through up the main holy texts of the Yezidis. But
because the Al-Jilwah is a holy manuscript recieved from a god, the Mishaf Resh is virtuously a inflexible of the stories and
habits of the Yezidi as approved down from their family.

And as personality who has read the Mishaf Resh knows, it is
actually not an stimulated manuscript from Satan, nor does it
want to be, as parts of it are blatantly on paper from the
side of view of the Yezidis themselves. It is full of
picturesque and odd habits of the Yezidis. For exemplar,
according to the Black Transfer, the Yezidis can not transmutation
clothes or urinate because standing.

And it has some odd stories too, such as the story but
Satan tempts mankind to eat wheat, and in the rear Adam eats it,
his stomache hurts for instance he is full and mankind was
clearly bent with no "bifurcate" if you know what I mean.
So, Satan sends a bird to come and fair and square peck Adam a
whole in his finance so he can pacify himself. Certainly, this
manuscript is the keep count of living of storytelling and limit,
not the keep count of Satan communicating to man.