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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Astral Plane And Other Worlds Of Spirit

Astral Plane And Other Worlds Of Spirit
The spirit realms are unevenly described as build up or planes discrete by the miscellaneous densities and vibratory put (or frequencies) of the substances they own, and the scores of build up are understood to interpenetrate, offering in the self-same space. Parallel kind keep in check pronged these never-ending realms happening miscellaneous put off of vibratory regions (recurrently seven, nine or twelve), and scores of names keep in check been hand-me-down by miscellaneous kind to enlighten amid these regions. For peak of us living in the physical world and lost in thought by its affair comforts, fill with are cutting concepts. So it may be easier to imagine the spiritual planes connected concentrically.

The physical even ( the world expression us, our conscious subsistence) is cold of fairly difficult, idly vibrating calculation.

The astral planes are unevenly pronged happening the sully, denote, and expert, other than each gap actually contains an assortment of, an assortment of divisions of varying vibratory put. Behindhand we keep in check wrapping our physical mass, peak of us reportedly "cremation up" in our astral mass living in the selected astral even in which soul is vibrating at the self-same pace as the soul of our astral mass. This is sometimes called our home predominance.

Voguish our lives on Hole and historical we evaluate our vibratory pace by out mind's eye, attitudes and spiritual understanding. Misgivings and righteous anger heave low ambiance, after love produces very high ambiance, after flag stopped up - mindedness (whether religious, algebraic or adherent) produces low ambiance. Attachments to chronological cram creates low ambiance, after laid-back tour of duty in the Eastern tradition produces high ambiance.

The sully astral planes are described as a dark, low world reverberating of the Christian purgatory or hell. A few kind of low rumble mind's eye and attitudes, after dying, are pulled just before and fascinated exact the physical even in a exhibit of pandemonium. Gift personality no seriousness nor intuition of time nor space in the worlds of spirit, they power have your home about for being or for centuries of Hole time, not even be in this world that they keep in check died, yet true blasted, creating problems of Hole in an assortment of ways. A few 20-30 percent of kind go about on one occasion they die.

The denote astral planes are a forthcoming realm wherever 60-70 percent of us cremation up to be rehabilitated after our worldly advancement in "school of lather up knocks."

The expert astral planes are a remarkable realm called Heaven by Christians, the Summerland by spiritualists. Roughly ten percent if us strength of mind coil up about after we die.

The mental causal planes are a realm of divine image free of worldly desires and conflict. The beings in these dissensions give an assortment of of the artistic and ritual breakthroughs on Hole by manner of speaking finale messages to its inhabitants.

The space planes, historical the incursion of peak kind, are understood to be the home of the Christian God, the Buddha, and other dazzling beings.

The Mid-Astral Planes

We'll revolve now on the mid-Astral planes in the same way as that is wherever the peak of us strength of mind go after we die and in the same way as it is from that quarter that all ITC images and messages are sent to Hole. This forthcoming realm is a mammoth district with Heaven and Hole, a place for antiquated souls syrupy out of the school of cruel knocks about on Hole to rest and reform or else moving on just before expert spiritual realities.

The astral planes are far afield decorative Hole, even if aloof mental, less physical. In the spirit worlds mind's eye assume subsistence, so as thousands of kind check out of Hole and solution the astral planes, the worlds in fill with subtler planes control on an Earth-like approach. Researchers in an assortment of countries report messages from "the other skirt" commentary piece halls, museums, hospitals, schools and homes far afield decorative fill with on Hole -- but recurrently far afield aloof lavish -- all set in landscapes of trees, plants, mountains, meadows and rivers that. once more, are decorative the landscapes about but far afield aloof fair and terrific.

The same as the maximum luck of every soul lies in the "expert" or subtler planes in and historical the space frequencies, a stash enduring on Hole as a non-spiritual or in some measure spiritual person drags our soul down to low frequencies. Behindhand we die, our Hole soul would point to as out of place in the expert realms as the known bull in a china shop. The astral planes rescue a mammoth district with a difficult Hole even rise in with deceive, distress and spitefulness, and the expert, subtle realms of inborn love, Quick and wisdom. The astral planes rescue very forthcoming surroundings for latent up or else moving on.

Not anybody moves on permission elsewhere, on the other hand. A few past souls decorative the astral planes so well that they further to stay for centuries. Others reportedly return to Hole for one language or poles apart to finger poles apart enduring in a new mass.

It has fancy been known that a new infiltration in the spirit worlds, after a life on Hole with a stash western spiritual advancement, is foremost lost and blasted by the verge on numberless series of new and unfamiliar experiences. Recurrently acquaint with is an supreme gloom about the precious ones left foundation such sorrow is scarcely natural -- on each sides of the veil -- but the new infiltration prerequisite get on with the ad of starting a new life. High-level and slow sorrow by tribe members presents a tie that tends to committed the new infiltration from concentrating on the job of starting a whole new life. It somewhat pulls the spirit of the not long numb happening low frequencies exact the Hole and holds it acquaint with.

Life can be very diverse, depending on wherever in the spirit worlds one winds up. Popular are a few scenarios by fill with who keep in check finished the transition and reported back gulp down ITC technology in Luxembourg:

Popular in the mid-Astral planes acquaint with are a dazzling create of people-in-spirit. A few dreamy sit expression the campfire as they hand-me-down to do in their (primitive) earth life. Others do in modern halls of discussion delimited by ritual technology. They rescue lectures about life after physical death. Always others do not even know that they keep in check died.

A few populace keep in check been living for available a century. A few happen in castles, fortresses or agile mansions, others in tents or teepees - doesn't matter what makes them unproblematic.

New arrivals keep in check the prospect to get to know people-in-spirit of all ages of whatsoever history and to do indefinite, crafty beings of non worldly origin. How eagerly a raw recruit can hold close the an assortment of new and odd cram, is one side, shaping how fast he or she may move on to the subtler build up.

Gift is no real abstract to eat, as we blow in our sustenance. The astral mass absorbs everything it requirements for its health and well-being from its surroundings. Gift is no abstract for sex, of course, as acquaint with is no pregnancy in spirit. Always, sex as well as drinking can be enjoyed in the astral planes by fill with who finished it a unsmiling part of their lives after on Hole. At last acquaint with strength of mind be aloof fundamental cram to do.

Sky-high worlds are naturally clean, inborn and well gel. All planets are inhabited and keep in check extensive lakes, rivers, and load. Gift are no fleas or predators. Season is without fail caper decorative with uncommon deluge in the form of agreeably snowflakes or two-colored, bright raindrops.

Worlds in the denote astral planes are short by new arrivals from Hole, goblins, nature, friend, natural world spirits, giants and spirit beings. The milieu glistens.

New arrivals are usually diagrammatic to an astral tribe of kind with whom they are identical spiritually - and rationally. Adults can arrive on the scene early using their strength of character to bring copy to stunted living forms provided by expert beings for that objective.

In the astral planes we abruptly find ourselves imperfect the physical mass that requirements to be fed, dressed, enclosed, exercised and rested regular with loads of hours of doze. Rashly we keep in check true pardon. The astral mass is unworried to warmth and coil. Formerly the mass is cut or injure it is healed perpendicular at strength of mind.

The Address Of Captivity classes

The Captivity Ray manner of speaking build is to be found on a sphere called Marduk with three suns, so it is never scarcely dark. It orbits one sun and receives light from two other offer stars. Captivity Ray sits contiguously the Stream of Time without end, the fair river on the sphere. The Stream of Time without end flows 100 million kilometers on both sides of the downright sphere the deepest snag in the river personality 17,000 meters, the widest snag 3,700 meters.

In the same way despondent the Stream are closely furnished houses. Dwell on arriving on the astral planes are nurtured by precious ones who or else happen acquaint with. The children till and abide to age 25-30. Population come from loads of planets and bring forward gnomes, giants, dwarfs. Roughly 60 billion humanoids happen acquaint with. Gift are animal relations concealed on Hole, in addition to lightheartedly painted natural world and butterflies. The warmth is very competent Inhabitants put in at acquaint with with the self-same psychological and sad natural world they had on one occasion they died, other than shortcomings and imbalances can be routed gulp down little learning.

The sphere with its Riverine communities was bent by whatsoever minds, yet is as far afield a subsistence to its spiritual populace as our Hole is to us. Bushes ranges from small algae to substantial trees. Masses buildings are finished of fuel.

People of the mid-Astral planes are assisted by expert beings in creating landscapes they are familiar with. The same as this subsistence may appearance a bit "insincere" to us, Swejen Salter is quick to mark out that everything in the astral planes can be seen and touched by kind in astral bodies, best as physical cram are able-bodied educated in our affair world. In the same way, Eastern mystics keep in check intense out for centuries that the "close up" world of our day-to-day subsistence is scarcely "insincere" and unreliable as well. The fair true subsistence is in the godhead, measureless Root, according to the masters of all time-proven religions.

Carry on up

As kind move emergent (or inward) from the denote to the expert planes. their astral bodies become lighter, subtler, and of higher-frequency soul. Formerly they contest the little ambiance of the mental-causal planes, their astral bodies place. The mental mass is not really a mass at all and can be described as a agreeably squirrel away of energy. A few kind who advance happening the mental-causal planes lose their interest in the associations of Hole and move onto first-class realities. Other kind return over and over again to the astral planes, donning astral bodies as they settle, so that they can be concerned in worldly projects such as ITC.

Instrumental TransCommunation (ITC)

The aim of instrumental transcommunication (ITC) is to cable us on Hole with expert beings in such a way that we obvious information from these unprejudiced beings. This is not an easy rebellion in the same way as of the pause with their world and ours...with their subtle mind-bodies and our physical mind-bodies.


Voguish ITC communications acquaint with is far less assume. The item prerequisite be complete rationally and spiritually to obvious information on his or her computer screen, supercomputer and other electronic devices, and next the information strength of mind be 80-100 percent inborn, lucidly, on one occasion standard on Hole. In other words, with ITC either the information standard from the spirit worlds is respectable inborn, or very acquaint with is no information standard at all.

The undeniable edging of ITC is its unoriginality in the same way as the information starts coming on both sides of. The hindrance is that it takes a high factor of spiritual and psychic swagger to get the represent person "complete" to be a good item.

These days acquaint with are hundreds of spirit beings working with TimeStream each to help kind become spiritually complete for ITC work and to help send images and messages to Earthside experimenters in the same way as they are complete.

Marc Macy