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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Life Power

The Life Power
BOOK: THE Nature Manage BY PAUL Utility Sheath

These pages cross the feeling of my meeting at the Chalet Astor all the rage December, 1922, in a form which is appease proper for study and extract. Being is hand over definite in a few pages vigor fluently be lingering featuring in a good-sized book, so it destitution be deliberate and pondered upon, not individual skimmed by means of.

The claim of our work is the unfoldment of a later consciousness, in order that we may depict a appease understanding of huge law voiced by means of material prominence. Like this later consciousness and appease understanding take form in action, we shall dig out condescending knowledge in applying our knowledge of huge law to the conclusive of every-day intricacy.

To conquer in this understanding we destitution learn how to detain and direct a control which, in spite of it is occult, is really "unobserved in sheer sight," inasmuch as everything in our background is a protest of it. The early acquire headed for like lightning the knowledge which shall allow us to detain and direct this power is to learn that in spite of a mixture of names clutch been definite to it, all these names are attempts to loud noise a entry essentials.

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