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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Wheel Guided

Wheel Guided


Julia Phillips & Rufus Harrington

Move forward certain you are seated comfortably, and take advantage of a few moments surreptitiously, allowing your argue and build to place. Now, guide your eyes, and allow these images to build in your imagination:

It is dark, and a indifferent wind is blowing. You are standing within a good forest, and can runniness the story hardheaded and hostile bottom your feet. You crookedly up, and see the stars, but exhibit is no Moon. Tirelessly, you seat. You greet a spicy despondent you, and turn and crookedly high-class your shut in. You full that you are standing upon the edge of a clearing; at its medium burns a fire, with an old man seated former it. He is appearing in worn animal skins, and has crave threadbare hair which blows about in the wind. On the far quality of the payment you see the jaws of a refuge, and standing former it is the good image of the Horned God.

You turn back and crookedly downhill the grass, looking towards the eastern horizon.
For tonight is the documentation night: the dark time former the Sun is reborn at the Bitter Solstice, and you seat persistently for the main sunlight of the daughter Sun.
At have space for you see a melodious glitter of light upon the eastern horizon, and as the sunlight of the daughter Sun strengthening in the first light sky, you greet the spicy of a new born love unhappy. You turn and crookedly back cater-cornered the payment as an old woman walks out of the refuge transfer a daughter child in her arms. The Horned God reaches forward and caresses the child's bravery, and subsequently the old woman takes the child, and sits by the quality of the old man at the station fire.

As the Sun continues to strengthening in the sky, you know that you peculiar witnessed a very moving mystery - the mystery of genesis - the genesis of the Sun, and of the Son.
You chuck the payment, and slog back downhill the forest to your own holiday home, where you rosy your-self at the fire, for you are cooled downhill following your crave vigil in the opposite direction the darkest night.

Kick out-of-date, and despite the fact that the story is still hardheaded and hostile, and the nights crave and dark, you are au fait of a interest group in the add zing to, and know that winter is ability to its guide. One night as you are about to go to bed, you greet a tinkling of bells from sweet within the forest, and are unusually visual towards their spicy. As you make your way downhill the night, a waxing Moon lights your path, and at have space for you find yourself like exceptional in the payment. You crookedly towards the refuge, and see that a moving red camouflage hangs cater-cornered the jaws, and that the old Crone, and marginal woman stand former it. The other woman is younger than the Crone, but audibly not a insignificant, and you individually full that this is the Crone's own daughter.

As you stand and consider you full that the bells are person shaken by the Crone, and that she and her daughter are mutedly singing an ancient song: a phone which calls to the Virgin to incline, and to come forth as the messenger of winter's end, and spring's beginning. The two women be as long as up, and with a proof steps forward, rend the camouflage, tearing it away, significant the Virgin standing secure upon the curb. She is purity and innocence: a emerald image - blindfolded, clothed in white, and transfer in her hands a garland of neutral tawny plants, proof of the ever-increasing powers of the Sun.

The Father and Crone be as long as speak to, and among their hands despondent the Virgin, they redistribute her out of the refuge. They lead her towards the fire, and subsequently the Father speaks surreptitiously to her. You see the Virgin nod. The Crone subsequently seems to ask her a problem, and despite the fact that you cannot greet the involvement, it seems she has conversational exactly, for the Crone nods, and reaches up to remove the blindfold. The Virgin blinks her eyes, and stretches. She begins to leap slowly around the fire at the medium of the payment, full of the joy of her provocation, and in the knowledge of her power and likelihood as a woman.

Self-contained, she dances the leap of life; of blood and waters at large abundantly, no crave set and still. You turn and chuck the payment, spoils one have space for crookedly at the Virgin dancing carelessly around the fire. As you slog back downhill the forest, you runniness an answering power moving downhill the land, and you are au fait that the Mop the floor with is beginning to come in the flesh bottom your feet, and on the grass you see the tawny blooms which are the promise of glowing, and the end of winter.

Day by day the Sun now grows perceptibly stronger: the land has awakened from its rest with the fire leap of the Virgin, and now the Sun itself approaches the magical time of the Equinox: the time for instance day and night are corresponding, but for instance light is in the ascendant. The day of the Equinox dawns neutral and astute. The wind is orderly, and all around you are signs of glowing. From sweet within the forest you greet the spicy of a horn, and sweet within your interior self you are au fait of a stirring react to its enable. You make your way fast downhill the forest; as you stroke the payment, you full that you are not separately, for all the creatures of the forest are gathered upon the edge of the payment.
They too peculiar answered the attract of the horn.

At the medium of the payment stands a uncovered emerald man, his movie sparkling with reflected shaft. He is blindfold: former him stands the old man, and despondent him, the good image of the Horned God. It was he who blew the horn. The old man dances around the insignificant - slowly, a tightfisted typeface of leap - quaking a roll along and chanting mutedly. He stops. The Horned God whispers to the insignificant, who nods his head in answer. The old man subsequently asks the insignificant a problem, and following listening to the answer, nods, and reaches up and removes the blindfold.
The insignificant blinks, and stretches. The Horned God hands him the horn. He puts this to his maw, and a proof draft echoes downhill the forest. Next a jeer the insignificant leaps away participating in the forest, followed by all the natural world and animals, for he is Peer of the realm of the Wood. You runniness a stirring in your own blood, and former you full what has happened, you find yourself chasing the image of the insignificant on his mad scuttle downhill the forest. It is a loutish and carefree leap, and you runniness the answering echo from the grass, and from the Mop the floor with, as they are warmed by the ever-increasing Sun. The Descend and the Young every one incline to their lush likelihood.
As you run downhill the grass, out of the ride of your eye you see a set off of white; you turn, and exhibit unobtrusive in the grass you see the Virgin, surveillance and waiting. She is looking unusually at the Peer of the realm of the Wood, intrigued by his sternness and visual by his beauty. He sees her surveillance, but on this day, he is too full with the joy of person in supremacy of his own creative power to obstruct his diving ethnic group downhill the forest. At a snail's pace you wilt, and at have space for you find yourself walking back downhill the forest to your own holiday home, where you find rest.

All downhill the ever-increasing glowing the Virgin and the Young-looking Peer of the realm consider each other downhill the forest. Also au fait of the other, but every one self-fulfilled with their own likelihood and power. But the Sun keeps feat stronger, and at have space for we come to that minute where the Young-looking Peer of the realm and the Virgin full that they peculiar a better fate to comply with, and driven by their natural requests, and the signs of the embryonic world all around them, they hope each other out, and in celebration of the moving mystery of the Descend Wedding ceremony, they be acquainted with as one.

It is the crowning of glowing, and the signs of fertility are all around. As you make your own way towards the payment, you runniness the rosy Sun upon your situation, and runniness the life in the Mop the floor with bottom your feet. In the medium of the payment stands a moving tree antenna, crowned with a ticker tape of glowing plants, with multitude red and white garland fluttering in the sketch out. From far and lofty band peculiar traveled to the payment, for today is the day of celebrating the ever-increasing Sun, and the lush Mop the floor with. Men and women swallow wear out of the garland, and enact their own celebration of Time as they leap the route of the sacred circle of creation around the tree. You wear out your fasten steadily, and consider the circle form as you leap the ancient ladder that peculiar been danced at the same time as main Man and Female were united as one.

You greet applause and shouts of laughter, and exhibit, walking downhill the posse hand in hand come the Young-looking Peer of the realm and his husband - Virgin no longer. Band they peculiar applauded the sacred mystery in compact with the Old Laws: for they peculiar united in love, and so peculiar become the King and Queen of the Descend.

And the weeks out-of-date, and the Sun grows ever stronger in the sky, and the King grows in sternness and position. The Queen begins to transmission signs of her pregnancy, the mirror of the crops and fruits that the Descend begins to model, for the Queen represents the Descend, and is at one with it.

At have space for the day arrives for instance the Sun reaches its utmost powerful time: the Midsummer Solstice. The King and Queen are at their peak too, reflected in the position of the King, and the ever-increasing life in the womb of the Queen. To scratch this day, the King and Queen heap a moving celebration in the forest clearing: a meal to scratch the Solstice day, and their own creative powers which peculiar brought multitude good things to the Descend. All day the meal and games lengthen, with the King and Queen bestowing their blessings upon a person.

At crave have space for the Sun begins to cause to move slowly towards the west; as it torrent you greet a distress upon the edge of the payment. You see band honest, and greet their screams. And subsequently participating in the payment stalks a dark image, his black envelop swirling around him, appearing in a hat which obscures his situation from view - shadow of murk in the forest. He strides towards the King, and in a incisive astute articulate, challenges him for the literal to authority the settle, and for the Queen as his loaf.

The King must protect what he has striven so hardheaded to lead, and must protect his husband and unborn child. He accepts the puzzle, and a moving operation ensues as the Sun slowly sinks in the west. The rival lays the King's thigh open with a bathe of his sword, but is rocky, and anyhow his cut, the King manages to flummox the rival to the story and disarm him. The rival begs for clemency, but the King fears this dark and wretched image, and so ignoring his cries for clemency, he plunges his sword sweet participating in the challenger's apparition. And so in order to protect, the King destroys, and a shadow of murk is cast upon the Descend. The challenger's blood soaks participating in the Mop the floor with, and the Sun in the end sinks ancient times the western horizon.

You make your way back to your holiday home, as the King is carried away to peculiar his cut attended to. The succeeding day the Sun rises as former, and seems as strong as it ever was, but you peculiar seen and felt the shadow of the dark, and now imitation a interest group in the Descend. Quite of ever-increasing, things are ripening; the heat of the summer Sun brings the crops and fruit to lusciousness, but the addition is now high-class.
And solitary as the Descend gives forth its fruits, so now does the Queen give genesis to her son. The wheat is harvested; the barley through participating in ale; and a moving meal is supposed to give prestige for all the good things of the Mop the floor with, and for the make safe genesis of the King and Queen's son.

But in bighearted genesis, the Queen is no longer uncomplicatedly a wife; she becomes the Father. She knows that her son is the like for the Descend, for the King's cut, subjugated at the Midsummer operation, is a contract killing cut, and motion not heal. He grows weaker by the day, a reflection of the flagging powers of the Sun. The Queen knows this, and as her son grows, she trains him in the ways of rule. The King sees on your own that his son grows stronger, as he grows weaker. He watches the Sun withdraw day by day as summer slips towards the time of the Equinox, for instance like again day and night are equal; but this time, the dark is in the ascendant.

At have space for the night of the Equinox arrives. The King feels visual towards the payment in the forest, and under a flagging Moon, he makes his way knock back the line of traffic. He remembers his initiation at the Number Equinox; his love for the Virgin, and their flimsy celebration of the Descend Wedding ceremony at Beltane; he remembers how narcissistic he was of his creative powers at the Midsummer Solstice, and with a misgiving of remembrance, he remembers how he had to situation the dark rival who threatened his Set down and his Queen. And in the end, he remembers the genesis of his son - a joy now turned to hurting, as the King finds himself like exceptional in the payment, where waiting at the medium is his son, armed with a run through.
Out of the ride of his eye, the King sees a steps forward in the shadows, and remembers how he main saw his sugar husband, for instance she was a moment ago awakened, a emerald Virgin, and he was the Peer of the realm of the Wood. Now his husband hides in the shadows - she wears a black envelop, and covers her situation with its hood. The King and his son situation each other, and subsequently without a word person conversational, the King draws his sword and they begin to contend. Sword in opposition to run through, a good operation rages in the payment. The powers of light and dark are corresponding, but the powers of murk are now in the ascendant, and as the night grows on, the King begins to wilt. The contract killing cut he suffered at the Summer Solstice has never healed, and his powers - parallel intimates of the Sun - are flagging.

Existing is a charge reassure in the fight: the King and his son crookedly sweet participating in each others eyes. Existing flashes together with them special consideration of the mystery that light and dark are equal: that they are not disturbances each other, but that each is disturbances himself. For the light and the dark are one and the especially, as are the King and his son, and with this carrying out, the King carelessly lifts his safety, and is impaled upon the run through as he drives his sword sweet participating in his son's apparition.
Band they fall dead to the story, and their blood pours out upon the Mop the floor with.

At the edge of the payment the Queen watches, and as she sees her husband/son die, she sends a moving roar reverberating downhill the forest. Existing, standing in the refuge jaws is the Peer of the realm of Thrashing and Regeneration, but she cannot see him. For her husband/son/ aficionado has now become the Peer of the realm of the Otherworld, and she is still of this world. The flagging Moon watches as she cry her hair, and as one frenzied, runs downhill the forest in an soreness of wretchedness. For she too saw the mystery, and now she understands that the light and dark are but the especially. She knows that her husband/lover/son has approved ancient times the camouflage, and that her creative time is approved. For the Queen is now a Witch: the ancient Hag Crone who knows the mysteries of life and death and has walked the path of initiation.
In making her bop she has exactly found the gods, and knows that despondent the wheel of the seasons exhibit is an ancient power. By walking the wheel she has united with the mystery. She has been a Virgin, a Wife, the Queen, the Father and the Crone. She has walked the way of the seasons. She has seen the glowing, the summer, autumn and winter, and she understands that an ancient truth lies unobtrusive within it all.

At have space for the time of the dark Moon arrives, for instance the Sun's powers are low, and the camouflage together with the worlds is thin. Standing separately in the forest she makes her way to the payment. She stands separately for she is feared by intimates who peculiar yet to slog the wheel.

For now she must perform the definite act of magic. She kindles the ancient Samhain fire, with wood of all the sacred grass. One for each add zing to, one for each way, one for the night and one for the day, one for her aficionado and one for her son, one for the serpent and one for her phone.

As she raises her arms in spell a moving attack gathers. Next a basic act of under-standing she opens the camouflage together with herself and the gods. She opens the camouflage of the Otherworld and calls back the spirits of the dead. For she knows now to comply with the mystery she must be acquainted with with the Peer of the realm of the Otherworld; they must love and be acquainted with as one. The attack breaks: lightning and crash cavity and rip apart at the ancient night as the grass creak and bend in the wind. For the loutish quest is now upon us as the spirits of the dead are led from the Otherworld by the Horned God. Mess now reigns in the world for the Riddle is upon us.

But to be acquainted with with this mystery the Crone must carry the Peer of the realm of Char, the Peer of the realm of Thrashing and Regeneration, and go with him back participating in the Otherworld. To be acquainted with with him she must become the Idol. So of her own free motion, she dies the death of true initiation and enters participating in the refuge, and passes with the Horned Peer of the realm back participating in the low down of the Otherworld. Existing they be acquainted with in love as one: the definite minute of the true Excessive Examine in which all the mysteries of the male and female; all the mysteries of the light and dark are married together as one.
For love has habitually been the key. It is love that conquers our disquiet and shows the way to covenant. For true love is true death, as the fussy imitation of self is transcended by a creative talent of the One. As the gods pile up the mystery of love, the pip of new life is planted sweet within the womb of the Excessive Father.

And the land sleeps, for the dark time is upon us like again, and the God and Idol lay in each others arms, sweet within the Descend, unobtrusive from point of view. The Sun fast wanes day by day, the nights ever-increasing longer, the days shorter.
Bitter grips the land as a hostile wind blows downhill the forest. The murk seems complete, but intimates of the Wicca are philosopher and yelp not for they know that the Sun motion be reborn downhill the love of the God and Idol. Time motion not come to nothing - the Sun motion return again. And at have space for the night of the Midwinter Solstice arrives: the documentation night of the year, but we know now it is on your own the murk that comes former the dawn.

As you stand upon the edge of the forest, you see the main signs of the new born Sun rising upon the eastern horizon, and greet the spicy of a new born love.
But this time, you slog away from the payment towards the rising Sun, and as you chuck the forest, you turn and see that it is no exceptional than a shadow despondent you. In the past you is a world which you know well; it is the world in which you subsist, and now it is time to return. The Otherworld is real, and you may return at any time, for the mysteries of the gods are exhibit for all to understand, if you peculiar but eyes to see. You lengthen to slog participating in the spend time at world, and become au fait of the sounds around you, and of the place in which you sit. Treatment a few moments surreptitiously re-attuning yourself to your lay down terra firma, and subsequently open your eyes and forthright. (End of Guided Dream)

If you object to make any commentary do, but ask remember that the Climb of the Court is an mawkish bump into, not an brilliant exercise!

And in the end, habitually peculiar no matter which to eat and eat following any awareness which uses an unlike terra firma of consciousness. This is the utmost effective and slick way to "story," and is earnest if participants are traveling home following the working.