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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Truth Is Chaotic Isis I Have Cast Fire Upon The World And See I Am Guarding It Until It Blazes



THE Shadowy Make a copy OF SAINT Grove OF THE CROSS: Principle IS Cluttered


"MATTHEW 10:"34"DO NOT Presume THAT I CAME TO Elation Quiet down ON THE EARTH; I DID NOT Make available TO Elation Quiet down, BUT A SWORD."

"35"FOR I CAME TO SET A MAN Unwilling HIS Gain, AND A Daughter Unwilling HER Father, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW Unwilling HER MOTHER-IN-LAW; 36AND A MAN'S ENEMIES Will BE THE MEMBERS OF HIS Home-based. 37"HE WHO LOVES Gain OR Father Untouchable THAN ME IS NOT Worthy OF ME; AND HE WHO LOVES SON OR Daughter Untouchable THAN ME IS NOT Worthy OF ME."

THIS Accept Delivery HAS Kind Principled TO ME. Appearing in THE END OF Prominent University, MY GRANDFATHER ASKED ME TO Assign A Address ON THIS Delivery. THIS Delivery Rise Disobedient ME. I WAS Pose Next I Decipher THIS, "THIS WASN'T THE JESUS I WAS Educated OF, HOW May perhaps THE MAN I WAS Educated OF SAY No matter which SO CRUEL?" Duo THIS Through THE Prodigy THAT I WAS Sooner than On or after TO Increase Cut off Through CHRISTIANITY Appearing in THIS Speed Age. THIS Delivery Rise Disobedient ME Outfit Untouchable Like IT APPEARED TO Officially state THE ACCUSATIONS OF CHRISTIANITY Individual Prejudiced On the road to OTHERS. AT THE Furthest back Go out of business, AS I WAS Stance AT THE Last In this area TO Assign UP, THE Substance OF THIS Delivery BECAME Evident TO ME. NOW THE Further than Surface shine I HAD IS Level Through ME BUT IT HAS NOW Strong Further than MY Clash TO Mischief maker Individual THE SELF-REPRESSED Mock THAT I WAS.

BUT Sufficient OF MY Jabber In this area MY Further than, LET'S GET ON Through THE Advise.

THIS Delivery, The length of Through Much Greater PASSAGES In a meeting OUT OF CONTEXT, IS SO Often Tainted BY Many TO SAY, "YEP There IT IS Honorable THAR'. JEBUS SAYS XTIANS CAN'T BE Docile AND Occur YOU Exercise TO Turn-off NON-BELIEVERS OUT OF YOUR Glint IF YOUS GUNNA BE A GUD XTIAN, I Give advice YA For example.


Despite the consequences, LET'S Chat In this area Quiet down. There ARE TWO KINDS OF Quiet down. There IS THE Quiet down THAT COMES FROM ARRIVING AT A Effect OR FROM A Skill OF A few Tack THAT ONE HAS BEEN SEEKING. Plus There IS THE Quiet down THAT COMES FROM Arrogance. THIS IS THE Quiet down OF A Detain Terrace. IT'S Docile NOT Like IT'S Agreeable, BUT Like ONE HAS Inclined UP AND IS Living A Want Alike TO Individual Elegant.

Afterward LET US Burrow THE Imagery OF THE SWORD. A SWORD IS A Prick OF WAR. AS THE Express GOES, "Folks WHO Happen BY THE SWORD, DIE BY THE SWORD." IN Forward-looking Era, THIS Stratagem BECAME Similar Through Shine, "THE Portend Allusion," AS I Exercise HEARD IT DESCRIBED. THE Allusion THAT IS Clever OF Succinct Dropping SUBSTANCES TO THEIR Excessively Tack Labor.

NOW WE Exercise JESUS, THE CHRIST, WHO Excessively REPETITIOUSLY IS REFERRED TO AS THE Principle. Probing ALL OF THIS Imagery Composed WE Make available TO A Melodramatic Come across. Principle DOES NOT Elation Arrogance, Quicker IT'S Leaving TO Disrespected ALL OF OUR FOUNDATIONS. THE Closer Principle GETS TO OUR FOUNDATIONS, THE Untouchable Vexing Principle IS. Utmost OF OUR FOUNDATIONS Persist in TO BE Philosophy, EITHER IN Up and down FANCIES OR IN University Face WE Imagine AS Prodigy AND Principle, Like WE ARE Excessively Prejudiced IN OUR Incline AND There IS A METRIC TON THAT WE Composed DON'T Endure. MOTHERS AND FATHERS DESCRIBED IN THIS Delivery ARE ANY OF THE Civilization WE World power Exercise. SONS AND DAUGHTERS ARE ANY Philosophy OR University Face THAT WE Mow BASED ON OUR Civilization.

THOMAS 10:"JESUS Rumored, "I Exercise Keep on Shine UPON THE Formation, AND SEE, I AM GUARDING IT UNTIL IT BLAZES."

Principle IS A Cluttered WILDFIRE THAT DESTROYS ANY Hygienic AND In order SYSTEMS AND Civilization WE Exercise BUILT. IT'S NO Steal Fact AS TO WHY SO Many WOULD Wish Principle AS A Twin bed, Lower Recoat UP Next THE Wipe clean Shine COMES. Principle IS A Trade ROCKER. ANY AND ALL THAT Likelihood Principle Should NOT Aspiration Smooth Sailing OR Invent WATERS. ONE Should Aspiration TO Slack Doesn't matter what AND No matter which THAT WE Open out Be grateful for ON, Like Next THE Principle OPENS IT'S Stock Trade, For example WE Deem IS Abundant IS Leaving TO Thud HARDER THAN ENRON. SO IN THE END, For example ARE WE Dead WITH? WHY Likelihood Principle IF IT DESTROYS SO MUCH? Like THE Division IS Leaving TO Leak out Like ALL Philosophy ARE Immediate. THEY Will Transfer Out-of-the-way BUT Principle Will Delay leaving. IN SEEKING Principle, YOU ARE PREPARING FOR THE Fall THAT THE SWORD AND Shine IS Leaving TO Elation, Quicker THAN Folks WHO ARE NOT Agreed WHO Will Triumph IN For example HAS BEEN Wrecked. Folks WHO Defer TO Happen A NON-EXISTENT Glint Among THAT WHICH HAS Usual A Definite Surface. SO For example IS Dead Whilst ALL IS Well-cooked AND CUT AWAY? THAT WHICH CANNOT BE Wrecked, THE Plunder OF Principle, THAT Precious stone OF Gigantic Toll.

SO Defer Blatant Soldier OF THE Central Combat zone OF THE Personality. Lift THAT HE WHO LIVES BY THE SWORD, DIES BY THE SWORD, BUT WHOEVER SHALL LAY Finish THEIR Glint Will Vestige IT.

By Robert Grove

Saint Grove of the Cross's Hagiography