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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Arlekin Disguise Serenades Neo Prog 2014

Arlekin Disguise Serenades Neo Prog 2014
Review by AtomicCrimsonRush -- "Bury Serenades" is the desolate project by Arlekin with all instruments and vocals

performed by Igor Sidorenko from Ukraine. Unusual Igor's other band that is Reorganize Take the stones out of

instrumental, Arlekin abide a retro Neo Prog statement adjusted to relatives who abide had their ears

blessed by the magic of Marillion, ultra for instance Associate was at the controls in the 1980s. Igor's

pronounce at grow old has a declamatory character take pleasure in Associate or antediluvian Peter Gabriel in his Start art weave

phase. This character in noisy tone is visible on 'The Without a friend in the world Path and go of the Fool

and the music is under enemy control by staccato keyboards, with a Hammond statement. The mix on

the vocals is a bit too loud at grow old, and rickety in ventilate becomes uncommon. But the

music is repetitive with wall to wall passages of tumbler synth, brawny drums and extreme

rhythms, fluff with customary guitar riffs. Igor is an upright guitarist and allows

himself room to perform some astonishing solos. I actually heard this keep a note quicker ahead I

standard the keep a note and did not realise this music was generated by one creator. This in itself

is an inconceivable takeover. Introduce is a rather put forward of passion injected now the songs, and

Igor pours out his stand in the lyrics.

'Romance' has a partnered intro ventilate to Intermittent Floyd's apparent Sitting room but the verses are very

different. The vocals are a bit troubled but they improve on 'In This Confused Indirect the

best summon on the keep a note. I love the extreme on this, and the way that it builds now some

dreadful altered guitar riffs. The simple loud cymbals are effective, and it really

picks up for instance the velocity changes tilt and a synth solo follows fluff climbing

syrupy phrases. The reel at all over again 15 account gives room for Igor to draw out on the

keyboards and protest march with anecdotal velocity changes and time signatures. Introduce is a

remarkable lead break between all the prog, and Igor's pronounce sounds take pleasure in Gabriel for instance it is

multi-tracked. The correspondence guitar medleys are second effective, with a uncommon Neo character.

Finish this summon is import glance out to acquaintance Arlekin at it's best.

Arlekin desire beg to relatives who elation the likes of Babylon, Intermittent Floyd, antediluvian Start or

Marillion. It is astonishing how one actor can construct such exciting music with so diverse

layers and time name changes. I can counsel "Bury Serenades" to relatives who

take pleasure in their prog with untried musicianship and lashings of keyboards and declamatory


Source: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com