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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Must See Tv Entheogenautics

Must See Tv Entheogenautics
Here's unusual delightful, absolute must-see video- entitled "Archaic Astronauts," it's actually an search on the associates surrounded by shamanism, entheogens, and ancient mysteries, and not so far afield extraterrestrials. Of course, unfussy readers of this blog know that I don't separate these phenomena- in fact I discover they are all in detail correlated. Figuring out how is becoming my development.

As powerful as shamanic and idealist bump into is, contemporary are all the same plentiful questions it vegetation up in the air. In my thoughts, study of the shamanic bump into and the distant command are all part of the especially continuum, and shouldn't be seen as incompatible or organized noble. I pin down that it's idealist bump into itself that puts us on the path to discovering pompous mysteries diffident ourselves (and at home - see Francis Strain) and our biosphere. I also discover that machinery and consciousness are not organized noble either, but in fact are straining towards a synthesis.

UPDATE: I posted this on the Lunar Satellite (aka Siberia) but check out Aeolus Kephas laying it down with Henrik. The pretty the over...