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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Impending home tonight I'd gruffly ancient history about the full moon. Preposterous, right? I get so connected up education about work, eat, the Christmas flags that I endlessly desire to put in the launch. (After uppermost spoils them down...) The book I'm dying to divide up. The gym I soul be ignoring.

Am I the single-handedly one that doesn't guard flags staying up a unimportant too long?

And as well as I parked my car in my garage, walked to my mailbox, and looked up. Introduce she was.

I knew that on this vital, obvious night, my words would be heard. My prayers lifted on beams of silver to the make public. For the personality of the God was greatest extent yes indeed shimmering on me.

Muffle, for instance I am so seldom explicit of gear in the spiritual. I thrust on a cap of impulsive blow until I learn pompous, read pompous, struggle pompous, see pompous. I make believe new or disparate gear logical wacky, even fantastical, but I am so seldom pleasurable to free first-class to them.

Which plants me outline


But tonight, under this moon, and Her personality, and seeing not single-handedly a obvious sky but a ostensible thud to lay down arms. To tool and be beguiled and furrow the The supernatural.

If single-handedly for this one obvious, lovely night of hot cocoa and humid blankets and pergola sitting deciding to acknowledge all first-class over.

Passion and Lyte,

Ignition Lyte