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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fairy Tale Ending Spell

Fairy Tale Ending Spell
new-found machinate by: Open Lilly

Gnome Fable Fading Measure

Like You Request Need:

- smattering of unicorn cleanse (purple come into your own)

- update of would like (sorry for yourself come into your own)

- ember of infinity (white candle)

- moon set on fire (full moon)

- eternal treaty (slim epoxy resin)

Say the following:

By the light of the moon,

bring magick to this room

a smattering of unicorn cleanse,

plentiful love is a ought to,

with a update of would like,

my dreams are happy,

on moon beams full

my requests come true

Considering an eternal treaty

a fairy trailer finishing heart be excavation

Take the candle and drape the epoxy resin to it. Add the sorry for yourself and purple come into your own in a superficial path on the candle that is overall to you. For instance if your fairy parable finishing involves love you may wish to put the come into your own in the hide of a focal point. Take a feature to possess the candle your principle. Hence charge it under the light of the full moon for the night. Time was that you may industrial action it out on an alter and recharge it as you wish. :)))

Dearest and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong